10 latest Website Design trends to look for in 2019

10 latest Website Design Trends to look for in 2019
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    The changes in the attitude and behavior of people today has brought about some major changes when building a web site. Web design has apparently changed  from being a bloated and image rich creation to more graphically and minimalist design with quick access to information.

    Website have become more interactive and offer tools to help automation.  Website developers all over the world are using modern tools and technologies to optimize the website.

    As a web design company, we have always adapted to new technologies and latest trends related to modern web design.

    10 Website Design trends to look for in 2019

    1. Speed optimization of website
    2. Icons and Call to Action buttons
    3. Flat Design
    4. Web Animation
    5. Responsive Web Design
    6. Social Media Integration
    7. Minimalist Content
    8. SEO Optimization
    9. Marketing Tools
    10. Email Collection


    1. Speed optimization of website
    One of the most important requirement for web owners today is Website Speed. The faster the speed, the better it will rank in Google. Competitors are using all possible ways to improve their website speed by using faster hosting, CDN, Optimizing Images, Static HTML files and changing Platform from Wordpress to Laveral.

    Website needs to be loading within 3 seconds. Anything above this is determinant to growing your business online. Website developers are now using high performance coding like Gulp, Sass: Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets, SVG instead of png, different images for different resolutions etc.


    2. Icons and Call to Action buttons
    With the success of mobile apps and its user interface, using icons and simple animations has become a trend today. Icon and Badges helps the user to understand the Call To Action buttons and the workflow better. This helps in generating better leads and helps increase the overall success of the website.

    Icons are available everywhere and they look awesome. It provides a richer user experience and explains the workflow in a pictorial manner.

    3. Flat Design
    Flat designs are simple designs that have bright colour and mostly consists of two-dimensional elements that have an illusion of three dimensions. There are no fancy elements or any 3d objects. They are very helpful in keeping the website simple and effective to understand and encourages specific call-to-action by the customer.

    There are many benefits of a flat design such as fast loading, ample space for content, easy to build and better conversions.

    4. Animation and Video
    Animation if done correctly, look very cool and people are impressed with type of media. With animated videos, you can actually visually narrate your concept and idea. You can bring life in your website which is otherwise may look very dull.

    5. Responsive Web Design
    Not much can be said about mobile usage which has not been said already. Mobile users have increased over the years and around 50% users are now using the mobile. With the growing availability of cheaper smart phone and versatile applications. most people are using mobile for all their net needs.

    Responsive website design is a technique of building a website that is compatible with web browsers as well as mobile devices. You can seamlessly open a responsive web page on your smartphone or laptop or desktop and they will render the same content. A responsive design will adapt to the different widths and resolutions depending upon the device.

    Website designers today are building website first for mobile and then for the desktop.

    prateeksha responcive mobile

    6. Social Media Integration
    Social Shares are a very popular method to popularize your products and services across sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin. Social Share buttons and Customized Fanpage have become very common among all business. Instagram was not built for business but it now provides a lot of tools for business marketing and promotion of products and services.
    If you are not on Social Media, you do not stand a chance of survival.

    7. Minimalist Content
    Gone our the days, when website design used to be stuffed with a large number of pages of Company Information and About us. Today people are adding only content that is required. Some of the website that exists today are only a One Page Website or consists of only a graphical image.

    8. SEO Optimization
    Getting to the top pages of Google SERP pages is getting to be more and more important than website designing . Sites needs to be SEO optimized with correct Titles, Descriptions, Image Alts and Content. All visitors need to be tracked and Google Analytics Tags are often used often to track clicks.

    Google has laid down various guidelines when building business websites. As a web design agency we adhere to Google guidelines, which give us a better chance of ranking on the top. Google rolls out new Algorithm updates periodically and all website designers need to take extra precautions not to violate Google guidelines.


    prateekshamarketing tools

    9. Marketing Tools
    Marketing tools like chat and support desk and CRM have been existing for some time now. Most of these marketing tools are available free of charge or for a nominal fee. Website today are integrated with these tools to enable quick and effective client support and lead generation. Interactive Forms are enabled to help automation and also better support. A of customization is done by Website developers to give visitors a unique user experience.

    10. Email Collection and Newsletters
    An important aspect of Lead Generation is collection of the email of prospecting emails. With a database of email ids, you can send them email and newsletter regarding products and services periodically.

    You need to add tools to the website for lead generation. You have several online tools like Mail Chimp and Elastic Email for newsletters and marketing.

    As a website design company, these are some of the trends we think is for the year 2019. We are a web development company based in Mumbai, India and having a contact in New Berns, USA. We provide web design services to our customers all over the world.  Our web design company Mumbai is based in Andheri West.

    As a website development company  our web designers are familiar with modern web design and latest technologies prevailing the world of web design.

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