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    Design is a skill which needs to be understood and nurtured. All websites have a unique and distinctive approach to design depending on the meaning and the presentation of all the information. School design is not about how big you are or how corporate looking you are but how friendly and welcoming you are. Bright colours and happy faces of students shows how the college can be nice place to grow up and learn something new.

    Here is a selection of School Websites which we found to be very appealing and welcome to students and parents.

    Best School website design ideas

    Check out these amazing designs which will guide on where your focus should be for designing a school website or when doing a school website redesign

    Summit Country Day

    Summit Country Day School Website 768x353 1

    The Archer School For Girls

    Archer School for Girls 768x325 1

    The Blake School

    The Blake School Website 768x325 1

    Haas Hall Academy

    Haas Hall Academy School Website 768x325 1

    Holderness School

    Holderness School Website 768x325 1

    Wesleyan School

    Wesleyan School Website 768x325 1

    Bellarmine College Preparatory

    Bellarmine College Preparatory Website 768x325 1

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