Launching an Online Store - A Comprehensive Checklist

By Sumeet Shroff
Last Updated On : October 26, 2023
Launching an Online Store - A Comprehensive Checklist

Test cases for ecommerce website.

Here's a checklist of 100 test cases you can consider for an e-commerce website:

1. Homepage & General:

Logo visibility and redirection to homepage: Ensure the logo is clearly visible and, when clicked, redirects users to the homepage.

Main navigation bar functionality: Verify that all links in the navigation bar work correctly and lead to the intended pages.

Search bar functionality: Check that the search bar returns accurate and relevant results for various queries.

Footer links: Confirm that all links in the footer are operational and redirect to the appropriate sections or pages.

Language selection (if applicable): Test the functionality of changing the website's language and ensure the content is accurately translated.

Currency selection (if applicable): Verify the ability to switch between different currencies and check that product prices adjust accordingly.

Responsiveness on various devices and screen sizes: Assess the website's layout and functionality on multiple devices (e.g., mobile, tablet, desktop) and various screen resolutions.

Browser compatibility: Test the website on different web browsers (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge) to ensure consistent appearance and functionality.

2. User Registration & Profile:

Registration with valid credentials: Ensure users can sign up using correct data without errors.

Registration with invalid data: Test user sign-up with incorrect data to ensure error messages and prompts.

Email verification after registration: Confirm the system sends an email link for account verification.

Password recovery functionality: Ensure users can reset their password through a reliable recovery process.

Login with valid and invalid credentials: Test login function using both correct and incorrect data to verify access and error handling.

Editing user profile details: Ensure users can update and save changes to their profile information.

View order history in profile: Check if users can view their past orders with accurate details.

Delete or deactivate account option: Ensure users have the option to remove or temporarily disable their account.

3. Product Browsing:

Product categorization: Ensure products are organized into relevant categories for easy navigation.

Product filtering options: Verify users can narrow down choices using specific attributes or criteria.

Product sorting options (price, popularity, etc.): Ensure users can rearrange product listings based on various parameters.

Product images' quality and zoom-in capability: Check for high-resolution images that offer a detailed view upon zooming.

Product description and details: Confirm comprehensive, accurate information accompanies each product.

Customer reviews and ratings: Ensure genuine user feedback is visible, moderated, and easy to navigate.

Product availability status: Verify real-time updates on whether a product is in stock, limited, or out of stock.

Related products or recommended products display: Ensure relevant product suggestions are shown to enhance cross-selling and user experience.

4. Cart & Checkout:

Add products to cart: Ensure seamless addition of chosen products to the shopping cart.

Remove products from cart: Verify that users can easily remove items from their cart.

Update product quantity in cart: Ensure users can modify the number of items in the cart effortlessly.

Price calculations (subtotal, tax, shipping): Confirm that the cart accurately computes prices with all additional charges.

Apply promo codes or discounts: Ensure promo codes or discounts apply correctly and adjust the total amount.

Gift wrap or special instructions: Verify users can opt for gift wrapping or add specific instructions for their order.

Save products for later or wishlist functionality: Check if users can move items to a saved list or wishlist for future reference.

Secure and multiple payment gateways: Confirm the availability and security of various payment options.

Address selection or addition: Ensure users can pick an existing address or add a new one with validation.

Order confirmation page: Confirm that a clear summary of the order is displayed upon successful purchase.

Email confirmation upon order placement: Ensure users receive an immediate email acknowledgment after order submission.

5. Payment & Security:

SSL certificate check: Ensure the website has a valid SSL certificate for encrypted and secure connections.

Payment gateway integration: Confirm seamless integration of payment systems for smooth transactions.

Credit/Debit card payments: Ensure users can make payments using both credit and debit cards without issues.

Digital wallets or alternative payment methods: Verify the site supports popular e-wallets or alternative payment options.

Invoice generation: Confirm users receive a detailed and accurate invoice upon completing their purchase.

Payment failures or timeouts: Check how the site handles interrupted payments or connectivity issues during the transaction.

Security of saved cards or payment methods: Ensure users' payment information is stored securely with necessary encryption.

6. Search Functionality:

Search using keywords: Ensure users can search for products using specific terms.

