You can succeed with a clean and modern web design

Your out-of-date website is driving away clients and costing you precious leads. At Prateeksha Web Design, we have some of the best web designers from Mumbai that will create an incredible bespoke website for you. Our websites are straightforward, professional, clean, and accurate, with the purpose of achieving your company’s goals through SEO.

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Web Designing Services in Mumbai

Make your website a lead-generation machine

Because we’re one of the best web design firms, working for more than a decade, we use targeted digital marketing and SEO so that your highly optimised WordPress website may help you achieve your company’s objectives. Strategic marketing, user-centered design, and cutting-edge web development are all strengths of our in-house team.

In order to generate traffic and raise awareness of our business, we created websites that are content-rich, easy to navigate, concise, precise, and streamlined.

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Why does my business need a WordPress website?

Web Design Services

Give your company the strongest online presence you can…

We offer professional web design services that are customized to meet the needs of each customer. When it comes to designing and building websites, our team has seen it all.

Our staff has extensive expertise in developing and implementing several web design methods, including color, layout, and design. To that end, our staff is committed to giving you the greatest possible online environment since we care deeply about the satisfaction of our clients.

Web design agency services provide businesses with a wide range of design and development solutions to help them create effective and visually appealing websites that engage visitors and drive conversions.

We know that satisfying your customers is a top priority, and that having a website is a key part of that. So that you may give your whole attention to your job and succeed, we take the effort to ensure that our websites are well-designed.



Our methods are straightforward: make your customers’ lives easier by providing them with an excellent user experience. When creating bespoke websites for our customers, we always ensure that they adhere to this guideline.

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Wordpress Website

We create stunning, mobile-friendly websites for businesses and products using the Wordpress content management system.


eCommerce Website

We have extensive experience creating e-commerce websites that not only rank highly in search engines but also impress potential buyers with their design.

Youtube Graphics

Web Application

If you want a one-of-a-kind web app with a wide range of features, our skilled team of designers and programmers can make it happen.

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One-page Scroller/Splash Page

For startups that only need a splash page or one-page scrolling website to get their message out, the Splash Page/One-Page Scroller bundle is ideal.

professional designers

User Experience and Interface Design

Together, our teams will strive to create high-quality design mockups that showcase your desired aims and take into account best practises and mobile first execution.

Facebook Story and Banner

Performance Web

The whole Performance Web package includes not only our strategy and UX stages, but also our UI design and copywriting services. By making mockups and annotating the pages for your development team, we can show you how the site would look and function.

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Website Audit & Optimization

In order to determine what needs to be fixed on your website, our Web team will first do a thorough site audit that will detail any problems they find on each page. We then detail the proposed changes and create an action plan to put them into action.

Web Design Firms

Mobile Friendly Websites

The popularity of smartphones and tablets has increased the need for mobile-friendly websites, which means that responsive layouts are in high demand. Websites that are intuitive and look well on any device tend to get the most traffic.

Every one of our web pages is optimised for use on any size screen. They modify themselves in response to the form factor of the user’s chosen device.

In Mumbai, we are the best responsive web design company.

  • Browser-friendly websites – Safari, Chrome, Firefox
  • Device Friendly website – iPad, Smartphone,
  • Operating System Friendly website. – Windows, Linux
Affordable Web Design Services

The Features of Our Website Package

Our team can help you take over the online market with a website that fits the needs of your Mumbai-based business. We believe in continuous growth through partnerships, and what we can do for you.

Mobile-First Responsive Websites

Take advantage of a responsive mobile-first website that gives an industry-leading user experience on any mobile device!

Keyword-Optimized Web Pages

In addition to helping you rank for the keywords you choose, the content on your website will convert better thanks to the experience of our staff.

Conversion-Rate Optimization

An effective website and marketing funnel may help you convert visitors into buyers.

WordPress CMS

We will integrate WordPress with your website and give you an admin panel to manage your content and media.

Customizable Interface

You can customize all aspects of your website, including the theme, without our help.

