I was browsing the internet the other day and came across so many websites that looked shabby designed and delinquent that I decided to write a few tips on how to make your website work for you. It seems that so many small businesses neglect their website and fail to understand its importance.
I have to point out that your website is a huge platform that can make or break your business. With today’s technologies, you can reach out to so many people and automate tasks which will not only save you $$$ but also help your earn revenue $$$. People are spending more time than ever on the internet, social media and online activities and you can connect with them via your website.
Website is real and live and you can load tons of tools that will give a world of opportunities for increasing sales. It is one of the best marketing tools that will help in generating leads and increasing your sales. For a small business, a good website is a major source of potential customers and revenue.
Define your website goals

A successful site requires an effective and sustainable marketing strategy. I am now going to describe some of the goals you can set and how to implement them in an effective manner. The next step is to translate them in measurable objectives if possible. Not all goals can be measured but with the right expertise with data and analytics, you can find the right metric.

Goal 1 : Build a Brand

When I say you need a good website, I mean exactly that. A good website needs a professional and creative design that will help create a positive impression of your brand in the mind of your audience. It has to be of good quality and with good features.

Your website helps to build your brand value and credibility. You can increase awareness of your brand, inform people about your products and services. You can go one step ahead and provide videos, podcasts, PDF, slideshow.
With a high quality website you create good credibility and people will think that your service quality is also of high standards. Design is one aspect where you can stand out among your competitors in today’s competitive marketplace.

You can also integrate with your social media pages and promote your products via a social media program to increase brand awareness and brand visibility.

Goal 2. Reach out to potential customers

With more than 5 billions people on Social Media today, your website can connect to other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can post once on your website and it is automatically updated elsewhere. Install the plugin on your website and you will stay updated on all platforms.
Add Live Chat plugin so that you do not lose the opportunity to talk to your customers in real time . The advantage of Live Chat is that potential customers can ask pre-sales questions and clear doubts if any.
List yourself in major Local Directories and Search Engines and be found in Google SERP search results.

Goal 3. Create awareness of your products

Your website should publish a lot of new content to provide all information regarding your products and services like documentation, case studies, videos, pdf, tutorials etc Visitors should also be able to search for them easily. Do a thorough check and remove all incorrect or outdated information from your website. Check for scripting errors and make sure you fix them.
The key is increasing awareness in your market is to push new content to target audiences. You may publish videos, or blog articles related to your topics on your website. When targeted appropriately, this content will help expand your presence in your market.

You can target users by email, advertisements or on social media. Share your articles on all platforms to get the best possible coverage. I stress that it is very important that you have an email list of all customers coupled with potential customers with whom you can interact periodically.

You need to take some feedback from your customer to know how effective is your website strategy. By developing good content, you will increase your authority. It will drive traffic and reach new customers. Good content itself will generate leads and conversions. Overall It’s also a way to improve your search ranking.

Goal 4. Increase your subscriber base

Subscribers means people who subscribe to your product updates, newsletter or feeds. You can provide your visitors with more free goodies and a lot of first user offers.

We have to mention that you to increase your lead base and drive new business. Always use the permission-based lead conversion which is so important for your website strategy. Inbound-generated leads answer more quickly, and also convert into customers at a higher rate.

Inbound Marketing needs to be an integral part of all website strategy and all should collaboration and planning the continual optimization of conversion pages and content promotion on organic and paid channels.

did not function well, gave 404 errors, lacked even the basic information, had no photos or proper descriptions of the products or services, faulty scripting and had no blogs all contributing to a delinquent website.

Goal 5. Provide support

In today’s competitive marks, after-sales support is one of the most important criteria for selecting a product. Reports on poor after- sales support does not go well with the people. People tend to read product reviews and testimonials on social media and other platforms before making a decision.

If you plan to provide dedicated support, then you have to install a software like Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) or a Ticketing software which will maintain uptodate information regarding very support call and grievance. Followup tends to be easier if you have a detailed report on all tickets.

Goal 6. Increase Conversion Rate

The percentage of website visitors who become paying customers is called conversion rate. You need to focus on better conversion rates, that means encourage users to contact you. It may be for a sales enquiry or online pre-sales support or sign of newsletter. All interactivity adds to the website’s ability to convert.

You need to constantly monitor the website’s current conversion rate. You can add more “call to action” buttons where you mention your product or adding some good offers as the user scrolls down on the page, ultimately offering him a newsletter subscription.

You need to reduce your bounce rate by creating great content, promoting and sharing your content. For better conversions, it’s important to find ways to retain people on your site, and keep them engaged.

Goal 7. Improve User interface

You may receive many complaints regarding the website usability and performance. You need to improve customer satisfaction through better user experience like tweaking your website to fix those issues, reducing the time it takes to complete certain tasks, easy to use navigation and a better search interface. You can also take appropriate feedback via surveys from your customer before tweaking your website.

Website needs a constant upgradation to keep up with the changing trends. All elements requires some overhauling or transition to help customer’s usability and satisfaction.

Goal 8. Increase Sales

If you sell goods online, then an ecommerce website store is an essential platform for selling products or services online. If you do not have an ecommerce store, then must get one. Selling online has become a necessity rather than a fad.

People look to select their product and complete their purchase transaction online.

Goal 9 – Become an authority

You need to provide quality content on your website and regularly provide sound advice people regarding a certain problem or issue and guide people in the right direction.

This will create a trust in you. You can become an authority in your field of work with popular articles.


A good website will make your company thrive whereas a poor design will simply break it. Your website needs to be in line with your business’s strategy. Define a realistic list of goals and measurable objectives which is customer centric you’ll greatly increase your chances of online success.