Top 50 Web Design Blogs to Follow

By Sumeet Shroff
Last Updated On : March 7, 2022
Top 50 Web Design Blogs to Follow

1. Web Designer Depot

Visit site Facebook Link : Twitter : Rss Feeds : Medium : Tech help, news, thought leadership, and encouragement are all in one place at Webdesigner Depot. It's a one-stop shop for everything. There are a lot of suggestions and ideas that you can use. In the fields of web design, programming, and graphic design, there are new blogs that are put up on the internet all the time. Webdesigner Depot is one of the best-known blogs on the internet for people who make things look good. There are a lot of places where designers can find everything they need in one place, like Webdesigner Depot, which features content from a wide range of experts. One of the many things we'll talk about will be the advantages and disadvantages of different coding systems, as well as the best resources for designing. Code and programming news and resources are also found on the site. SEO and content marketing, as well as user experience. A "funny" message or poll might come up now and then. is different from other websites because it gives its visitors unique and relevant content. If you write your first post on our site, it's likely that other people have already talked about the same thing. When you learn about new information that hasn't been written about before, it can be very exciting and rewarding. Despite this, each submission is unique from the rest. In order to keep your mind active and alert, you should read something new every single day. is a great place to get ideas for your next project started. It's a great site called, where you can get graphics and other materials. Everyone who is looking for new ideas or just likes looking at beautiful images can go to for some ideas. This is a great website!

2. ****Smashing Magazine**

Web designers, CSS artists, web developers, and UX specialists can come together on to learn from each other. Smashing Magazine wants people to leave comments on the stories that are on the site. To learn about the most recent trends in user interface and user experience design, this site might be a good place to start. There is also a free ebook library and an online job board, among other things. If you want to stay up to date on the latest CSS, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, Jquery, and responsive design changes, you should check out Smashing Magazine. Smashing Magazine, which has a page rank of 13, is one of the most popular websites on the web today. People who work on websites and make apps, as well as photographers and graphic artists, can all learn from this online journal. They do high-quality work and stay up to date on changes in their field of expertise. There are a lot of free things on their website that you'll like. Web Designer Magazine is the best online magazine for web designers because it gives web designers a lot of important information and feedback on a regular basis. These people give seminars all over the world, write books, and try to build groups of people who are like them to help their cause. To make it easier to find jobs that are right for you, the organisation has broken them down into groups like "user experience," "web design," "React," "java script," "CSS," and "accessibility," among others. Some very detailed articles can be found on this website, and it looks like the people who wrote them did a lot of work in order to make them happen. If you want a quick fix, you're going to be let down. A lot of useful information about web development and design can be found here. There are also a lot of free design materials on the website. For people who want more in-depth information about a certain topic, Smashing Magazine also has eBooks and guides. The information on this page has been carefully crafted to be both understandable and useful to the person who reads it.Also, you can use drawings and illustrations to help you figure out how to go about your education. Because the blog has been running since 2006, some of the information may be out of date. In order to stay up to date on new content in Smashing Magazine, sign up for their weekly email newsletter.

3. ****Envato Tuts+**

In the last few years, Envato Tuts+ has become one of the most well-known web design blogs on the Internet. is a popular place for web designers and people who like web design. People can learn about everything from graphic design to programming to web development on the site. You can sign up for a one-month subscription to TutsPlus and start looking through their huge library of tutorials, which you will find very interesting. There have been an estimated 220 million people around the world who have looked at courses on Envato Tuts+, said the company. You can stay on top of your game by learning from experts in their fields through the daily updates to the course catalogue and instructional library. The tools and resources you need to be a good web designer are now available to you. There are a lot of different kinds of educational resources on Envato, from free lessons to online courses. People who have made other websites have written content that is up-to-date, accurate, and based on real-world experience and knowledge of the subject matter at hand, as well as other sources. People talk about a wide range of things, from web responsiveness to WordPress tutorials and more. Also, they have a lot of ebooks about things like the internet and graphic design, and they have a lot.

4. ****CSS Tricks**

CSS Tricks is a great site for learning about CSS and WebDev themes. Chris Coyier started the site in 2007, and it has a lot of great information about things like CSS flex and grid. In these great web design lessons, you'll learn about a wide range of topics. They're good for both beginners and experts. In an email every day, they tell me something new about the company. As even though the blog has grown to cover more than just CSS, it is still the best place to get all of your CSS needs met. Sites with non-rectangular headers are also in the same style. It is very important to think about the rough-edged css trend.