Search results relevance: Confirm that the search results match the user's query.

Search with filters: Verify users can refine search results using specific criteria.

Auto-suggestion or auto-complete in search: Ensure search bar suggests terms or products as users type.

7. Performance & Load:

Page load times: Confirm each page loads within an acceptable timeframe.

Website performance during high traffic: Ensure the site remains responsive during peak user activity.

Stress testing: Check the site's ability to operate under intense loads or conditions.

Database performance testing: Ensure the backend database supports and responds efficiently to queries.

8. User Experience & Responsiveness:

Site navigation intuitiveness: Confirm users find the site's layout logical and easy to navigate.

Mobile responsiveness: Ensure the site scales and functions correctly on mobile devices.

Tablet responsiveness: Verify the website displays and works seamlessly on tablets.

Call-to-action visibility and placement: Check the prominence and clarity of action prompts.

9. Shipping & Delivery:

Different shipping options: Confirm users have choices for delivery methods.

Delivery date estimations: Ensure users are given accurate delivery timelines.

Tracking order functionality: Verify users can track their orders in real-time.

Return or exchange options and process: Confirm a clear and easy process for product returns or exchanges.

Shipping cost calculations: Ensure accurate computation of delivery charges based on location and method.

10. Feedback & Reviews:

Submitting product reviews: Ensure customers can post feedback for purchased items.

Rating products: Verify users can rate products on a scale (e.g., 1-5 stars).

Review moderation or approval process: Check if new reviews undergo a moderation process before publishing.

11. Customer Support:

Contact us form functionality: Confirm users can submit queries or concerns via the contact form.

Live chat option: Verify real-time chat support availability and responsiveness.

FAQ page: Ensure a page with commonly asked questions and answers exists.

Return policy page: Confirm the presence of a clear policy on product returns.

12. Offers & Promotions:

Display of ongoing offers: Ensure current deals or discounts are prominently showcased.

Usage of promotional codes: Verify users can apply promo codes for discounts.

Offer terms and conditions clarity: Ensure any offer's stipulations are transparent.

13. Wishlist:

Adding products to the wishlist: Confirm users can save desired items to a wishlist. Removing products from the wishlist:** Ensure items can be effortlessly removed from the wishlist.

Wishlist product availability notifications: Check if users are alerted when wishlist items come back in stock.

14. Recommendations:

Recommended products based on browsing: Ensure relevant product suggestions appear based on user behavior.

Recommended products based on past purchases: Verify that users see product suggestions aligned with their buying history.

Upsell and cross-sell recommendations: Check for effective product upselling and cross-selling strategies.

15. Social Media & Sharing:

Social media integration: Confirm seamless linking between the website and social platforms.

Share product on social media options: Ensure users can share product details on their social profiles.

Social login capabilities: Verify users can log in using social media accounts.

16. Newsletters & Subscriptions:

Newsletter subscription: Ensure a simple process for users to subscribe to newsletters.

Unsubscribe option: Verify users can easily opt out of newsletter subscriptions.

Frequency and relevance of newsletters: Check the regularity and pertinence of sent newsletters.

17. Backend & Database:

Database backup procedures: Confirm regular and secure data backup practices.

Order management in the backend: Ensure efficient order processing and management systems.

User management in the backend: Check tools and systems for managing user data.

Product management in the backend: Verify efficient backend product listing and updating procedures.

18. SEO & Analytics:

SEO friendly URLs: Ensure web addresses are optimized for search engines.

Meta tags and descriptions: Confirm the use of effective meta information for web pages.

Site analytics integration: Verify tools like Google Analytics are properly integrated.

Site map availability: Check for the existence of a sitemap aiding search engines.

19. Cookies & Sessions:

Cookie usage notifications: Ensure users are informed about cookies being used.

Session management: Confirm efficient user session handling for a good UX.

Logout functionality and session termination: Ensure sessions end securely upon user logout.

20. Additional Functionalities:

Gift card purchase and usage: Confirm users can buy and redeem gift cards.

Affiliate marketing links: Check the integration of affiliate tracking links.

Loyalty or reward points system: Verify the functionality of a rewards program.

