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Prateeksha Online Design is a top web agency that provides services like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Website Design and Ecommerce Design and Development to help you to generate leads

Custom website design
Custom website design
What We Do

A Reputable Web Design Company Mumbai

Work with an organic SEO company that specializes in professional SEO services, digital marketing, website design, and graphics for social media. When you work with Prateeksha Web Design, we’ll help you get more traffic to your website and turn that traffic into qualified clients and leads.

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Website Design

We provide bespoke website design services that support and expand your business in an easy and stress-free way.


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SEO & Digital Marketing

Your business will benefit from our search engine consulting and digital marketing strategies, which will result in an increase in quality leads and sales.


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Ecommerce Websites

We offer complete custom completely secure e-commerce solutions using cutting-edge, high-performance platforms, and you’ll be able to completely administer your site yourself using a control panel.


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Graphic Design Services

Our visuals may have a lasting impact on the minds of your potential customers. Our specialist designers can provide your company with a strong online presence by combining professionalism with a high level of creativity.


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Pay Monthly Websites

All this for just $29 a month: a custom-built website, SEO-friendly, with SEO-optimized content writing and maintenance. Setup costs and contracts are not required. This is ideal for a small business website.


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You will receive a custom-made Woocommerce website that is jam-packed with all of the features and functions that you want.


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Shopify Web Design Services

Allow our Shopify experts India to create the Shopify homepage design, product display page, collection page, buyer journeys, Shopify graphic design and research categories for you to guarantee that your website is well-structured and easy to browse for your customers.


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News Portal Design and Development

We are the reliable, low-cost partner you need to create a cutting-edge, easy-to-use news portal for your business online.


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Website Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining websites, Prateeksha Web Design is the best in the business. They support businesses all throughout the world with things like security and speed. In particular, we can help you improve performance by finding and fixing problems like slowness on the website’s most important channels.


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WordPress Plugin Development

To do this, we have WordPress developers on staff who can make scalable, high-performance plugins that are also optimized for search engines, easy to set up, and compatible with the latest versions of WordPress. We offer services for making plugins for the WordPress platform at low prices.

Portfolio of website designing company Mumbai

We, as a web design agency, are confident in our ability to help you reach new heights with a combination of intuitive web design, digital strategy, User Experience (UX), social media, professional SEO services, targeted PPC campaigns, and unique digital marketing solutions.

Prateeksha Web design provides the Best web design services in Mumbai- You can see some of the work we’ve done in the past. More than 500 sites have been built for our clients thus far. Every business that has put their faith in a web design firm they have never worked with before has made a huge difference to us. With all of our efforts, we’ve delivered digital marketing platforms and bundles that have helped our clients flourish.

Industries We Cater to

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Engineers & Artisans

The industrial sector of a country is what makes its economy strong. We offer professional website design India and digital marketing services for businesses that make things. Set yourself up as a leader in your field, get more customers, and find the skilled workers you’ll need to keep your products moving off the shelves.

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Physical and e-commerce

Experts think that by 2023, 22% of all retail sales around the world will be done online. We provide cutting-edge e-commerce web design, development, and digital marketing services to help retailers stay ahead of the curve.

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State & Local Governments

We help local and state governments give their citizens access to important online services. We make it easier for them to talk to the people they serve by web designing services in Mumbai and building great websites that are easy to get to.

Real Estate
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Real Estate
Developers & Agents

The National Association of Realtors says that 93% of people who buy homes use real estate websites. We help India website developer
and real estate agents get the word out about what they have to offer to people who are actively looking for it.

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Firms of Attorneys

Lawyers help their clients figure out how to deal with complicated legal issues. We help lawyers make websites and use digital marketing to get new clients.

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Hospitals & Doctors

It is important for the health of a community that people get the medical care they need. We help medical facilities and doctors focus on their patients by taking care of their websites and digital marketing.

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Food and Restaurants

We help restaurants to create creative website companies improve their online presence and build a brand. Businesses need to create a more engaging website for more and more people to visit.

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Roofers & Builders

Most of the time, people who work in the construction business spend their days on the job site and don’t get many chances to meet other professionals. Contractors can show off their work and get more contracts with the help of our custom websites and digital marketing services.

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If you are in need of digital marketing services such as website design, business logo creation, social media marketing, graphic design, blogging, content marketing, search engine optimization, online retail, and more, get a free quote from the top agency and website design company.

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Pay Monthly Website $29 per month. Best for startups and small businesses.

No large upfront costs or lengthy contracts mean no risk for you. A monthly payment plan is ideal if you want to keep your company’s website up to date and working properly. You may reap the benefits of Prateeksha Web Design’s services at a minimal price. 

A Monthly Pay Website is great for small businesses and entrepreneurs that need custom website design, digital marketing services, and search engine optimization skills. All of Prateeksha Web Design’s services can be paid for on a monthly basis. 

Assuming your organisation is intelligent, which we assume is because you are contemplating our service, you realise the importance of money.

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Web Development in Mumbai

Our Web developer Mumbai provides their clients with high-quality web application development and design services. We are a professional web development company India that employs cutting-edge web technology to provide a wide range of custom web development services, including mobile web development solutions or mobile apps and adaptable website designs.

