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    How can social media benefit small business websites! You may be mindful of all social media platforms and their influence and their incredible reach and want to launch a social media strategy but do not know where to start and how it will work for you? We have a few thoughts why social media is important and how it will help your business grow. People use social media for all sorts of things such as finding information or shopping for products, simply socializing and sharing information, news from around the world and being updated. They spend on average 6 hours per day on the internet. Here are some of the key points which will help your small business on social media.

    Visual Branding

    Most popular among social media is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. They allow you to create branded pages or customize a page with your company profile and logo.

    Facebook allows to produce a Facebook Page where you can upload virtually anything related to your company profile, your products, images, videos and they also offer interactive tools for lead generation. You can add a cover image and a logo and additional pages that can create an impact.

    Twitter provides you with a big banner image where you can showcase your company brand and its purpose.

    In instagram, you get a small avatar size space and can print your logo on every post. With valuable content, you can help build credibility and establish trust. When Information is unique and valuable, people tend to share such content with their friends and colleagues.

    This helps to increase brand awareness and build brand equity.


    The way we communicate with each other has changed with social networking sites. . We now have a quicker way to keep in touch with our friends’ and family and share information amongst each other. We also keep ourselves updated with Hence the latest news from around the world. People spend a lot of time on the social platform like on an average of 6 hours per day.

    People tend to observe and read the posts and information that has been shared by others taken considerable screen space. Through repetitive posting of our blogs, posts and images, you can increase awareness of your brand, products and services. Spectacular designed images tend to attract a larger audience.

    Lead Generation

    Probably lead generation is the most important reason for you to create content and share on social media. If the content is valuable enough, then people will provide their basic contact information in exchange for more information.

    You can also promote your landing pages though gated content or banners where visitors are tempted to click on the link offering them more value or information.

    You can run a contest that offers a prize money or offer a giveaway that will help you to generate loads of contact information of potential customers. You can offer samples of your products, or a trial subscription to your services, or a free giveaway and promote your brand on social media in a big way.


    Advertising or Paid Content is mostly commonly used by companies to reach out to prospective customers quickly and in large numbers. Since it is paid content, they are promoted by the platform and the reach is far greater than normal.

    You can do targeted advertising to collect leads from focused group of potential customers. Using a targeting strategy it helps to reach out to specific audiences of a certain criteria and increase conversions.

    Since advertising is a major source of income for social platforms, a large number of advertising tools are built and available to advertisers to meet each and every need like advanced targeting, geo targeting and also tracking audience. Ad formats are specifically designed to help marketers collect leads directly within social networks. In Facebook, the lead generation form is automatically filled with user information, and the user simply has to click on the button to submit.

    Content Marketing

    The most popular activity for digital marketers is content marketing. It helps to reach out to people who have an interest in your products and services and boost customer engagement. You can share your brand’s mission and objectives, case studies and stories with links to the website to increase web traffic.

    People tend to start a social conversation around your brand’s products and services which helps to increase brand awareness.


    If you have a product launch or want to introduce a new product, you can run a campaign to message people from different segments, increase awareness of your product.

    Public Relations

    You can provide exceptional customer support to your followers on the social media platform and develop a meaningful relationship with the customer. Social media allows for immediate reaction and customer feedback.

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