The Producer Economy's Changing Influencer Marketing.

By Sumeet Shroff
Last Updated On : March 16, 2022
The Producer Economy's Changing Influencer Marketing.

Influencer marketing is giving way to the "producer economy," which is made up of content creators who want to start their own media companies that are not reliant on social media platforms for distribution. The demand for greater distribution control affects both businesses and consumers, who are building their own media networks to connect with customers as a result of this demand.

According to Brightcove CMO Jennifer Smith, the challenge of marketing is to create content for a certain location while also delivering that content to the proper people. This is due to the complexity of the digital world and the difficulty in cutting through the noise it generates.

By granting individuals and companies entire ownership over the content they create, it is feasible to broadcast long-form information in a way equal to that of television shows and networks. Brightcove's promise that they can generate better content that grows on their knowledge over time allows their media companies to reach a larger audience. Despite the fact that the technique allows for more creative freedom and flexibility, it has significant limitations. By skipping established consumer websites, producers and marketers are taking a chance on the Wild West of independent platforms, fearful that purchasers would instead pick for content that is already available on their preferred social apps.

Greater ownership

As the number of content creators has increased in recent years, influencer marketing has entered a new phase. According to Statista data, marketers' spending on influencers increased to $6.5 billion in 2019 from $13.8 billion the previous year. According to Brightcove study, when it comes to negotiating brand collaborations, content producers often have difficulty determining their worth because social media platforms can take up to 45 percent of an artist's ad revenue. Recommendation algorithms do not guarantee organic reach for creators and businesses who have their own channels on social media platforms or video-sharing services. It is probable that the return on investment will be reduced as a result of content lost in the midst of the upheaval.


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