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    Do you know about WordPress?  Yes… But many of us still don’t know the unique features of WordPress. WordPress software known as a Content Management System (CMS), not only  can also manage your contents but also helps you to create pages, add videos, upload images and even manage the users etc. It is one of the most popular CMS available today as more than 60% of the website on the net are using this tool.

    The unique feature of the WordPress is that it allows you to install any other third party software on your website. This feature is called add-ons or plugins. The primary and old feature of the WordPress is it’s out of the box, but it has all the required tools for the blogs. WordPress also give the opportunity to add more options by installing more modules or plugins. These features of the WordPress make it so popular and famous advanced system on the net.

    I still remember the first time, when I installed the WordPress on my system and created my first page. Within  a few days, I had completed 5 to 6 articles, modify some settings and then upload to the server. Wow! I don’t know how to express that awesome feeling. I had easily completed numerous works within the short time. I am really thanked WordPress, without lots of effort my blog was ready within a short period. So the WordPress becomes my favourite, and I use it every day.

    I then started to promote my website after creating my blog. With the simple knowledge about SEO, I could customize my WordPress blog for the search engine.

    Here are the ways how WordPress helps me:

    • You know the term Meta tags in SEO. You have to give the Meta title, keywords and simple description about our site that helps the Google to understand our page. WordPress easily enables you to create or change the title, keyword, and description.

    A Meta description is defined merely as the summary of the content which can be displayed under the title of the website in the Google search page or SERP. This short description briefly explains about your web page. If you want to get more visibility on the search engine and high click-through rate, you have to give the unique, creative and search engine friendly Meta descriptions.

    You didn’t get good traffic from Google? Don’t worry; change your title, keywords, and Meta descriptions into more creative, attractive and descriptive to the people. The title tag is not only used for says about our page to the search engine but also for the people who see the title in the SERPs – Search Engine Results Page. If you want to increase your traffic, you have to change it repeatedly. I can change the titles and descriptions on a weekly basis to attract the viewers. Moreover, it is very simple by using WordPress.

    WordPress has one of the awesome plugins called Yoast which is very useful for our SEO. This plugin has both a free and paid version. The free version of it is more enough, but the paid version has more advanced features. To get the idea of how to make a title and description, you can use such tools. This tool also helps you to correct the errors in keywords. If you want to improve your website, you have to use this tool.

    • Google always likes to have fresh content every day. Google expects you to add more contents and media which help the people to improve their knowledge. Google also encourages you to add more current news, events, blogs etc.
      In WordPress, adding content is very simple. You can add more contents daily to increase your website traffic.
    • WordPress is a free one, and you no need to pay. This is an entirely free tool – no royalty fee or license fee. You can easily download this WordPress from the URL: It is the open source software which means you can use it for any purposes. What is an excellent site this? You don’t miss this excellent site, use all the available option in the WordPress and make your blog.
    • Search Engine friendly URLs:
      Do you know about URL and its importance? Url means the web address. The web address starts with www and ends with .com or some other extensions. If you go to the inner page of the website, it shows the name with some additional parameters like This is also a web address but only for the internal page only. It may be difficult for you, but WordPress can easily make this process with a simple action. Google also can’t understand the complex URLs, so you have to make descriptive URL like

    Now you can easily understand that it represents the contact page of the company. Google also easily identifies this name. It is called as search engine friendly URL. WordPress makes it very simple and descriptive URL. It also provides the facility to modify your URL.

    • Guide you to write good contents:
      You can find lots of tools available on the net. You can correct your grammar mistakes by using the tool called WordPress also provides many tools to make your content more attractive and creative. Grammarly is the free tool; you can make your content error-free one.
    • Finally, you made all the changes and brought your website top, then now you want to share the page with others right? A few years back, the mobiles and social media are not so famous. At the time, we have only one tool called RSS feeds. Simple Syndication – RSS is a web feed tool in the XML format files. This can be read by using the RSS reader. It helps the users to know the updates of the website. WordPress has this feature inside the website. You no need to add extra plugins for it.
    • Faster WordPress:
      Google give first preference to the fast loading websites only. You can use the number of content, images, graphics everything but you have to optimize it for loading quickly. How can you do this? You have to reduce the image size, merge the css and js and also zip them. Another one is your HTML should be simple and smaller size.