LiquidWeb Hosting

Completely free, ultra-quick and reliable hosting is included.

SEO Keywords Research

SEO Keywords Research is first conducted to determine the keywords to be used for top Google Ranking

Competitors Analysis Report

SEO Keywords Research is first conducted to determine the keywords to be used for top Google Ranking

User-Friendly Admin Panel

SEO Keywords Research is first conducted to determine the keywords to be used for top Google Ranking

Responsive Site (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)

SEO Keywords Research is first conducted to determine the keywords to be used for top Google Ranking

Google My Business Registration

SEO Keywords Research is first conducted to determine the keywords to be used for top Google Ranking

Competitors Analysis Report

SEO Keywords Research is first conducted to determine the keywords to be used for top Google Ranking

Google Analytics

Google Search Console Tracking

SEO Optimized Content Writing

SEO Optimized Content Writing Without Plagiarism

Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile-friendly designs that are tailored to your company’s needs.

Social Media Integration.

We will integrate your website with all of your social media profiles.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO experts will optimize your website and get you to the top of the search results right away

Business Email Accounts

Send emails from a business email account on your phone, tablet, and desktop computer.

Help & Support

Regardless of how big or small your situation is, we are here to help.​

Stock Images

We are members of a few stock libraries, and we will provide you permission to use images from those libraries.

Google Local Business​

We will assist you in getting your website listed on Google My Business pages and configuring the pages to match the profile of your firm.

Our Web Design Packages
Basic Website Package

10 Page Website best suited for small businesses and startups

Professional Website Package

30 Pages Catalog Website of 100 products best suited for medium size businesses

Business Website Package

50 Pages Catalog Website of 200 Products best suited for large businesses

Why Us

How can Prateeksha Web Design enhance traffic to your Mumbai website?

In order to give your website the greatest features and competitive tactics on the market, our SEO web design company collaborates. As we are experts in our field, we know what it takes to get things done and boost your bottom line. The success of many businesses may be attributed to our team’s ability to produce high-quality website designs in India.

Regardless of a company’s industry, our staff can devise tactics that can be scaled up indefinitely.

Putting our clients first.

When we build a website for you, we can ensure that it appropriately reflects your style, vision, and company culture. Finally, the combination of our website designs and our highly effective content writing results in a website that is built to provide results.

Site Quality

We need a fast-loading website. Our Mumbai-based web design team prioritises creating high-quality websites quickly and on demand. Our Mumbai web design service exceeds customer expectations.

Digital Marketing Expertise

From education to pharmaceuticals, our team of marketing specialists has a wealth of expertise working with a wide range of companies and sectors.

Helpful support

At every level of site design, you’ll know exactly what’s happening, so there are no surprises. Our staff keeps in touch with you frequently to ensure your website’s success. Your staff will give clear, prompt answers to any issues or queries.

Custom web development to help you grow your business.

Our website design services team now has the ability to construct whatever WordPress has to offer, including high-end e-commerce applications and bespoke WordPress modules, thanks to Prateeksha Web Design.

With our web design services, you may work with a company that can meet all of your development needs in one place. Inquire about how cooperating with us will benefit you as well.

Create your website in Mumbai right now!

Building a successful digital product requires the right web development partner. The greatest tech solutions may be applied by the proper partner to construct a safe, stable, and user-friendly app.


You can see some of the work we’ve done in the past. More than 500 sites have been built for our clients thus far. Every business that has put their faith in a web design firm they have never worked with before has made a huge difference to us. With all of our efforts, we’ve delivered digital marketing platforms and bundles that have helped our clients flourish.

We, as a web design agency, are confident in our ability to help you reach new heights with a combination of intuitive web design, digital strategy, User Experience (UX), social media, professional SEO services, targeted PPC campaigns, and unique digital marketing solutions.