Referral programs: Ensure users can refer others and earn benefits.

Digital product downloads or access: Confirm seamless access or download of digital goods.

Blog or content section: Ensure a space for regular content updates or articles.

User-generated content areas, e.g., forums: Confirm areas where users can contribute content or discussions.

Accessibility features for differently-abled individuals: Ensure the site is navigable and usable for all, including those with disabilities.

21. Advanced Search & AI Integration:

  1. Voice search functionality.
  2. Image search or reverse image search capability.
  3. AI-powered product recommendations.
  4. Chatbots for customer support.

22. Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR):

  1. AR-based product try-ons (e.g., for eyewear or makeup).
  2. VR-enabled store experiences.
  3. Product 360-degree view.

23. Localization & Internationalization:

  1. Multiple language support.
  2. Localized content and products.
  3. Region-specific payment gateways.

24. Loyalty Programs & Memberships:

  1. Earning and redeeming loyalty points.
  2. Exclusive member-only discounts or early access.
  3. Membership renewal and benefits.

25. Community & Social Shopping:

  1. User forums or community discussions.
  2. Social shopping features (e.g., see what friends are buying).
  3. Collaborative wishlists or shopping carts.

26. APIs & Integrations:

  1. Third-party integrations (e.g., CRMs, ERPs).
  2. APIs for mobile apps or other platforms.
  3. Integration with physical store systems (if applicable).

27. Privacy & Data Protection:

  1. GDPR compliance (for European users).
  2. Data protection measures.
  3. User consent for data collection.

28. Advertising & Retargeting:

  1. Display of targeted advertisements.
  2. Retargeting users on other platforms.
  3. Integration with ad platforms for tracking.

29. Mobile Application (if applicable):

  1. App's user interface and experience.
  2. Mobile app's performance and load times.
  3. Mobile app's payment gateways.
  4. App updates and compatibility with different OS versions.
  5. Push notifications and alerts.

30. Subscription Models (if applicable):

  1. Subscription sign-up and renewals.
  2. Pause, upgrade, or downgrade subscriptions.
  3. Billing and payment for subscription services.
  4. Access control for subscription content/products.

31. Miscellaneous:

  1. B2B features (if it's a B2B platform).
  2. Bulk order or inquiry functionality.
  3. Customizable products (e.g., design your t-shirt).
  4. Integration with other platforms for reviews (e.g., Trustpilot).
  5. Gamification features to engage users.
  6. Environmental or sustainability features (e.g., carbon footprint

32. Personalization & Dynamic Content:

  1. User behavior-based product recommendations.
  2. Dynamic content changes based on user demographics.
  3. History-based personalized greetings or offers.
  4. Personalized content based on device type.

33. Marketplace & Multiple Sellers:

  1. Seller account creation and verification.
  2. Product listing by sellers.
  3. Seller ratings and reviews.
  4. Commission or fee calculations for each sale.
  5. Dispute resolution between buyers and sellers.

34. Affiliates & Partnerships:

  1. Affiliate link generation.
  2. Tracking of sales via affiliate links.
  3. Calculation of affiliate commissions.
  4. Partner portal or dashboard.

35. Environment & Sustainability:

  1. Carbon offset purchase option at checkout.
  2. Information on product sustainability.
  3. Eco-friendly packaging options.
  4. Collection of used items for recycling or repurposing.

36. Digital Products & Services:

  1. Downloadable product access post-purchase.
  2. License key generation for software.
  3. Streaming or online viewing options.
  4. Subscription access verification for digital services.

37. Events & Bookings:

  1. Date and time slot selection for events or services.
  2. Capacity or seat limitation checks.
  3. Reminder emails or notifications for upcoming events.
  4. Cancellation and refund options for bookings.

38. Gift Cards & Gifting Options:

  1. Gift card purchase and electronic delivery.
  2. Redeeming gift card at checkout.
  3. Checking gift card balance.
  4. Gifting options with personalized messages.

39. Interactive Content & Engagement:

  1. Quizzes to suggest products.
  2. Interactive videos for product demonstrations.
  3. User polls or surveys.
  4. Gamified elements like spin-to-win discounts.