5. ****The Design Blog**

Ruby Bacanovic, a designer who lives in Los Angeles and is of Croatian heritage, started The Design Blog in 2011. It's a place where she gathers design ideas for people who use it independently. This website has a lot of designs from all over the world, from designers and design businesses. More than a dozen papers on a wide range of topics, from advertising and animation to branding and illustration to typography and web design. A Croatian designer runs it in Los Angeles, California. Ruby Bacanovic is the founder, producer, and manager of the Design Blog, running for a few years now. New designers and design studios from all over the world are a big part of the show, which can be seen in how it looks. You'll find a wide range of design ideas for everything from logos and artwork to packaging and typography here. Unlike many other well-known design blogs, the Design Blog is only interested in giving its readers ideas that will inspire them. A different "designer of the week" is featured on TDB's website and social media sites every first Monday of the month. They show off their work. We have a weekly quote of the week and a video of the week section where you can find all of this and more about different subjects. A lot of the information on the design blog is broken up into weekly chunks, which makes it easier to read and keep up with. If you want to get ideas for web design, Web Design Wednesday is a great place to start. People who work in a wide range of fields have put together a list of well-designed websites that you can use to help plan your next project. On Thursdays, young designers show off their app ideas and UI and UX ideas they found on the web. As part of the site's "freebies" section, an electronic resource that can be downloaded for free is given out every week.

6.****The Inspiration Grid**

The Inspiration Grid is a great online resource for designers because it is based on some of the world's best artists. Graphic design, typography, architecture, and fantastic art collections can all be found here, as well as ideas for new projects. You can also get ideas for new projects from here. It is a place where the most innovative people in the world can show off their work. It is not just about art; it includes everything from fashion to architecture to typography and everything else you can think of! It's a good place for artists of any kind to find many ideas and inspiration. The Inspiration grid includes material from a wide range of industries and genres. If you like its simple style and well-chosen materials, this book is a great way to get inspired!

7. ****Design Made in Japan**

It's been a long time since Japan has been very good at making things look good. Many people around the world are interested in the unique atmosphere and aesthetic that it creates. So, Design Made in Japan, a blog about Japanese design, is a must-read for people interested in the subject. Everything is based on whether or not the unique Japanese aesthetic can be shown in the final product. People like the UI and UX section, which has a lot of in-depth interviews and case studies about Japanese technology that's cutting-edge right now. Then, if you don't want to learn about user experience, there are a lot of architectural, fashion, and animation products that you can look at instead.

8.****Vandelay Designs**

As stated on their website, The goal of Vandelay Designs is to assist small companies and self-employed individuals in generating revenue. They write about many different things on their blog, including web design and development, as well as tips and tricks. Many different things are also available from them, like design pictures and UI kits. They also have brushes and other things that you can use. There are also e-books and other promotional materials that can be used as reading material. This adds to the amount of reading material that can be found. Many information about making your design styles is available on their site. You can also download free Photoshop gradients and find other useful tools on their site. is a site that focuses on beautiful themes, designs, and other things. The website has a lot of information about design and many different things. When you think of good websites, this one is at the top of the list. You can also ask questions about Website Design on the site. Even though the website is mainly concerned with itself when it comes to looking at all of the different designs, it doesn't act this way. If you work for a business or a magazine, I strongly recommend looking into Vandelay Design's services. How much do they charge? But if their designs can help a company make more money, why wouldn't they use them to do it? They're constantly adding new features and styles to the site to make it even better for you to use. You can find out more about them by looking at the FAQ section. They give it five stars for its new look and easy-to-use navigation, but I think the service would be even better if you want some custom-made designs for your business or personal website. To make money, it's essential to spend money. Now is the time to go to to help with your web design project.

9.I Love Typography

There is no doubt about it: the typeface looks great. Typography isn't as well-known as it should be on the web, so we were excited when we found I Love Typography. The subject might seem too narrow to have its blog, but we've seen that creativity can soar to new heights when given a chance. Here, you can learn how to make your typeface. Some great resources for people who are just getting started in typography are something we appreciate having. Some sections show how Boticcelli came up with his ideas and how he used typography to do his work. Because it is both informative and fun, this is an excellent web design blog that we should all save for later.

