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As soon as we begin to redesign your site, our principal purpose is to list all of the flaws and repair them. We then provide the site a fresh and contemporary look and feel, improve navigation, enhance performance, and make it mobile-friendly.

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Why is redesigning important

Mobile users have increased through recent years. And most older sites aren’t mobile compatible. It’s essential that your website works for mobile too. Your mobile-friendly site may be one of the most valuable tools to contact clients, build credibility, and generate sales.

Target content, enhanced speed, optimized media, along with improved SEO, will allow the site to load quicker and rank quickly in Google. Adding call to action buttons, along with a revamped navigation program would be the other things which will help your site excel

Work Together

How do we redesign a website

We initially understand the strengths of your current site, check which pages rank high in Google, strategically organize your content and navigation, do some research on your competitors’ strategy. The majority of the time, existing websites are not sick — there are loads of web pages that generate a lot of traffic, and hence they need to remain on the new site. It’s crucial that you plan the content systematically and then accordingly format the web pages.

We have to point out that making modifications may negatively affect your website ranking; hence, we will need to analysis the good with the bad, before making changes.

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What is included in the redesign

If we intend to achieve specific goals with the redesign, then a rigid and specific strategy is drawn. Otherwise, the approach will be general. There aren’t any hard and fast rules for the process, but the purpose is to achieve the overall targets.

Competitor Analysis + Research

We initially plan to run an analysis of competitor websites or websites in the same industry. It assists us in comprehending the product categorization, design, and orderly arrangement of content. It helps to understand better the way the site has to be constructed and the way that content is searched and which content are people looking for. We can even fully understand the graphics, design, and graphics.

Optimized Content

We assist you in rewriting and reformating your articles in a professional way. We reevaluate the pictures if the quality isn’t satisfactory, then we replace it. We make the information more presentable and will focus on the layout. Besides, we add options for Print or PDF as needed so visitors can have a print of the page. We will perform SEO optimization of the articles and include the keywords that are, and we make sure it is keyword rich. We make certain the content is over 600 words, so it ranks with Google.

Mobile-Friendly Design

We’ve entered a new era of online use –especially, mobile online usage. Consumers turn to their own cellular devices not simply to text, social networking, and receive instructions; they’re using them to maximize their own lives. So much have cellular devices become ingrained into our everyday routine that customers reflexively reach for their telephones when they are bored, exhausted, inquisitive. In line with this just-released and much-anticipated Meeker 2018 Internet Trends Report, time spent mobile participating with digital media has attained 3.3 hours every day for the ordinary consumer. Because of the change in consumer online behaviour, your digital marketing strategy should change to concentrate on mobile also. This means you have to ptimize all of your marketing and advertising efforts and resources for cellular consumption.

Premium Server

We also provide premium service, and this will help to render the website faster. We also install the caching plugins to make sure that the site is cached, install CDN so that the images and scripts are saved on CDN

SSL Certificate

We’ll produce a brand new and innovative professional-quality design for your website. We’ll also redo all of the inside pages, too, so that it seems very professional.

Simplified, Organized Design

We’ll produce a brand new and innovative professional-quality design for your website. We’ll also redo all of the inside pages, too, so that it seems very professional.

Social Sharing Buttons

We will install social sharing buttons that may not have been existing on your site. We can connect social media widgets that people can view the activities of their social activities on your website itself


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