40. Subscription Boxes & Recurring Deliveries:

  1. Customizing subscription box contents.
  2. Scheduling recurring deliveries.
  3. Pausing or rescheduling deliveries.
  4. Address change for future subscription boxes.

41. Dropshipping & Third-party Fulfillment:

  1. Integration with dropshippers' inventory.
  2. Tracking and updating third-party inventory.
  3. Notifications for out-of-stock items from third parties.
  4. Handling returns and refunds with third-party sellers.

42. Finance & Installments:

  1. Integration with financing options (e.g., "Buy Now, Pay Later").
  2. Credit checks for finance options.
  3. Setting up installment payments.
  4. Early repayment options.

43. Emerging Technologies:

  1. Blockchain-based transaction records.
  2. Cryptocurrency payment options.
  3. Internet of Things (IoT) integrations (e.g., auto-reordering when smart fridge detects low milk).
  4. Integration with virtual assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant.
  5. 3D product visualization.

44. Education & Tutorials:

  1. Access to online courses post-purchase.
  2. Interactive learning modules.
  3. Tracking user progress in courses.
  4. Certifications or badges upon course completion.

45. Accessibility & Inclusivity:

  1. Website accessibility for visually impaired users.
  2. Alt text for images.
  3. Easy font readability and size adjustment.
  4. Keyboard navigation support.
  5. Multi-language support for diverse users.
  6. Culturally inclusive content and imagery.

46. Interactive Customer Support:

  1. Live chat responsiveness and accuracy.
  2. Chatbot efficiency and handover to human agents.
  3. Integration of customer support with order history.
  4. Video chat support options.

47. Feedback & Reviews:

  1. Review submission with photo/video attachments.
  2. Star ratings and comment sections.
  3. Flagging or reporting inappropriate reviews.
  4. Incentivization for review submissions (e.g., discounts).

48. User Generated Content (UGC):

  1. Customer photo or video gallery sections.
  2. UGC contests and campaigns.
  3. Privacy and consent for using UGC in promotions.

49. Social Media Integration:

  1. Social media login or signup options.
  2. Sharing products on social platforms.
  3. Embedding and updating social feeds on the site.
  4. Checking out directly from social media posts.

50. Referral Programs:

  1. Generation of referral links or codes.
  2. Tracking referral sign-ups or purchases.
  3. Distributing rewards for successful referrals.

51. Reseller & Wholesale Options:

  1. Bulk order discounts.
  2. Dedicated portals for wholesalers or resellers.
  3. Minimum order quantity checks.

52. Returns, Exchanges & Warranty:

  1. Initiation of return or exchange process.
  2. Tracking return shipments.
  3. Warranty claim submissions and validations.
  4. Integration with third-party warranty providers.

53. Bundling & Upsells:

  1. Creation of product bundles.
  2. Dynamic upselling or cross-selling suggestions at checkout.
  3. Bundle discounts and promotions.

54. Flash Sales & Auctions:

  1. Countdown timers for flash sales.
  2. Real-time bidding functionality for auctions.
  3. Notifications for ending sales or outbids.

55. Inventory & Warehouse Management:

  1. Real-time inventory updates.
  2. Low stock notifications.
  3. Integration with warehouse management systems.
  4. Geo-locational warehouse routing for faster deliveries.

56. Environmental & Ethical Transparency:

  1. Detailed breakdown of product sourcing.
  2. Certification and verification badges (e.g., Fair Trade, Organic).
  3. Information about the company's sustainability initiatives.

57. Safety & Security:

  1. Two-factor authentication for user accounts.
  2. Secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate checks.
  3. Periodic vulnerability assessments and penetration testing.

58. Branding & Customization:

  1. Custom themes or skins for the website.
  2. Brand storytelling sections.
  3. Customer testimonials and case studies.

59. Collaborations & Co-branded Products:

  1. Limited edition co-branded products.
  2. Collaborative campaign landing pages.
  3. Special promotions with brand partners.

60. Pop-ups & Exit Intents:

  1. Pop-ups for newsletter signups.
  2. Exit-intent offers or surveys.
  3. Seasonal or event-based promotional pop-ups.

61. Content Management & Blogging:

  1. Integration of CMS with the e-commerce platform.
  2. SEO optimization of blog posts and articles.
  3. Comment moderation and spam filters for blogs.
  4. Social sharing options for articles.

