More Redditors on Desktop Will Be Able to View "Creator Stats" Post Insights.

By Sumeet Shroff
Last Updated On : March 15, 2022
More Redditors on Desktop Will Be Able to View "Creator Stats" Post Insights.

The new 'Creator Numbers' dashboard is now visible to approximately 90% of Reddit's desktop users, allowing more people to check how their stats are performing. An investigation into Reddit's analysis Some examples of Reddit's more thorough stats for Reddit posts are presented below, including total views, upvote rate, community karma, and share counts. According to one Reddit user: Due to the difficulties of growing and speeding up the service, we were obliged to disable Creator Stats for Creators three years ago. Approximately half of our desktop users and moderators participated in our five-month trial of providing Creator Stats on qualifying postings. We are happy to report that this data has been recovered, much to our happiness! Creators and Moderators will soon be able to see a bigger number of the postings they've made across the network, thanks to recent initiatives. Once a post has received ten or more views, the creator statistics will be made available to the original poster and community moderators (relative to where you post). Everyone gains when moderators can use their knowledge to better their communities. This data can be used by users to determine how well their message was received by the broader audience in their area. As a result of the insights data expiring after 45 days, there will be no major backlog of performance data. According to the developers, users on Reddit who are curious about who is monitoring their posts, particularly those who aren't voting or commenting, may find this tool both intriguing and beneficial. It's part of Reddit's ongoing effort to improve and polish the site in order to attract a wider audience and generate more revenue. To clean up the network, which has 52 million daily active users, Reddit has worked hard to remove some of its more contentious communities while also offering new video services and advertising options. Visit for more information - Reddit Expands 'Creator Stats' Post Insights to More Users on Desktop


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