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    The vast number of SEO experts promise that they will know the exact tricks to increase the traffic to your website. The process of optimization of your website is not a different science, and it is not so difficult or impossible one. You have to spend your time and resources to make your website more attractive and quality; you can also find many tools on the internet to solve your issues. Here given the best and easy ways to improve your website traffic.

    1. Do complete OnPage SEO
      OnPage SEO is defined as the total research of keywords in your website and includes those keywords in your content, title tag, meta keywords, meta title, links and ALT tags and also add in heading tags like h1, h3, h4, h2, etc. For SEO optimization, you need to follow the Google recommendations and correct all tags required.
    2. Create a user-friendly Business Website
      This is the important one of all other SEO’s. You have to create your website as mobile responsible, user-friendly, easy to get information, easy to navigate. Information on the site should be simple and more descriptive. Fast loading website satisfies the customer needs quickly.
    3. Make a useful content and content marketing
      According to the web marketing, the word ‘content’ denotes the electronically available information. Based on the rules, the best content must be challenging, exciting, entertaining and meaningful one. The most important thing is to raise your organic keyword.Target only Long-Tail Keywords:
      You have to target just the long-tail keywords, which gives the best chance to improve your traffic even on the first page for the queries specific to your services and products and also increase the traffic value. Most of the people use only some specific phrases, and the search engine also provides the voice-to-text options to the people.You should create your content with the research and give different varieties of contents to attract the readers. You can choose any writing style of blogging or website, but you should provide much valuable content.

      • Target the needs of your audience: The initial step is to create a useful content marketing strategy to clarify your readers’ challenges. What are the different tips, insights, and information are provided by your company to solve their problems? What type of channels is the best way to reaching that group? You can also attract people by posting many other blogs, newsletters, social media; the group of the audience may visit your website or blog. It is the right optimization process, and you can also monitor and improve your content.
      • Be Authentic: don’t give the fake content. People always expect honest and practical content. Your primary goal is to promote your business right? For that, you have to make the real content and also explain the reality likewise you have to write only the possible things and voice of yours. Actual storytelling is the best way to keep the audience attention.
      • Promote: write and post the content in your blog is not enough, you can’t make visible your content. The reason for this invisibility is integration. The original content which includes the white papers, blog posts and webinars can make it live and get more visits if you incorporated with different distribution channels. As an example: just split the white paper into the small blog posts and change the information into an infographic. After the post, your content, check whether it reaches the targeted audience or not.
      • Consistent Work: you should give the actual commitment to your content writing. You have to provide the continuous content and also update the old posts which help to keep your website unique. Forrester said that make a consistent experience to the people in your brand is the best driver for your success. If you started to implement your strategy, you have to give the consistent content to maintain the top and strengthen your bands and business position.
    4. Add your business to local directories What is mean by local business directories?
      The online entry which includes your business name, phone number (NAP), also address with the other details is called local business listing. You can easily create the free local business building by using many of the free websites like Yellow pages, Yelp and Foursquare.
      The local business listing is the primary process for any local business marketing campaign. If you want to make more visibility to your business, you have to create the local business listing, and it also helps to keep connected with the customers. If you update more directories means, you can get more visibility. Once your website comes the visible online, automatically search engine consider your business a genuine one, and also you get a chance of reaching the top ranking in the local sites. The business listings mean simple the online version of the business information in Yellow Pages.
    5. By using Google My business and bing, list your website
      Google my business listing helps to make the visibility of your website in online searches and SERP results. To increase your website’s SEO ranking and increase traffic, you have to post reviews from your customers and continuously post in your profile discount coupons, videos, images, payment methods, opening hours, special offers and other meaningful data. It also helps you to post the blogs, information, offers online. These results reflect in the SERP results.Bing already has the listing for your business. You can either use the existing one or add the new one. If you have the multi-location business, you can include many locations by using bulk upload tool.Bing – It is one of the free Microsoft products, by using this tool, you can add many business locations, videos, images, and also can make it with simple, fast registration. It is the default search engine for desktop and tablet having windows 8.Listing Profile:
      Providing complete information about your business helps the reader to know about your company. You can also include some photos of your product, services, working hours, services offered and list the possible ways to the customers can reach your business.Verify your listing:
      You can avoid the unauthorized changes by verifying your listing. To confirm your business listing, you can receive the PIN at your business address, email or phone. So you have to provide the correct address, but most of the business hide their business address in search results.
    6. Ask-an-expert sites or get listed on review sites:
      For the small business, the technology product review sites are beneficial to make the purchasing decisions. The sites provide various information like customer opinion, latest news, pricing, latest trends etc.
      You can easily find out the overall experience of your business and also the customers’ queries and needs. By using the numerous product review sites online, the business owners can identify the defeat in their products, their quality, feedbacks and know the needs of the improvement. The software and product review sites work with social marketing networks. They can quickly get the feedback about your business from various sites.
    7. Part of Social Media:
      Social Media is the best idea to reach your goal and also make the framework to keep going on your track. You can automatically change the old thing once you have started on the social web. You can easily speak with many people and also make good contact with them. You can convey your message through keyword and also increase your number of audience.