62. Email & Newsletter Management:

  1. Signup functionality for newsletters.
  2. Personalized content in emails based on user behavior.
  3. A/B testing for email campaigns.
  4. Unsubscribe functionality in emails.

63. Mobile Responsiveness & PWA:

  1. Site usability on various mobile screen sizes.
  2. Performance of Progressive Web Apps (PWA).
  3. Offline browsing capabilities of the PWA.
  4. Push notifications for mobile browsers and PWA.

64. Integration with Physical Stores:

  1. In-store pickup options.
  2. Synchronization of inventory with offline stores.
  3. Return and exchange in physical stores for online purchases.
  4. Scanning online QR codes or barcodes in stores for offers.

65. Analytics & Reporting:

  1. Integration with analytics tools (e.g., Google Analytics).
  2. Real-time sales and traffic dashboards.
  3. Advanced user behavior tracking.
  4. Abandoned cart analytics.

66. Dynamic Pricing & Offers:

  1. Dynamic pricing based on demand and supply.
  2. Geo-specific pricing.
  3. Time-bound offers.
  4. Exclusive member pricing.

67. Affiliate & Ad Management:

  1. Tracking pixel integration for ads.
  2. Performance reports for affiliate partners.
  3. Management of on-site ads.
  4. ROI calculations for various ad campaigns.

68. User Behavior & Heatmaps:

  1. Integration with tools like Hotjar or Crazy Egg.
  2. Analysis of click patterns.
  3. User session replays.
  4. Funnel drop-off analysis.

69. Third-party Services & Microservices:

  1. Integration with external APIs.
  2. Performance of decentralized services.
  3. Error handling for third-party service failures.
  4. Backup services in case of primary service downtime.
  1. GDPR, CCPA, or other relevant data protection compliances.
  2. Cookie consent pop-ups and management.
  3. Terms of service and privacy policy updates.
  4. Compliance with local e-commerce laws and regulations.

71. User Profiles & Dashboards:

  1. Personalization of user dashboards.
  2. Order history and tracking.
  3. User preferences and saved settings.
  4. Account deactivation and deletion.

72. SEO & Organic Traffic:

  1. Optimization of meta tags and descriptions.
  2. URL structure and clean URLs.
  3. Mobile SEO checks.
  4. Image alt texts and speed optimizations.

73. Site Speed & Performance:

  1. Load time optimizations.
  2. Checks for uncompressed images or scripts.
  3. CDN (Content Delivery Network) performance.
  4. Browser caching settings.

74. Emerging Technologies & IoT:

  1. Integration with smart home devices.
  2. Voice commerce functionalities.
  3. Real-time updates for IoT-based inventory or shopping.
  4. Predictive shopping based on IoT data.

75. B2B E-commerce Specific:

  1. Quote requests and management.
  2. Custom catalogs for different business clients.
  3. Purchase orders and invoicing.
  4. Contract and bulk pricing.

76. Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR):

  1. Testing AR-enabled product views.
  2. VR-based virtual store walkthroughs.
  3. Performance of AR/VR on different devices.
  4. Integration of AR/VR with product databases.

77. Subscription Services & Models:

  1. Sign-up process for subscriptions.
  2. Recurring billing and payment checks.
  3. Management and cancellation of active subscriptions.
  4. Offering trial periods and their transitions.

78. Digital Downloads & Streaming:

  1. Testing download links for products (e.g., e-books, software).
  2. Streaming quality and buffering tests.
  3. Rights and license management for digital products.
  4. Integration with cloud storage for user-purchased content.

79. Gift Cards & Loyalty Programs:

  1. Purchase and redemption process of gift cards.
  2. Expiry and balance management for gift cards.
  3. Point accrual and redemption in loyalty programs.
  4. ustom deals and offers for loyalty members.

80. Multi-Currency & Taxation:

  1. Currency conversion rates and their updates.
  2. Display of pricing in user's local currency.
  3. Tax calculations based on geography.
  4. Proper invoicing with tax details.