Using the Laravel Platform, we can also develop bespoke web applications. As a Laravel development company, we work to provide Laravel development services. Hire a Laravel developer now!


SEO Services and
Digital Marketing

In terms of digital marketing agencies in India and the USA, Prateeksha Web Design is one of the country’s best. To generate sales, leads, and attention for your agency’s digital marketing, we, as a professional SEO company, assist organisations by providing personalised social media solutions, including social media, search, and email campaigns.

SEO expert near me – Prateeksha Web Design, your local SEO company, is your one-stop shop for all things digital marketing in Mumbai. If you need help with a responsive website, a captivating marketing strategy, targeted SEO, or content marketing, our experts are here to help. Hire our SEO expert today!


Web designers in India

Prateeksha Web Design’s team of skilled web designer in Mumbai and digital marketers brings a wealth of experience and expertise to every project they work on. 

We are a web design company in Mumbai, India, specialising in B2B and B2C website design and development, as well as mobile apps, digital strategy and advertising, social media marketing, content management systems, and email marketing activities.

Prateeksha Web Design is the go-to custom web design company in Mumbai for inexpensive web design. As one of India’s most reputable web design companies, we have been in business for over a decade now.


Ecommerce website designer in India

Premium ecommerce experiences are made possible with the support of ecommerce web development in India. When you’re working with an ecommerce website design company in India that know how to build fast, user-friendly UIs that generate sales.

As an eCommerce website developer in Mumbai, our eCommerce developers are skilled in creating custom ecommerce websites and store development services and we are not restricted to only working with a small number of specific business models and ecommerce development solutions.

Our website developers in Mumbai, go beyond the immediate needs of your organization and consider a wide range of variables, including but not limited to prospective customer uncertainties about your product types, your client acquisition routes, and much more. 

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Get a free estimate from the best agency and website design company for web design, business logos, social media marketing, graphic design, blogs, content marketing, SEO, ecommerce, and other digital marketing services. We are one of the best eCommerce website designers in Mumbai. Get started on your project.


Social Media Management

Is the return on your social media investment less than what you had hoped for? To get your content in front of your intended audience, you’ll need a social media manager and a well-defined budget. Our social media managers are well trained in social media tools, Google Drive, and Dropbox. 

Prateeksha Web Design incorporates social media management services into your entire marketing plan in order to optimise your online visibility. Social media management companies on Facebook and Instagram can help you transform followers into customers. Check out our social media management packages

Prateeksha Web Design incorporates social media management services into your entire marketing plan in order to optimise your online visibility. Social media management companies on Facebook and Instagram can help you transform followers into customers. Check out our social media management packages


Content Marketing Services

To be successful in marketing, you must provide content that your customers will find useful. Content that helps people make smarter decisions and promotes your firm as the authority in the process is what you want to achieve. In the event that all goes according to plan, your website in Mumbai will appear at the top of Google’s results for relevant keyword searches.

By disseminating your material, your customers will help promote and grow your brand on their own. The most cost-effective strategy to expand your business and establish your brand is via the use of content marketing.


Graphic Design Services

Prateeksha Web Design is more than just a graphic design agency; they can help your company to create beautiful, custom designs crafted for your business, manage the graphic design process, and produce the graphic you’ve been looking for. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re looking for inventive graphic design that boosts conversion rates, compelling content, and advertising that makes your competition weep.

Prateeksha Web Design is one of the leading graphic design companies that offers graphic design services such as web design, graphic design branding, branding & logo design, graphic design marketing, advertising banners, digital marketing, and social media marketing.

It doesn’t matter if you need a new banner for your company’s Facebook page or an online marketing campaign for an upcoming event, we can handle any job. All of your web presence may be handled by our graphic design experts at a reasonable price.

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A skill set for website designers in India

As a top web design agency in Mumbai, we encourage and nourish website designer in Mumbai and eCommerce web developers India by providing training and education to help them function effectively.

In this fast-paced world, every web design agency must keep up with current innovations. Our graphic designers are knowledgeable in design concepts, typography, composition, colour theory, and a wide range of design applications.

Our graphic design expertise is in high demand. They have extensive experience with photo retouching and editing. Our designers have extensive experience with WordPress CMS and other content management systems.

Being from a web design development company, they can design responsive websites with the best user experience. Our designers are skilled, patient, and disciplined professionals who always provide professional services.

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Choosing Prateeksha Web Design, a web design agency for your web development is a wise business decision.

When it comes to building websites and developing digital experiences, these are just some of the unique things we’ve done as Indian web developers.

  • Methodology for a website company design for designing and developing websites using agile
  • Pay Monthly websites option available
  • Dedicated front-end developers: a combination of business analysts, user experience/user interface specialists, and graphic designers
  • Working with clients in an approachable, approachable, conversational, and cooperative manner
  • Demonstrated success in completing web design and development projects
  • Before “Go-Live,” a thorough quality assurance (QA) test
  • Reduced expenses can be attributed to shorter development timeframes.
  • Extensive and unmatched knowledge in open technology

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Logo designer at work

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The 8-Step Website Design Process Used by Prateeksha Web Design

The 8-Step Website Design Process Used by Prateeksha Web Design

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