Portfolio Angel Star Ventures
Portfolio Angel Star Ventures

What Our Clients Are Saying

girl 1

Libby Bellinger


I get compliments on our new web-design every month. I am so pleased that my team and I can edit through WordPress. We call ourselves “web-designers’ ‘ and it’s hilarious but true. I think I am most proud of our site being Mobile friendly for all those smartphones and tablets. The bottom line is our site WORKS and the investment in a brand new website has paid for itself in 2-3 months!!!

man 1

David Waud


It was a pleasure to work with Prateeksha Web Design. You went into great detail about how you went about doing this. Thank you so much for the informative emails that serve as reminders and outline what to expect at each stage. I’ve never had a better web design experience.

man 2

Myles Hadden


Prateeksha Web Design has been fantastic throughout the whole process. The team is very clear, insightful and easily contactable on the phone. The most up to date software is used to support the new website we have designed. We are pleased with the creative design achieved with our new brand and web design.

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User-Focused Design.

We are great proponents of well-designed user interfaces and strong brand strategies.

Our organization can help creative individuals of various abilities and backgrounds develop their ideas. We are here to connect them with world-changing creative ideas and leaders and to help ignite their passion for the visual arts.

Will My Website Rank in Google?

Ranking high in Google’s search results is more crucial than ever. Should you fail to do so, prospective customers will be unable to locate and access your website. 

For a digital presence that represents your brand’s soul, you can count on us for a complete digital redesign. This helps you stand out from the crowd while also connecting with the target audience that makes up your industry.

As far as we’re concerned, we’ll manage everything from content type and length to images and keyword formulae to customer feedback and user experience.

Why should you choose us?

What is Responsive Website Design?

When a user views a website on a smartphone, tablet, or another mobile device, it responds dynamically to the size and orientation of the screen being used to view it. Website Designing for the wide variety of devices available to clients, from tiny phones to enormous desktop monitors, is a challenge that RWD attempts to address.

One design is applied above and below a breakpoint in order to establish how the layout of a site will appear; this is known as RWD. The width of the browser is widely used as a breakpoint.

The Website Design Process


It is here that we, the web design and SEO company, collect all the necessary information and answers to vital questions to get the web design process started and, most importantly, set it off in the right direction. Every aspect of the project should be covered during this short phase. 


From beginning to end, it’s time to lay out everything from start to finish in order to achieve the desired outcome. This phase normally begins with the definition of the project’s scope, followed by a list of tasks to be completed, deliverables to be supplied to the client, and deadlines and milestones to be met.


Research is usually the first step in this phase because the website designer in Mumbai wants to get ideas for their designs. It also looks at the brand names and website designs of competitors to find important things like colours, logos, fonts, artwork, visual elements, and media.


In the process of making a website, there is a long phase called “development.” If needed, this process includes turning the design into a working HTML/CSS template, turning the HTML/CSS template into a CMS-based website, adding all the necessary functional components, and testing.


At this point in the web design process, the website is ready to go or is close to being ready to go. The possibilities of a website design disaster are slim if every phase is executed flawlessly.


As a web design agency, we take the following steps in the launch phase:
The final round of functional, performance, and security testing.
Make a copy of the webpage for the client’s server.
Elements such as Google code analytics, email marketing instruments, advertisements, etc. can be added to the site.
It’s time for the final round of user experience testing


Once the site is online, it’s never really finished. Most people don’t care about the maintenance stage, but those who care about marketing techniques do. At this point in the web design process, we offer these services of support, troubleshooting, security tests, updates or add-on installations, integration of new features, content update and creation.

Mumbai Web Design Services

Technologies we use

Prateeksha Web Design is a indian website design company that employs experts in the following areas to help you with your project. We can stay up with the most recent software development trends.

In order to generate traffic and raise awareness of our business, we created websites that are easy to navigate, concise, precise, and streamlined.

  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Flutter
  • Docker
Why Should You Choose Us?

Working with the Top Web Design Company in Mumbai

Within seven days, you may have a custom website designed for you. If you want to keep your audience interested, you need a website that is easy for them to use, has your company’s logo and has the most up-to-date features for user experience.

Tell us about the website ideas and we will bring to life.

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