10. ****Design Shack**

New to the world of design? Design Shack is a straightforward blog that you should follow. If you're new to planning, there are a lot of tools and courses that can help you learn the basics. It's easy for people to choose from hundreds of articles organised into groups like user experience, app development, and Photoshop, all of which can be found on the internet. Make sure you use the search bar to look for something specific. Designers looking for new ideas and inspiration will find what they need at Design Shack, which has a lot of long-form content that fits their needs. On this page, there are a lot of mock-up templates and picture collages, as well as templates for Adobe Premiere Pro. All of them are high-quality. The "Developments" section of the website has articles about some of the most exciting trends in the world of design for people who work in design. This is a good use of your time. The Design Shack mailing list is for people who want to get regular emails with the most recent blog posts from the site. You can sign up here. It can also be done by using social media sites like Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter to connect with other people in the area.


8faces is a web design site that focuses on typography and lettering to look good. From this complete guide to the subject, you'll learn everything you need to know about beautiful typefaces. Because it's on Tumblr, the design is straightforward, and the content is so interesting that you could spend hours on it and not get tired of the site.

12. ****WordPress News**

People starting with blogging should begin by reading WordPress's blog. It's a great place to start for anyone who has never written before. If you keep up with the news, guidelines, and ideas coming out about WordPress, you might be able to stay ahead of your competitors.

13. ****Shawn Barry Creative**

He is a web designer, and he has a blog where people who want to learn more about his work can get help and advice. Shawn also has a YouTube channel, where he shows off some of the more complicated web design ideas that aren't covered in many other blogs, even his own.

14. ****Design Shack**

The Design Shack is a great place for web designers of all skill levels to help. On their blog, they post a wide range of articles and new design elements often. Everyone who works in web design and development has a blog that writes about everything from colour schemes to typography. They also offer education, inspiration, and the most up-to-date news in online design and development.

Some of the things they talk about are Logo Design, which you should look into for your own business. They talk about everything from site footers to single-page websites in their layouts section, which you can find here.

15. UX Booth

As the name implies, UX Booth is a conference that focuses on how users feel. This is both an essential part of web design and a way of looking at information architecture that is up-to-date now. Many great ideas for improving your overall experience can be found in this group, which is very busy.

16. **1stWebDesigner**

The goal of FirstWebDesigner has always been to bring together a wide range of designers and artists to work together. Even though 1stWebDesigner is still very young, it has already become a well-known source of design information, including news, tutorials, and lists of ideas. It is one of the most valuable things about the 1stWebDesigner website to search for information about a specific topic or phrase. It is also one of the most popular features. Collections of articles cover a wide range of issues, like WordPress design, CSS, JavaScript, UI/UX, mobile UI, typography, and so on, to name a few. There are also sections on Photoshop and how to be a good freelance graphic designer, among other things. It is essential for people who are new to the design field to brush up on their skills. 1st Web Designer is a great place to do just that. "Learn" on the website is a place where design fans of all colors will find many exciting things to learn. More information can be found on the website's YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook pages, as well.

17. ****Awwwards**

Awwwards is a website that I recommend to web designers who want to find new ideas for their work every day. Awwwards is an online design blog that recognizes and awards some of the most innovative and creative website designs that have been seen on the internet. The blog's name says it all. Another good thing about taking part in the Awwwards competition is finding and supporting new web designers. Their incentives are based on real things, so they don't waste their time. To rate each website that they promote, they use four main factors: the design, usability, and uniqueness of the site's content.

18. ****Codrops**

It was started by web designers and developers who wanted to put the best information they had learned over their careers on this site. They have a lot of design resources and great examples of online design on their site. Web design news is discussed in their Collective area. You can also find essential resources that might be useful to you in your job as a web designer. The many articles on responsive web design and the wide range of WordPress tutorials make this web design site stand out from its competitors.

19. Layout

People who work for GETFLYWHEEL.COM, a company that sells WordPress hosting and workflow solutions, specialize in this kind of thing. Web development and business solutions are some of the Layouts the company's blog talks about. It also talks about a lot of other things. People who make websites should write about their work on blogs. They may be able to help you learn how to import and export Gutenberg blocks in WordPress, how to move SVGs, and how to choose colors for your website's theme. People can get layout templates, icon sets, and other things for free.

