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If you run a non-profit group, we can help you make your website easier to use and stronger. We’ve worked with charities and other non-profits in Toronto, Canada, for more than 20 years to come up with new ways to improve their online presence. We have a deep understanding of what makes a non-profit website work well and what goes into designing them. All of Prateeksha Web Design’s charitable websites are made with the reliable, easy-to-use, and feature-packed Kentico Xperience (anchor link down to more info). Customers have told us how much they like using this DXP (Digital Experience Platform), which is an all-in-one website solution that can be stacked with any other tool in your digital ecosystem.

Work with experts who understand nonprofits and charities.

You can be confident that you will be working with a team of highly skilled, dedicated individuals who are committed to seeing your project through to completion and beyond.

We’ve spent a long time working with nonprofits, so we’ve been able to fine-tune our approach to meet their specific needs. We’re also very good at devising methods to complete tasks in the most efficient manner possible. This expedites the creation of the website and makes it easier to implement.

As the project progresses, we build the website using a hybrid of agile and waterfall techniques that is adaptable to both small and large teams. We make the process easier for you and your non profit by adjusting our work schedule to meet your requirements and coordinating the change from the beginning.

Non profit Websites Good to Great

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

The true value of a website can only be seen over its whole life, not just when it is being made. To lower the total cost of ownership and make the solution more useful over time, it is important to build a site with long-term benefits. To do this, we start with a strong content management system (CMS) that is at the top of its field and can be easily updated without having to start from scratch.

Start with the right back-end CMS.

If you choose a comprehensive enterprise CMS, you won’t have to worry about finding and fixing or replacing the third-party plugins that most CMSs depend on in order to upgrade your site when the time comes, if it comes at all.


It’s just as important for the site’s editor to be able to use it easily as it is for regular users. We use the term “ability to administer.” The success of your website will depend on how confident and easy it is for your team to make the necessary content changes. If it’s hard to change the content on your site, it will quickly become out of date and useless.

Page Speed

If your pages load quickly, people are less likely to leave your site. This is a very important factor. Make sure your users are happy by requiring speed and performance tests at different stages of development. At Prateeksha Web Design, we use Google PageInsights and load tests to look at how well your site works and find places where it could be better.

Website Design for Non-profit Organizations

It seems that many nonprofits in toronto website design have settled for cheap website design from a company that either didn’t have the right skills or didn’t want to put in the time. At Prateeksha Web Design, our goal is to help non-profits get the attention they deserve by giving them a solution that people can trust. For web design non profits, we offer specialized non-profit web development packages that not only give them a strong online presence but also help them gain more notoriety on social media. Do you believe a non-profit website design company can reach a wide audience without a significant online presence? With professional web design Toronto for Non-Profit Organizations in toronto web designe from Prateeksha Web Design, you’ll be ahead of the game because we’ll connect your site to social media to raise your profile and get more people to visit from search engines.

Website Design for Greater Worldwide Coverage

A charity or non-profit organization needs a global presence just as much as a for-profit business does. If you need a website for a charity in Toronto, you should go to Prateeksha Web Design. We use the latest web tools and configurations to build a strong digital platform for your organization. This lets you reach more people around the world and raise awareness of your cause. For a free non-profit website, Prateeksha Web Design has developed a few custom web design strategies that are both affordable and efficient.

More key factors to your non-profit digital success include:

  • pointed out chances to do something.
  • Interesting communication that is easy to understand.
  • Easy to find thanks to simple navigation and well-thought-out search options.
  • Think about giving priority to your mobile users. Think about mobile from the beginning.
  • Spread the word about your upcoming events, ways to sign up, and chances to donate.
  • Keep yourself available. Some charities require you to follow accessibility standards, and if you do, it also helps your SEO.

We’re a Shopify Ecommerce Website Development Company.

At Prateeksha Web Design, we have a lot of experience making online storefronts with Shopify. It’s not clear what it means.

Since Shopify’s beginning in 2006, when we started making custom designs and themes and putting in place search engine optimization, we’ve been using it. We know everything there is to know about Shopify and how to make a store show up higher in search engine results.

All of the websites we make are responsive, which means they work well on all mobile devices and give your customers the best shopping experience no matter where they are. We have a team of Shopify web designers who will help you at every step of the eCommerce process, from coming up with ideas to testing and launching the final product.

Best Nonprofit Websites

Why do we like it?’s unique approach to their organization is mirrored in this unique website. And simple is what they needed. As an organization, they invest millions into impoverished communities in order to create lasting change in economies worldwide. This complicated process is laid out simply on their website.

From an easy-to-navigate menu to perfectly descriptive actions and impact pages, made a complex topic simple and easy to understand.

What did we do?

We provided web development and web design services to them. To assist them in achieving their website objectives, our team of passionate graphic website designers in Toronto works around the clock with them. From adding new pages, to editing pictures – our team is able to help any non-profit grow and succeed in the online world.

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Are you looking to expand your service offerings without the overhead of an in-house design team? Our white label web design services are the perfect solution. We provide top-notch, fully customizable web designs that seamlessly blend with your brand, allowing you to offer additional value to your clients.
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