As the number of people searching for cars online grows, Google has responded by providing new vehicle adverts on Search that display local vehicles for sale and allow for a more direct connection from search results to the vehicle.

With the help of new Google automobile adverts, automakers will be able to take advantage of prime real estate on Google’s search results page, resulting in increased traffic and sales.

According to the search engine results,

“There are several automobile options available for someone looking for a 2019 SUV, including local and delivery options, as well as photographs and inventory data such as location, make, model, price, and mileage for each vehicle. Potential purchasers are directed to your website’s vehicle description page, where they can select whether to fill out a lead form or obtain your dealership’s contact information based on their choices.”

According to the corporation, in order to benefit from the new positioning, a car inventory data feed must be built and linked to Google’s Merchant Center.

With 95 percent of automotive buyers accessing the internet to acquire vehicle information – more than twice as many as those who begin their research at a dealership – it has to be a significant component for auto sellers to consider in this day and age.

According to the search engine’s website, a 25% increase in conversions was noted during beta testing of Google’s new vehicle advertising.

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