28 Examples Of Repetition In Graphic Design For Inspiration

By Sumeet Shroff
Last Updated On : February 6, 2023
28 Examples Of Repetition In Graphic Design For Inspiration

Interior design trends come and go, but the best works of art in the field always seem to inspire talented graphic artists to make something new. Some designs are so good that you have to stand back and stare at them. A good example of a graphic design website can make or break a sale or an advertising campaign as a whole. Also, we wouldn't have enough time to do all the amazing repetition in web design work out there. So, we found some of the most inspiring examples of emphasis in graphic design repetition we could find in the hopes that it would inspire you to pick up a pencil yourself.

The definition of repetition in graphic design

The word "define" comes from the word "repeat," which means to use an element, word, or idea over and over again. Graphic designers use different kinds of repetition to create a sense of familiarity, set up patterns, and make sure the rhythm stays the same. Repetition in design can be useful in any creative project, but it is especially important when building a brand. Businesses will fail if they don't have a consistent voice or identity that sets them apart from the competition. Repetition is also a big part of making websites and apps. The design of a website will usually be the same on all of its pages. No matter which page you're on, the Amazon logo at the top of the page, the search bar, the footer, and other parts of the page all stay the same. Repetition in this way helps to improve the user experience because customers don't have to relearn basic navigation or where to look for information in each new part of an app or site.

28 Best Examples of Repetition In Graphic Design

1. BFI Movie Festival Promotions by

Kory Schulz, who went to Shillington, made the event branding for the BFI Film Festival. It had creepy illustrations of classic horror characters like Dracula, Frankenstein's bride, and the Wolf Man. The style is dark and moody, but it feels like it fits with the genre. Kory won a GDUSA Award for the project.

2. Hired by Anthony Wood

To promote the panel discussion "How to Get Hired in NYC," we created a logo and brand that can be moved." The design is strong and uses little text, but the event's name, description, and date are all written in big capital letters to make them stand out. The ads all have the same main idea, which is to help people understand a controversial topic. Anthony was given a GDUSA Award for his work as the Global Managing Director at Shillington Education.

3. Summer Rocks

Here is a flier for a music festival that will take place this summer. "SUMMER ROCKS" is written over and over on the poster to get people's attention and get them excited about the upcoming festival. When you only have a few words and pictures to work with, this example of repetition becomes clear.

4. Resume

In this case, the headers of the resumes use repetition to make them stand out and keep their style and format consistent. In the skills section, square bullet points are used over and over as subheadings and to show values.

5. Boston

By showing the letter "O" over and over, this layout draws attention away from the "Boston" logo. If your logo has elements that can be repeated, adding repetition to your design is a great way to make it more appealing.

6. Healthy Life Wherever Anytime

The design of this landing page makes good use of repetition to fill in any empty space. This diagram shows two basic types of shapes: the stack with three lines and the eggplant. The organic shape is used over and over again, with small changes each time to make it fit the environment better.

7. Alpha Corp

Each page of this magazine's layout is filled with the brand's signature red "+" symbols, which are taken from the logo. This example of repetition works well for this symbol because it is so simple and minimal to begin with. However, if you are trying to design a repetition of logos with a lot of text, it can go very wrong.

8. FLEUR by Judit Besze

Judit Besze creates a stunning example of texture contrast by layering geometric shapes, text, and lines on top of a floral background. She adds depth and detail to the story by putting things in order.

9. 3D Illustration

As examples, many excellent examples have been shown. But many other great examples of graphic design take parts from other types of art. 3D graphic design is a term you may have heard a lot. It is becoming more and more common in many fields. Even though 3D graphic design has come and gone in popularity over the years, it is still a major trend in the field today. The image above is a good example of a 3D graphic design that was done well. This is a modern example of graphic design that looks like it was made in the real world. The things we see in the world can be used as ideas for design in the visual arts, which can then be turned into visual stories.

10. Typography

Typography can show meaning without being too much for the reader. Also, there is a good balance between the two, which makes it possible for a wide range of original ways to show a message or evoke a feeling without being too fancy. Even though it looks like Elias Aken is just dressing up a word, his great use of typography gets the reader's attention.

11. Joker’s Gin Premium Product Label

Esteban T. made a number of good-looking labels for alcoholic drinks in bottles. This bottle of Joker's Gin, a high-quality spirit, draws the eye well by using contrast and depth. Even though it's called "Joker's Gin," the artist's use of colour gives the design a calming balance that makes you feel confident in the product.

12. Easy Peasy Banana Bread

This example uses repetition a lot. First, there's the obvious "+" grid, then the type that's laid out in an asymmetrical way, and finally, the information boxes at the bottom. You shouldn't try to copy the pluses grid with a more complicated shape, as this would make the design too busy and distracting, but a simple plus can work.

13. Burgers & Brew

In this case, the burgers are lined up on the left to get people's attention. Even though a picture of the "brew" would have made this design better, the repeated burgers give the poster enough visual interest to make it look good.

