Top Mumbai Directory - Connect with Local Businesses

By Sumeet Shroff
Last Updated On : September 8, 2023
Top Mumbai Directory - Connect with Local Businesses

Top Business Directories To Submit Our Website

  1. Google My Business : If you want your business to show up in Google Maps and local search results, you need to claim your name on Google My Business, the most important local directory.

  2. Yelp : Yelp is often used to find customer reviews and business information.

  3. Bing Places for Business : Bing Places for Business, like Google My Business, makes your business more visible on Bing's search and maps services.

  4. Yellowpages : Yellowpages is the phone book version of the Internet.

  5. TripAdvisor : Without TripAdvisor, the travel, hospitality, and tourism businesses could not work.

  6. Angie's List : When it comes to Angie's List, the main focus is on reviews and scores from customers, especially for service providers.

  7. Manta : Manta is a search engine that lets you create a complete profile for your business.

  8. Foursquare : Because Foursquare offers location-based services, the hospitality and entertainment businesses can benefit from it.

  9. Hotfrog : Hotfrog is an index of businesses and services all over the world.

B2B Business Directories To Submit Our Website

  1. Thomasnet : Thomasnet is a one-stop shop for people who want to buy or sell industrial goods.

  2. Alibaba : Alibaba is a business-to-business (B2B) tool that connects companies from all over the world.

  3. Kompass : Kompass is a directory for businesses that has entries from a wide range of industries.

  4. Global Sources : Asian producers and marketers get a lot of attention from Global Sources.

  5. TradeIndia : TradeIndia is India's main online marketplace for businesses to trade with one another.

  6. EC21 : EC21 is a platform for foreign business-to-business trade and a marketplace that has done very well in Asian economies.

  7. Europages : Europages is a platform for European businesses to connect with possible partners, clients, and suppliers.

  8. IndustryNet : IndustryNet is an all-inclusive B2B sourcing network for American businesses only.

  9. Kinnek : Kinnek brings together buyers and sellers from different fields. This makes it especially useful for small businesses.

Top Profile Directories To Submit Our Website

  1. : is a website where people and businesses can make public pages that explain who they are and what they do.

  2. Gravatar : If your website needs you to leave comments on blogs or forums, you can use Gravatar to make an avatar that is linked to your email address.

  3. Clutch : Clutch is a website where service-based businesses can show off what they have to offer and get customer feedback.

  4. Crunchbase : A database called Crunchbase keeps track of businesses, investors, and changes in the market. By making a profile on this site, people who are interested in technology will be able to find you.

  5. ZoomInfo : ZoomInfo is mostly a business-to-business contact directory, so making a profile there can help your company find new vendors and clients.

  6. Alignable : Alignable is an app for business networking that helps local businesses find and connect with each other.

  7. Moz Local : If your business does search engine optimisation or online marketing, you can make a profile and handle your online business listings on Moz Local.

  8. VisualCV : People can use VisualCV to their advantage because it lets them make an online resume or portfolio that they can show to potential jobs or clients.

Top Directories Similar To

  1. Xing : Xing is Europe's answer to LinkedIn. It is a network that helps businesses and workers in a wide range of fields talk to each other.

  2. Viadeo : Viadeo is a business networking platform in Europe that works a lot like LinkedIn.

  3. BranchOut : BranchOut is a tool built into Facebook that lets you connect with coworkers and friends.

  4. Zoho Connect : Zoho Connect is a platform for networking and working together that is part of the Zoho suite of goods.

  5. Ryze : Ryze is an online place for businesspeople to connect and work together.

  6. Ecademy : Ecademy is a global online business network that pushes people to talk to each other, argue, and work as a team.

  7. Meetup : Meetup is not just for professionals, but you can look for and join groups based on your interests.

  8. Quora : Quora is mostly a site for people to ask and answer questions, but it also has a large group of experts.

  9. StartupNation : StartupNation is a place where startups and entrepreneurs can meet and share knowledge.

  10. Opportunity : A chance to meet other professionals in your field, grow your professional network, and find out about new job opportunities.

Mumbai Business Networking Community Website

  1. BNI Mumbai : Business Network International (BNI), which has chapters all over the world, has a group in Mumbai called BNI Mumbai.

  2. Mumbai Entrepreneurs : A place for business owners in Mumbai to meet each other, share information, and work together.

