A recent Meta blog discussion focused on the usage of Facebook and Instagram live broadcasting to enhance engagement and conversion rates.

Lupitta Cardoza, Maggie Magaa, and Priscila Arias, among others, used live video to communicate with fans and increase the effectiveness of their Facebook sites.

This post is a condensed version of the advice from the three people who are famous.The accompanying infographic contains instances of these concepts in action.

As a result, Meta has also shared some tips on how to make the most of live video on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, among others.

  • To get the most out of your live broadcast, you must plan ahead.
  • You should create a programme that is at least 20 minutes long and covers topics that are important to your target audience.
  • Make sure you have a screenplay and all of the materials you’ll need for the programme to be successful before it airs.
  • Other posts and stories could include a link to your live video, increasing the likelihood that it will be seen.
  • Fans will get the option to ask questions during a Q&A session.
  • The Live Producer and Live Broadcast tools can be used to prepare for a live broadcast.
  • Don’t forget to thank your followers who have showered you with Stars throughout your live event.
  • Make it abundantly clear where your materials came from.

If you currently have a large following and are looking for a strategy to keep them interested, consider using live video to engage them.

Visit for more information – Meta Shares Facebook & Instagram Live Video Tips from Creators [Infographic]

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