81. Community & Forums:

  1. Creation and moderation of community posts.
  2. User ranking and badges in forums.
  3. Reporting system for inappropriate content.
  4. Integrating community feedback into the main store.

82. Affirmative Actions & Accessibility:

  1. Testing for website accessibility standards (WCAG).
  2. Screen reader compatibility.
  3. Alternate text for images and media.
  4. Keyboard navigation throughout the site.

83. Multilingual Support:

  1. Translation accuracy for different languages.
  2. Localization of content and offers.
  3. Right-to-left language display support.
  4. Feedback collection for translation inaccuracies.

84. Diverse Payment Gateways & Cryptocurrency:

  1. Integrating multiple payment gateways.
  2. Testing cryptocurrency transactions.
  3. Updating and securing digital wallets.
  4. Refunds and chargeback processes for diverse payment methods.

85. Cross-Platform & Browser Compatibility:

  1. Testing on different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.).
  2. Checks for older browser versions.
  3. Testing on different operating systems.
  4. Validations on desktop vs. tablet vs. mobile.

86. Automated Customer Journeys:

  1. User onboarding sequences.
  2. Abandoned cart reminder journeys.
  3. Post-purchase review and feedback requests.
  4. Loyalty member specific content journeys.

87. Marketplace & Third-party Sellers:

  1. Onboarding process for third-party sellers.
  2. Product listing and approval processes.
  3. Payment and commission handling for sellers.
  4. Rating and review system for sellers.

88. Environmental & Social Impact:

  1. Display of carbon footprint or eco-friendliness.
  2. Integration with charities or social causes.
  3. Ethical sourcing and supply chain transparency.
  4. Features promoting sustainable consumption.

89. Gamification & Engagement:

  1. Loyalty points for various activities.
  2. Badges and rewards for user engagement.
  3. Daily deals or spin-the-wheel features.
  4. Interactive quizzes or product recommenders.

90. Backup & Data Recovery:

  1. Regular backup of website data.
  2. Recovery tests from backups.
  3. Redundancy solutions for critical data.
  4. Notifications and reporting of any data losses.

91. Personalization & AI Recommendations:

  1. Machine learning-based product recommendations.
  2. Personalized homepage based on user behavior.
  3. Chatbots using AI for query resolution.
  4. Predictive search functionalities.

92. Blockchain & Advanced Technologies:

  1. Integrations with blockchain for transparent transactions.
  2. Smart contracts for certain purchases.
  3. Testing token-based reward systems.
  4. Integrations with IoT for smarter product usage.

93. Push Notifications & Alerts:

  1. Timeliness of push notifications.
  2. Personalization and relevance of alerts.
  3. Opt-in and opt-out processes.
  4. Testing notifications on various devices.

94. 3D Product Visualization:

  1. 3D product model loading times.
  2. Interactive features within 3D models.
  3. Compatibility on various devices.
  4. Integration with product customization options.

95. API & Integrations:

  1. Testing all external API integrations.
  2. Response time for API calls.
  3. Error handling for failed integrations.
  4. Regular updating and patching of integrated services.

96. Dropshipping & Third-party Logistics:

  1. Integration with dropshipping providers.
  2. Real-time stock updates from third parties.
  3. Communication of shipping times to users.
  4. Handling returns and refunds in dropshipping.

97. Checkout Process Enhancements:

  1. One-click buying options.
  2. Guest checkout vs. member checkout.
  3. Save for later and wishlist functionalities.
  4. Progress indicators during multi-step checkouts.

98. Ad Retargeting & Tracking:

  1. Pixel placements for retargeting ads.
  2. Attribution tracking for sale sources.
  3. Frequency capping for retargeted ads.
  4. Creating segmented audience lists for targeted ads.

99. Recurring & Bulk Purchases:

  1. Setting up subscriptions for products.
  2. Discounts for bulk purchases.
  3. Reminders for subscription renewals.
  4. User ability to pause and resume subscriptions.

100. Innovative Tech & Features:

  1. Integrating with voice assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant.
  2. Use of chatbots for 24/7 customer service.
  3. Virtual dressing rooms for fashion e-commerce.
  4. Use of NFC or RFID for product information in physical stores.


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