14.Turn off the light

The main idea of the graphic, which was to turn off the lights, was brilliantly shown by showing every light bulb in the room except one being turned off over and over again (represented in grey vs the white). Even though it might be hard to copy this example of repetition, if you can make it work with the theme of your design, the result could be stunning.

15. Natural Products

Because these pieces are balanced and in the right place, the audience can "feel" a greater sense of unity in the presentation. Rosemary stands out right away against the neutral colours and draws attention to the other greens in the project. Hiro Okuda just graduated from Shillington, and one of his projects made it to the short list for the AGDA awards.

16. Android Watch Face Design

I'll show you two pictures that show how graphic design can be used online and in the real world. Alignment and contrast are used by Android Wear Smartwatch faces to make a beautiful and useful clock display. The Roman numerals and modern design and functionality of these clock faces make them sure to become classics.

17. Duet Flavored Gin

Michaela Early used repetition as a design strategy to make the Duet brand stand out and be known. The use of contrast and alignment shows how a single brand can be enjoyed in many different ways. The simple elegance of this product label is enhanced by the fact that it only uses one colour. One can assume that the gin and flavour will go together as well as the picture shows. A GDUSA award was given to Michaela because she got her degree from Shillington.

18. Infinite Brew

Another example of a graphic design that shows the brand of a product through alignment and repetition. Marusa Rimc gets people interested in Infinite Brew by getting them interested in the brand's new flavours and pointing out how consistent the product is. Artists who make product packaging often use funny pictures of the product's features to get people to buy it and learn more about its limited-edition flavours. The layout is clean and in the middle, but it still has a mysterious feel. This Shillington College grad has won a GDUSA award.

19. Book Cover Into the Void

Graphic designers have a lot of options in both digital and traditional publishing, and book covers are a great example of this. When reading something by Bob2412, the way the author uses alignment may make the reader feel like they, too, are going away into nothing. This method helps explain the main point of the book. Also, the back cover is in danger of falling off the page. The contrast between light and dark draws attention to the word "void" in the title of the book. The fact that this word uses a person's body as a letter is a sign that someone may be trying to get away.

20. Reach Out With Alec

In this case, we use capitalization to draw attention to the headings and information in the right-hand column. It is used here to spell out and explain an acronym, but it could just as easily be used with the letters at the beginning of each heading.

21. 4U Logo and Billboard

As an example of graphic design, this piece by Daniela Tomanova shows how contrast and hierarchy can be used to make something interesting, organised, and easy to look at. Know that 4U is there for you and a part of who you are, no matter what happens. The arm of the subject is both inside and outside the logo. This creates a sense of movement that is meant to show how the 4U mobile network is always changing. The brand is easy to recognise, and young people today love it. Daniela was one of three finalists for the Art & Graphic Design Award after she went to Shillington. In this case, we use capitalization to draw attention to the headings and information in the right-hand column. It is used here to spell out and explain an acronym, but it could just as easily be used with the letters at the beginning of each heading.

22. Beechtown Branch

Those are ads for a car wash, and the cars at the bottom help get the message across. In a better version of this flier, the pictures at the bottom would have been related to the car wash.

23. SPIN Pasta Packaging

In each of these three examples of package design by Forough Abadian, he uses contrast and repetition to show how honest and straightforward the product is. The package has a label that looks like postage, so it probably came from Italy. Now that you know how to make it and what it is made of, there are no more questions about it. The package is another great example of how proper alignment can make things easier to read. This Shillington College graduate has been given a GDUSA Award.

24. Inject Hope Posters

The graphic designs in Inject Hope are powerful because they show how dangerous drug use is, especially for heroin addicts. Because of the campaign to stop drug abuse, county commissioners in Ohio agreed to spend more than $2 million. The client was the Heroin Coalition of Hamilton County. In this series of designs, repetition brings together the main idea, while contrast draws attention and leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.

25. CI Fashion Branding Concept

In this case, North is the design that defines the CI brand. After looking at 1,272 other sets, our team chose this one. The customer asked for something really amazing, and they got it. The artist does a great job of using colour contrast, using just enough of each colour to get the most out of it. The CI logo stands out because of its bold black and white design. This makes it easy to recognise the company's products and services.

26. The Annual Spring Bake Sale

Shapes at the top and bottom of the invitation to this bakesale draw the eye. Maybe the person who made this invitation didn't mean for the shapes to represent the tables and aisles of the bake sale, but if they had, the shapes would have been meaningful and not just a bunch of random lines.

27. Best. Night. Ever.

The shape of this example of repetition is given by the boxes that have game-related symbols in them. This example of repetition can be made by putting some shapes around your graphics and then putting some small icons inside them.

28. Fashion and graphic design

Another example of how Brandon Lee's graphic design style is bold and open to new ideas. The portraits go with the extra design and act as a mask or a second face over the one that seems to be real. When you put the shapes next to each other, you can see some similarities.


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