20. Line25

If you want to learn about WordPress and other web design topics, Line25 is an excellent blog to follow. Also, there are free resources like Photoshop and portfolio layout templates. Another thing we like about this web design blog because it has a unique and creative way of looking at web design material that separates it from the rest of the field. Yes, it talks about the most recent design trends and news. But it also talks about more abstract, but no less critical, topics like philosophy and religion, which aren't as well known. When it comes to intelligent design, it could be as simple as choosing between minimalism and maximalism.

21. Adobe Creative Cloud Blog

Adobe is a well-known name in design because of programmes like Illustrator and Photoshop, and other things. Adobe's Creative Cloud Blog is a great place to stay updated on the most recent design trends and changes. On the Adobe Creative Cloud Blog, you can find a wide range of free resources for everything from design and photography to graphics and illustration to web development and more.

22. Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq is an excellent resource for designers looking for design ideas. It gives web designers, drawing artists, graphic designers, illustrators and others a daily dose of creative content. Everything you need for your creative design projects is here at Creative Bloq. From how-to guides to news and free webinars, you can find everything you need here. Some of the best artists in the world will share their thoughts on the latest software, tools and equipment. This will be a nice bonus. Visit site

23. The Book Design Blog Founded by a graphic designer from Manchester in 2011, the project aims to show that people make printed publications. Because of this, the Book Design Blog has become a one-stop-shop for all things about graphic design. You will become more attracted to books with beautiful covers and print editions as you read. In addition, there are talks with people who work in their fields that are both educational and motivating.

24. Logo Design Love

Designer David Airey started Logo Design Love in 2008. It's an online resource for people who want to learn more about making a good logo. When the site was first started in 2007, it was an ebook on the subject. The site focuses on logos and symbols, icons, marks, and characters, among other things. On the Logo Design Love website, many people pay attention to company logos and other branding projects. Aside from that, David Airey's personal stories and advice for designing some of the world's most well-known company names will also be shown.

25. The Logo Creative

An artist named Andrew Marriott, born and raised in Yorkshire, made a website called The Logo Creative in 2017 to show off his logo and brand identity design projects. To become one of the world's best known community-based websites, one had to start small. A lot of information about logo design, content marketing, and branding can be found on this site. It also has interviews with some of the best designers in the world and people from some of the world's best design companies.

26. Speckyboy

A Freelance Web designer from Scotland named Paul Andrew started Speckyboy in 2007, and it was a personal site for him. When web designers want to get ideas for their projects, they look to the site because it has become more popular as a design blog on the web. As a design community, the site is now a good source of information about the most recent improvements in web and online design. You'll be able to use new design and development methods that will save you time and new user interface and user experience ideas for tutorials and help.

27. AIGA: Eye on Design

In the United States, the American Institute of Graphic Arts, or AIGA, is the oldest and largest non-profit design group, and it is also the only one in the country that doesn't charge fees. He is CEO of a well-known design site called Eye on Design, and he is in charge of Eye on Design. There is a lot of helpful information on the Eye on Design blog for all graphic designers worldwide, so check it out. One hundred well-known experts write about various design topics, from branding to illustration to digital to typography and more.

28. Creative Review

Since its start, Creative Review has been a source for people in the design and creative fields. This website, which has a global readership of more than 3 million people, shows how people in the creative industry think, come up with new ideas, and do things together. Graphic design and illustration, typography, advertising, and brand identification are excellent places to start looking for new ideas for new creative projects. Still, they're not the only places to look, and this is an excellent resource for graphic artists who want to develop new ideas and perspectives.

29. Shillington Design Blog

There are six Shillington locations in New York City, London, Manchester, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Shillington is the Original Graphic Design Bootcamp, and it has six locations in these cities. The blog is run by the Shillington Design Blog in the Shillington design studio, not by someone else. Many people who follow them are interested in how they think about design uniquely. This site is run by professional graphic designers who work on everything from typography and packaging to branding and the internet. Many different photos, prototypes, industrial practices, and other things can be found on the web.

