Twitter is developing Tweet Awards, and another means of monetizing for content creators.

By Sumeet Shroff
Last Updated On : March 15, 2022
Twitter is developing Tweet Awards, and another means of monetizing for content creators.

Following the inclusion of tipping to its 'Super Follow' and other subscription options earlier this year, Twitter is creating a "Awards" feature for tweets that might provide an extra source of cash for authors on the network, according to recent reports. Jane Manchun Wong, a reverse engineering specialist, sent in a photograph of the new reward option, which shows as a gift symbol in the lower tweet function bar. Wong's username is also accompanied by a microphone icon, which looks to be related with Super Follows, although it is unclear what this icon means. Using Facebook's in-app currency, "Stars," you may buy virtual gifts that are identical to those accessible on the social networking site, although YouTube offers its own "Super Stickers" version of virtual gifts when you donate money to a creator. TikTok offers a number of live gifting options, while Reddit offers a wide range of giving options. Aside from being a more engaging way for you to express your thanks to your favourite Twitter users, awards are also a means for you to signal that you like what they're doing on the social media site. Depending on how well one of your tweets is received, you may consider providing a specific incentive or gift in reaction to the success of that particular tweet, allowing you to focus your response even further. Visit for more information - Twitter's Working on Tweet Awards, Another Creator Monetization Option


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