Laravel WhereIn Query Example

By Sumeet Shroff
Last Updated On : February 15, 2023
Laravel WhereIn Query Example


Laravel provides a robust Query Builder that simplifies database operations. The "whereIn" method is a part of the Query Builder that allows you to filter data based on an array of values. This method is useful when you need to select data based on a list of values instead of a single value.


The syntax of the "whereIn" method is as follows:

rustCopy code->whereIn('column_name', ['value_1', 'value_2', ..., 'value_n'])

Here, the first parameter is the name of the column you want to filter, and the second parameter is an array of values.


Let's consider an example where we want to select all the users whose role is either "admin" or "superadmin" from the "users" table. The corresponding SQL query would be:

sqlCopy codeSELECT * FROM users WHERE role IN ('admin', 'superadmin');

We can achieve the same result using the "whereIn" method in Laravel, as shown below:

phpCopy code$roles = ['admin', 'superadmin'];
$users = DB::table('users')
            ->whereIn('role', $roles)

Here, we first define an array of roles we want to filter. We then use the "whereIn" method to filter the users based on their role.


In conclusion, the "whereIn" method in Laravel Query Builder is a powerful tool that allows you to filter data based on an array of values. By using the "whereIn" method, you can efficiently select data from your database without writing complex SQL queries. I hope this article has helped you understand the usage of the "whereIn" method in Laravel.


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