    WordPress has all these required tools. These tools are more enough and good. You can quickly reduce your image size by using the SmushIt tool. You can download and install it into the WordPress. This will helps you to reduce the size of the uploaded images into the smaller size without comprising the quality of the image.

    For the combine and merge process of JS and CSS files, you can use w3 total. You have to do this process manually, but it helps to combine all data of your scripts.

    Automatic XML sitemap generation:
    Google provides the tool called Google webmaster, and it gives the XML sitemap for my website. XML sitemap means to provide the list of all the files in my site. This is in the XML file format, and you have to generate this at every time of add or remove a page from your website. If you have many pages on your website, it becomes a tough job for you. But this can also be easily done by using the Yoast plugin. It automatically produces the XML sitemap and saves it into the root directory.

    How to generate an XML sitemap in WordPress?
    You can easily create and submit the XML sitemap to the Google webmaster tools or search webmaster console. Google allows you to submit XML sitemap in it and other search engines can find out all the pages in your websites. This helps to find out your site quickly and quickly by the search engines.

    WordPress provide lots of plugins to generate the XML sitemap for your pages, custom publishing types, publications, tags, and categories. You can also the Google XML sitemap plugin or Yoast SEO to the search engines quickly index your WordPress website. For example: If you use Yoast SEP plugin to create the XML sitemap for your site, you have to install and activate the plugin. For doing this, go the SEO – XML sitemaps site and click it.

    Image optimization for SEO:
    Image optimization is important for increasing the traffic of your website. The good SEO need this image optimization. This includes the attractive image titles and “alt text” to improve the visibility on google and also on other search engines. When you upload an image to your CMS, WordPress fix the title and alternative text to your image. This will helps to attract the people and also increase the visitors’ value. The large sized image takes much time to load, and this may irritate the visitors. Moreover, Google wants only the quick loading website only. So use the option to reduce your image size and make your website faster.

    Related publication links:
    You can use the plugins to find out the old posts on your website by the search engines. WordPress plugins have this excellent feature to add the link to the related topics in your website. This will also increase your SEO capabilities. This plugin has numerous features to add the related articles to your blog pages, publications and also helps to reorder the related articles using the drag-and-drop feature even without creating any single coding.

    Using categories and tags:
    The categories and tags give the excellent structure to your site and also make the google to index your article in your WordPress site. So you have to mention the important subcategories to make a good-structured publication which helps the search engine to find out the topics easily and quickly.

    The main use of categories and tags is to improve the search ranking results. This will helps the visiting people can easily understand the topics and categories on your website. Categories are used to list the content of your blog, but the tag is used to index the topics to the search engine to find them easily.

    If you want to add a category, go to Article, select categories and then select add a new category option. Use the best options for your SEO optimization in WordPress. There are lots of free plugins are available in WordPress. Just use it and make your website more attractive and creative.

    Essential points about SEO on WordPress:

    1. Google wants the fast loading pages. WordPress helps you to speed up your page loading time by:
      • Use CDN services
      • Reduce the image file size
      • Compressing JS and CSS files
      • Update the WordPress themes, database and plugins regularly.
      • Use caching
      • Reduce the required HTTP
    2. WordPress helps you to create fresh pages with latest, updates and useful content which lead to increase the rank on SERPs. You can easily create new pages and also much new content.
    3. To avoid the 404 error, you have to add the permanent 310 redirections to the old version of your publications. This redirection helps the users to view the new page and also improve the traffic.
    4. If you do not optimize the permanent link of the older articles means no problem, you can easily modify the URL for the relevant link.
      In case, you may use the WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) means, this information is beneficial and needed to you. Use these effective methods to increase your search rankings. This information is needed one to improve your website ranking.

    If you want to generate the quality traffic to your website, you have to know the basic knowledge of the SEO features in WordPress. If you are not able to manage the professional blog on our own, you can use the tools and plugins and make it as a professional one. Utilize all the free available plugins in the WordPress site, build your site, create your content, design your site and make it the professional site. You can follow these steps to create your website with the excellent site ranking. Use it, make it and be a professional website owner.

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