        • Fix your goals:
          For what purpose you are participating on the Social Web? What is the main reason? Are you looking to create direct sales? Have you provided the customer services? Are you interested in building the good relation with the customers? The answer to these questions affects the content you publish and your activities. You have to make the clear goal and try to reach the target in the right way. Don’t waste your time by doing the unnecessary things to your blog.
        • Know your audience
          Find out where your audience spends much time online? Your audience can easily understand what kind of language and content? What are all the information’s they want from you? What are the things they dislike? Your job is not only complete by publishing the message on social Web but also need to analyze the customers’ needs and queries. Then only you can give the needful content and can easily interact with the regular audiences. The needful information keeps the audience visit your website regularly, and they believe your website to get solutions for their quarries.
        • Create the best content:
          If you know the specific area where the audience spends more time, you have to concentrate on the particular area and give the best and useful content to them. You have to provide much more content which makes the audience believe that this is the right place to rectify their issues and gain much more information. It makes the audience visit regularly and gets more data.
    8. Email Marketing:
      You can maintain the touch with all the customers by sending the newsletters and promoting offers through email. It will also help you to get more traffic to your website. You have to give the informative content and proper links to make the audience visit regularly and also provide the offers. But remember that you don’t irritate the customers by sending the numerous unwanted emails to them. It may cause the loss of many customers.
      You should be careful about the subject lines of the email. It only represents the inner content, so that the audience can open the internal mail. If they don’t open means, you will ever get the traffic to your website.
    9. Invest in Google and social media ads
      If you want to famous your business, you have to give the social media ads which give the best result to your business. You can get more benefit from spending the small amount of money for your ads. It is very important to use all the marketing options.
      We will give the detailed explanation for how to use the different types of social media ads to reach your goals by increasing your speed.
      In 2016, the digital-advertising industry develops very fast with good profits. But the only thing is all the growth goes to the two companies only – Facebook and Google.
      Based on the latest figures of Interactive Advertising Bureau, $17.6 billion was the biggest third quarter of last year which was used for digital ads. Really thanks to the growth in mobile and video because it gets a 20% increase from the same time a year earlier.
    10. Answer the questions on Quora
      Quora is the best developing website which collects all the questions and answers. You can also create, edit or delete the questions and answers on your Quora site. The quora is mainly used for getting information, research, and general interest. Some of them also use these quora to build their social network.

      • Select the blog post to use as your answer and also link back to your posts. It is the right place to relate your content to the quora questions. If you link your blog post with your Quora answer, the traffic value of your site get increases, and it also helps to attain top rank.
      • Select the blog with many examples and strategies, because the quora users need the reason to click the link which you have provided in your answers.
      • It is the best option to get more benefits, link your product or service page to the answers of the Quora questions. But remember that quora are not a sales platform.
      • Just pick the new questions to answer or select the one which has more than 1000 views. There are some ways available to find out the right questions on Quora.
      • You should give helpful answers along with that you have to provide your blog post link. Now you get a clear idea and let’s start giving the answers to the right questions.
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