Shopware updates include Flowbuilder and other enhancements.

By Sumeet Shroff
Last Updated On : March 16, 2022
Shopware updates include Flowbuilder and other enhancements.

Welcome to the showgrounds! In this video, Some of the new features in the software, which I'll go through in this video, were included in the March release. Let's have a look at some of the new features that have been introduced in the administrative section as part of this current release as we move forward. The first improvement I'll demonstrate is for the flow builder, which I'll go into in greater depth later. Choose a flow from the settings tab and watch one of the flows to see how it works. To make this flow more comprehensive, an action has already been included. Make a new action called "create document" because I'll need it for this particular activity. Many papers can now be generated at once with this edition.
It can now order actions in the flow builder based on their priority. In order to make the sequence more logically organised, I may simply move one action up or down in the series. Because it makes more sense to generate a document before sending an email, I'll utilise the context menu to relocate the generate document action above the send email action to make it easier to find. The ability to organise sales channels is the next enhancement in this edition. Select it from the options menu and click the create rule button at the top of the conditional tab to create a rule in the rule builder. Merchants will have an easier time discovering and utilising the rule builder to design new rules based on the information provided in the search criteria menu as a consequence of the reorganisation of conditions so that they may be discovered in groups. The sales channels are listed here and can be sorted according to their type status, commencement date, and other criteria, among other things. If you don't use sales channels on a regular basis, you can easily remove them from the preferences list and hide them from the sidebar menu. In this video, I'll discuss product reviews on the website's front end. Shopware's standard version will be used to illustrate the new product reviews capability in the front-end review process, which incorporates pagination so that reviews may be sorted in the order in which they were received.


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