30. Spoon Graphics

Everything from how-to tutorials and free design tools to theory and inspiration from a wide range of different creative fields can be found here. A lot of people expect to see weekly posts that fall into one of these categories and regular updates with new deals and site information, to name a few. Spoon Graphics gives you ideas and knowledge to help you make exciting things. Chris Spooner is the person who started Spoon Graphics, and he is also the person who runs the company.

31. Graphic Design Junction

Fonts, logos, mockups, Photoshop, and vector graphics are just a few of the things you'll learn about in this class, but there are many more. For web designers and developers, Graphic Design Junction is a source of inspiration every day, and it's also a high-end design and development platform for professionals. It has tools for designers and developers every day, exciting design news and free downloads, and a lot of other things.

32. GraphicSprings

We'll cover everything from logo design to graphics to the most recent design trends in this class. Small enterprises, start-ups, and organisations may all use GraphicSprings' free logo design software to get started.

33. CGIA3D

This section of the course material talks about rigging and dynamic animations, computer graphics, motion graphics, and many other things. People who want to make a career in the arts or improve their creative skills through CGIA can join our online group.

34. Designer Daily

A collection of graphic design ideas and materials is always being added to. Created by Swiss graphic and web designer Mirko Humbert for designers and web designers, this blog talks about Mirko's thoughts and tools for designers and things that are beautiful.

35. DesignCrowd

A wide range of design-related topics is covered in this collection of articles. This collection has something for everyone from crowdsourcing to small businesses and innovation to print design, logos, and design jobs. It's called DesignCrowd, and it lets designers from all over the world work together to make logos and websites for small businesses.

36. Inkbot Design Blog

It could be suitable for businesses and designers to use these new ideas and practices. Much information is given about things like visual identity and online marketing. It has been more than a decade since Inkbot Design has worked with business owners from all over the world to help them grow their businesses.

37. It's Nice That

More than a thousand people took part in the interviews. Some of the world's most famous and up-and-coming designers were some of the people who took part. If you want to hire a graphic design company, this is the place to go. When It's Nice, That was started in 2007, and its founders thought that everyone could benefit from creative inspiration. They wanted to spread this message by highlighting the best work on their website, print, and events. Since then, the group has grown to have more than 100 events each year.

38. Design Week

The best online design magazine in the United Kingdom. As a graphic designer, I love to share the most recent news and ideas about visual arts, branding, and anything else that comes to mind with other people! From logos and animation to print ads and interviews with both new and well-known designers, this page has all of the most recent graphic design work that you can see right now. In a good way, our web design blog is different from the other blogs on this list. For Design Week, there will be a wide range of products, from old Broadway posters to furniture and ideas for decorating your home. Design is used so often is one of the most exciting things about it.

39. Hongkiat

Hongkiat is a well-known web design blog based on the look of the site and the quality of the content. There are many essential things about Hongkiat, an online community for web designers that have been around for more than ten years, and these things are made to fit the realities of what web designers do every day. There are a lot of freebies, like responsive WordPress themes and Photoshop tutorials. As a bonus, they give web designers a wide range of relevant and new information to work with. Because it combines both design philosophy and business principles, this is an excellent resource for both freelancers and company owners who want to be better at their jobs.

40. Web Design Ledger

Web Design Ledger is a good way to stay updated on the most recent design trends. There are many other things you can use, like free stock photos, portfolio builders, and sample design portfolios. They also give reviews and recommendations for online design tools and a lot of other places to get information. Web Design Ledger has put together a list of the best web design blogs to help you in your search. In part because of the interviews with professional web designers, this website is different from the rest of the pack. An excellent choice for your bookmarks area that is both useful and inspiring!

41. A List Apart

Because A List Apart is a blog about web design, you can put your trust in it. They are one of the best sources of information for practical and technical knowledge and advice, and they can help you find them. From responsive web design to different grid and style options, there are many things to look at on A List Apart when it comes to web design. It's possible to find both encouraging and visually appealing blogs, like a guide on how to use web design for branding goals. Web design blogs aren't all the same, and this one stands out because it interviews a wide range of web design experts.

