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We've been developing websites for over a decade and have maintained a close eye on the latest design and development trends.

Screen sizes today range from tiny smartphone displays to massive game console displays, depending on the user's preference. Designers face a hurdle as a result of the variability. A responsive web page adapts to the size of the screen it is presented on and changes the size of its objects to meet the user's needs. Responsive websites are quickly becoming a fundamental necessity in web design. Prateeksha Web Design Digital has been building web pages for over a decade and has maintained an eye on the latest trends in flexible development and design. We understand the needs of various regions and are well-equipped to manage customers' needs, having worked with top-tier businesses in Mumbai and India, as well as globally.
We have a team of qualified specialists who develop, produce and design responsive websites that are suitable for all screen sizes as a top responsive website design business. With the help of user-friendly design, we have developed expertise in giving your website a dynamic look and feel. Prateeksha Web Design provides out-of-the-box mobile web design for clients across a wide range of industries, all at affordable prices. We understand the needs of diverse locations and are well equipped to manage every customer demand and desire, having worked with some of the most well-known businesses in Mumbai, the Middle East, and India.
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Responsive websites employ a single URL to provide a better user experience on all devices. No matter what type of website you have, our designers are masters at building fluid grids that provide seamless integration.

Prateeksha Web Design's Reasons for Existence:

Customized web design solutions for customers in a variety of industries Involve only experts for web design and development Use only the best and most up-to-date technologies and resources Trusted brand with a track record of servicing top-tier businesses Affordable costs

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What is most important to the users? A user expects a website to load quickly, be simple to browse, including the information they require and be visually appealing. In reality, companies that claim to be "design-driven" are 89 percent more likely than their competitors to achieve their commercial objectives. That is why it is vital to consider how a user interacts with a website on various devices to deliver the greatest possible experience. Prateeksha Web Design offers responsive web design services that can withstand the test of time and are compatible with a variety of devices.

User Interface Design

The aesthetic parts of your website are referred to as user interface design. Our user interface design philosophy focuses on achieving targeted client interaction while maintaining a consistent brand image across your site's interface.

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Mobile Friendly

Technical SEO Consulting

Sitemap maintenance, indexing, and crawling optimization, canonical tags implementation, bot rendering, URL structure, tag, and image optimization, schema suggestions, and structuring categories and subcategories are all part of our technical SEO knowledge.

HTML and CSS Coding

HTML5 and CSS3 are widely utilized in website creation nowadays because they enable automatic web page scaling and flexible media retrieval, which are essential for responsive web design. Our HTML and CSS experts will adapt your website to different screen widths.

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User Experience Design

The user experience relates to how users engage with a website's design and structure. We build a user experience plan before beginning UX design to precisely determine how potential customers would navigate through online material.

Single Page Checkout

We understand what it takes to make an eCommerce store's purchasing experience better. We can assist you in creating a new site or redesigning a current one so that you can offer a single-page checkout, payment alternatives, cross-sell and upsell features, and improve site UX.

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eCommerce and CMS Design

Your existing website can be converted into a responsive CMS site by our experienced responsive web design team. We create outstanding UX and UI design for eCommerce platforms like Drupal, WooCommerce, Shopify, and others.


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