10 Digital Latest Graphic Design Trends to Inspire Your Business in 2023 Beyond

Last Updated On : September 2, 2023
10 Digital Latest Graphic Design Trends to Inspire Your Business in 2023 Beyond

With the help of the year's graphic design trends, designers will continue to find new ways to be creative and express themselves in 2023.

Even though creative people can come up with unique designs, modern fashion is also a product of its time. Last year, the world was still recovering from a pandemic, and this was reflected in the way people decorated their homes with a focus on cozy nostalgia and bold self-expression. The rising inflation around the world this year, the worsening climate crisis, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine have all put a damper on that optimism, but it still exists in 2023.

Designers have more than one way to deal with these limitations. Some people are optimistic about the future because they are curious about what's to come and are inspired to do so by changes in technology. Some people act defiantly in the face of restrictions and anti-establishment feelings, either by wanting to escape or by coming up with new ways to do things differently. The graphic design trends of 2023 are shaping up to be some of the most interesting and varied in the field's history.

1. Motion Graphics

You'd have to be living under a rock to have missed the fact that motion graphics are becoming popular. Brands are spending more and more money on the site in order to reach its large, active user base. As a result, graphic designers have started to do the same. We can expect to see more of this kind of interactive style in works like social feeds and UX designs in the future.

In 2023, it's likely that top brands will still put a lot of emphasis on strategies for building a dynamic brand identity. And here's a hint: it's time to stop taking pictures and start making short videos.

2. Bold Abstract Shapes

Geometric shapes became popular a few years ago as a way for brands to add eye-catching graphics to their content without taking away from the main message.

In 2023, bold shapes with straight lines will be back in style. The only difference is this: Shapes with sharp angles and hard edges have been replaced by ones with smoother, rounded edges.

To compete with platforms like Trello, Slack, and HubSpot, you will need to give your designs more visual appeal. Using bold colors and organic, freeform shapes is the key to nailing this easy-to-do trend.

3. AI-Generated Art

Have you tried DALL-E 2, the newest robot from OpenAI? Since it was made available to the public, the AI-powered image generator has had a huge impact on the field of design, influencing both original works and internet memes.

Even though people are worried about copying and losing their own creativity, it's clear that this trend is here to stay. You can bet that AI-generated art will grow in 2019, especially as big tech companies like Microsoft and Notion release their own design tools that work with DALL-E. (Even more so when you consider that OpenAI's next generation of machine learning, GPT-4, is about to come out.)

Try DALL-E 2 the next time you need to come up with some creative ideas.

4. 3D Elements

In short, 3D has taken the place of 2D. Modern graphic design technology makes it easy to make high-quality renderings, so it shouldn't be a surprise that companies like IBM, Adobe, Later, and Intel are using more and more immersive, three-dimensional images to show off their products.

Because people want more immersive product experiences, logos, icons, and typography will all have an effect on their audiences that has never been seen before.

So, try this style in the New Year. Even if you aren't an expert at rendering, you can still try out this style by adding more depth, shadows, and textures to your assets.

5. Inclusive Visuals

A fair picture is very important. Because of this, more and more companies are using inclusive design principles, which are meant to make everyone feel welcome.

What's the big deal about making things easy to use in 2023? People with progressive visuals will do more than use different icons to show different cultures and celebrate Pride Month. In fact, 2018 will have more images that show people of different genders (like Pinterest), indigenous people (like the Sephora Canada ad above), and designs that are easy for people with disabilities to use (see Mastercard for inspo).

Make inclusive visuals a top priority if you want to stand out this year and in the years to come. Your audience will surely respect your willingness to include everyone.

6. Surrealist Maximalism

Surrealist and maximalist styles have become popular design, which shows that we are ready to throw caution to the wind and enjoy total freedom after the pandemic. Imagine huge, out-of-this-world psychedelic pictures with parts that don't make sense.

From Coca-social Cola's feed to Adobe's, you can expect visual stories to reach new heights in 2023. Because realism and minimalism aren't good enough.

Go where others might be afraid, and don't be afraid to leave a lot of empty space. (Item 3 on our list of graphic design trends might give you some ideas.)

7. Colorful Retro Illustrations

Did you still need more evidence that the pandemic has caused big changes in the design field? Just look at how the 90s are coming back in style now. Since COVID made us miss the comforts of home, it's not surprising that companies like MTV, Google, and Later are throwing it back in response.

There will be a lot more throwbacks in the coming months, inspired by things like the Little Miss Marple sketch meme that went viral this summer and the vintage designs that are showing up on everything from food packaging to phone cases.

So, add some longing for the past to your designs in the future. Why? Because everyone likes to think about the past when they have a chance.

8. Virtual Reality

In spite of Meta's (and the Metaverse) financial problems, the virtual reality market has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. This is due in large part to the fact that companies in many different fields have decided to invest in Web3.

Artists are responding to this trend by making pieces that look like they are from the future and have progressive values. Companies of all sizes value the immersive experience as a marketing tool, as shown by ads like Intel's (above) and social media posts from Zendesk.

In other words, the next few months will see a rise in the use of liquid gradients, 3D elements, and neon color palettes, all of which bring to mind the world of Blade Runner. Planning to copy the style? You don't have to know a lot about blockchain to join in on this trend. You can start your own designs with some of these fonts or touches of neon.

9. 3D design

In the past few years, software for making 3D art has come a long way. With the latest design Adobe updates and Cinema 4D, it's easier than ever to get started with 3D and make your own 3D art. Artists are pushing the limits of what they can do with 3D design. Last year, it was all about making things look like they were made of real things.

Still, it's important to keep in mind that 3D design isn't limited to digital media. It is flexible enough to be used to make products, buildings, and even illustrations (think papercraft). Instead of using traditional team portraits, you are using a 3D model. Why not, why not? Instead of typing that one phrase in Arial, why don't we make it look cool in 3D? Absolutely!

10. Custom type

Hand lettering and custom fonts have been around for a while, but big brands are starting to use them more and more because they look unique and catch the eye. By making changes to existing letters or making new fonts from scratch, hand-lettering can give your design work and branding a creative and unique boost.

If you want your new type lockup, wordmark, or other type-related creation to stand out, think about how you can make it truly unique and personal.

Even though it's considered rude to change the look of some of the most popular fonts in graphic design, fonts are meant to make your work look better, not steal the show. You can change them in any way you want.

The graphic design trends of 2023 mark the beginning of an exciting new time in the history of visual communication. Since graphic design is a way to spread information to many people, it is deeply ingrained in the collective mind. Each trend is a new way for people to show how upset they are with the world.

Images that feature mysticism, abstract gradients, and botanical patterns can help you feel calm. Riso Print, space psychedelia, and complex compositions can take you to dazzling, exciting worlds. Retro cartoons make people feel good about the past, while experimental escapism makes them excited about how strange the future will be. Punk is coming back to rebel against the way things are going in the world. Even though economic austerity might make life harder, graphic design in 2023 is still a powerhouse of creativity and new ideas.


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