42. OnextraPixel

You should add OnextraPixel to your "favourite" list if you're a web designer. Putting your trust in a web design blog with its eye-catching website design is something we do all the time. If you want to find what you're looking for quickly, this site is an excellent place to start. There is a good mix of text with images in this document, which makes it easy to read and scan through. Typography, WordPress plugins, and responsive web design are just a few of the topics they write about in their blog about design. It's also possible to look at and evaluate a wide range of design software apps too. However, the case studies these people do, based on trial and error site designs, make them stand out from the rest of the field.

43. Boagworld

Web design blog Boagworld is run by Paul Boag, well-known for his work on user experience design. A web designer who has worked in the field for more than ten years has a lot of knowledge and experience to share with the next generation of web developers. Besides that, he has written for many well-known magazines, like Smashing Magazine and other things, too. This web design blog talks about many different things, like how to avoid analytical paralysis and how to make simple designs. In addition, he hosts podcasts on a wide range of subjects, including design, digital marketing, content production, and business strategy, which you can listen to on his show. Companies that want to improve their digital design and marketing strategies can now get on-demand digital training programmes from Paul, who will teach them how.

44. Designrfix

Precisely as the name implies, Designrfix gives you a steady stream of exciting and visually appealing design-related things. Web design blogs are great places to find great examples of graphic art and new ways to make web pages look good. This site has high-quality logos, website backgrounds, and design patterns, and you can find them all on this site. In addition to freebies and creative tools, there are responsive site templates and even tutorials on making graphics, among other things.

45. WPKube

WPKube is a one-of-a-kind piece of software. You can learn everything you need to know about WordPress on this design site that only talks about WordPress. This site has a lot of different kinds of things, like WordPress plugins and tutorials for people of all skill levels. Besides that, you'll be able to choose from a wide range of WordPress themes. In addition, you'll be kept up to date on significant changes and additions to the product. It's essential to stay up to date on the most recent changes, tweaks, and hacks available for WordPress. With the help of our site design blog, you can do just that! It's good to save this page for future use because we run our WordPress-based blog and website.

46. Design Bombs

Design Bombs is a play on words that tries to break down our ideas about what design is and isn't. People who are just starting and people who have been working in design will find everything they need to know in this book, which is good for both. In addition, they offer a lot of freebies and advice on what to put in your WordPress blog post. They write about everything from Google fonts to Photoshop plugins in their essays about design. They also cover a broad variety of subjects. Isn't it a good thing? Their items are always up to date!

47. Noupe

Some blogs try to cover many different things in a short amount of time, which is one of them. It talks about everything from the basics of design, like making a good logo, to more advanced topics like business, user experience (UX), print design, and managing a group of people. It's a terrific resource for designers and freelancers who are looking for more in-depth knowledge. The way Noupe's design principles section is set up is a goldmine of information for people who are just getting started with making things look good. It's good to have some lightheartedness mixed in with the educational value of the materials in the collection. No, it isn't true that we all need a good laugh once in a while.

48. Creative Boom

One of the best things about it is that it's both a digital magazine and a web design blog in one place. Take a look at the Creative Boom site if you haven't already done so. Isn't the game of visual hierarchy a complete waste of time? As a general rule, the site isn't for people interested in being designers. It has podcasts, motivational articles, and a book club for people who want them. The fact that Creative Boom has a lot of interviews and opinion pieces is a big help to us. It makes you feel more like you belong to the design community than just reading a digital magazine. This makes you feel like you belong to the community. On our web design blog, we have all the information you need, whether you're looking for help from an expert or a step-by-step guide that shows you how.

49. Mirador

It was started by Say What, a Paris-based design agency, to serve as an online design journal. It was set up by Say What. In many cases, the material is chosen by people who work for the studio, and they want to encourage viewers in some way. Mirador is aimed at people who work in web design and like to learn about new things. This is a great piece of writing that is both aesthetically beautiful and simple to grasp. Online, you can find a wide range of information about typography, from scholarly articles to great projects from design firms all over the world. It's a great idea!

50. Design clever

Another time, this is a blog for web designers that is very visual. In its Tumblr format,Design Clever showcases some of the world's top designs.. To build a community of like-minded artists, the blog's creators have made it clear that they want designers to share their work and encourage them to do so. In my opinion, lightheartedness, amusement, and inspiration are well-balanced all over. If you want to learn new skills, this isn't the best place to go. If you're going to admire the beautiful design, this is the best place. Sometimes, this is all we will ever want.


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