  3. TiE Mumbai : The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) in Mumbai holds events for entrepreneurs and gives them knowledge.

  4. Businessgyan : Businesspeople from all over India meet at Businessgyan to share thoughts and business contacts.

  5. Rodinhoods : Rodinhoods is a place where Indian companies and entrepreneurs can meet online to talk freely, share information, and improve their careers.

  6. Mumbai Coworking : Mumbai Coworking's main focus is on coworking spaces, but they also hold regular networking events for businesses and workers in the area.

  7. Mumbai Business Network : Join the Mumbai Business Network group on Facebook to meet other people in the business world in Mumbai.

  8. Indian Startups Mumbai : Indian Startups Mumbai is a place where startup fans, business leaders, and investors can get together.

  9. Mumbai Angels : Mumbai Angels is a group of private investors based in Mumbai. They help connect entrepreneurs with local cash by putting them in touch with each other.

Web Directories In Mumbai

  1. Mumbai Directory : This directory lists all of the shopping, dining, and entertainment choices in Mumbai.

  2. Mumbai Online : Mumbai Online is a comprehensive online website that gives information about the city's businesses, events, and services.

  3. Hello Mumbai : The Hello Mumbai online directory and city guide shows businesses, restaurants, and events all over the city.

  4. Just Dial : People in Mumbai can use Just Dial, a national directory, to find the services and goods they need.

  5. Sulekha Mumbai : The goal of Sulekha Mumbai is to make it easy for people to find local businesses and service providers.

  6. Mumbai Yellow Pages : With the Mumbai Yellow Pages, it's just like having a paper phone book in your pocket, except that it's in digital form.

  7. InfoMumbai : InfoMumbai can help you find the best hotels, bars, and more in Mumbai.

  8. ZatSe : ZatSe is a search engine that helps the people of Mumbai find local companies.

  9. Mumbai77 : The Mumbai77 website is a central place to find information about the city's different business sectors.

  10. Vcsdata : Vcsdata is a searchable online database of companies in and outside of Mumbai.

Top Ranking Directories For Seo

  1. EzineArticles : EzineArticles is one of the oldest and most well-known online article libraries.

  2. HubPages : HubPages lets you write about anything and post it online.

  3. Medium : Medium is a popular site where people can share and talk about writing.

  4. LinkedIn Pulse : LinkedIn Pulse is a great place for business news and links.

  5. Buzzle : Buzzle is a site that has been around for a while and has a lot of information on it.

  6. GoArticles : GoArticles is a website where people can post articles that others can read and learn from.

  7. ArticleBase : ArticleBase is a place where user-submitted content on many different themes can be found.

  8. ArticlesFactory : ArticlesFactory is a site that gives writers a free place to publish their articles.

  9. SooperArticles : SooperArticles is a place where you can share what you know about many different things.

  10. SelfGrowth : SelfGrowth is a service that helps people improve themselves and their lives.

  11. BiggerPockets : BiggerPockets is where it's at when it comes to real estate.

  12. Brighthub : Brighthub has information about a wide range of business and technology topics.

  13. Seeking Alpha : Seeking Alpha is a good place to post stories about money and investments.

  14. Ehow : Ehow is best known for its how-to books and guides.

  15. : is a website where people can post writings about many different things.

Top Blogging Website Directories That Accept Guest Posts

  1. HubSpot Blog : The HubSpot Blog talks about all parts of business, such as sales and advertising.

  2. Outbrain Blog : The Outbrain Blog is about digital advertising, content marketing, and other connected topics.

  3. Social Media Today : Social Media Today wants articles about social media and digital business.

  4. Content Marketing Institute : There are some great ways to learn about content marketing methods at the Content Marketing Institute.

  5. Moz Blog : Moz Blog is looking for stories about search engine optimisation (SEO), digital marketing, and getting your website seen on the web.

  6. Smashing Magazine : Smashing Magazine is a magazine about building and designing websites.

  7. Kissmetrics Blog : On the Kissmetrics blog, you can write about marketing, statistics, and getting customers involved.

  8. CoSchedule Blog : The CoSchedule blog talks about things like social networking, content marketing, and managing your time.

  9. Copyblogger : Copyblogger is interested in stories about copywriting and promoting content.

  10. Business 2 Community : Business 2 Community is a website where people talk about a wide range of business problems.


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