It might be scary to think about starting a new online business on your own. You need to think about a lot of things, like where to get your products, how to make your landing pages work better, and even what to call your business. Put that thought out of your mind for now. So let’s go find some inspiration!

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 62

Manitobah Mukluks, founded in 1997 by Métis entrepreneur Sean McCormick, honour Indigenous customs through shoes. The Storyboot Project is handcrafted by Native American elders and artisans. Foreign-made lines allow the company’s shoes to be sold in more places.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 63

Hiut Denim’s headquarters are in Cardigan, Wales, the UK’s largest jeans manufacturing area until 2002. Hiut Denim was founded in 2011 to highlight locals’ dedication to their art, use their denim-making experience, and bring manufacturing back to Cardigan. Hiut Denim prioritises quality above quantity.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 64

Uppercase focuses on craft, fashion, illustration, and design via articles and photographs. Janine Vangool has utilised her Shopify store to highlight other designers since 2009. She also publishes Little U, a journal for youngsters and kids-at-heart, and Encyclopedia, a collection of books about pottery, cookery, sewing, and printmaking.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 65

A flourist displays grains, beans, and freshly milled flours like a flower shop’s bouquet. The Flourist sells freshly milled flour and dry foods traceable to the farm. Flourist, one of the greatest Shopify sites, teaches visitors about freshly milled flours and heritage grains.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 66

NFL player Tim Brown and engineer Zoey Zwillinger started the company. Allbirds combines comfort, a concern for the environment, and social awareness. Wool and eucalyptus are used in their designs, and recycled cardboard is used for shipping. It’s also a beautiful Shopify store.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 67

“The softest, crunchiest, most delicious popcorn you’ll ever eat” costs only $20 for a bag. In 2013, Shark Tank gave this small popcorn company an initial investment of $200,000. This business is one of the most successful Shopify shops. In 2014, it made $800k in sales.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 68

“Tattoo Masters in Brooklyn, New York, make artwork imitation tattoos by hand.” This storefront knows that tattoos are popular, but that getting one means a commitment on the part of the wearer, so it has a place to buy temporary tattoos made by artists (or a custom-made ink). The website is sophisticated and easy to use. It shows both temporary and permanent tattoo options.


The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 69

“Steezy” is a progressive-style clothing brand that supports people to fearlessly go after their goals and chase their dreams with absolute positivity.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 70

This Shopify store sells items that are both stylish and useful. When it first opened, a store that sold phone cases for women quickly grew to sell everything from water bottles to wireless chargers. The bright colours and patterns that are unique to BURGA and last for a long time make the brand’s products easy to spot.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 71

Three patients Izabela Erşahin founded Bebemoss and designed its toys. Beemoss hires and pays mothers properly. It usually hires Syrian women starting over in Turkey. All of these plush creatures, from lions to unicorns to rabbits, are handmade by parents to support their families.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 72

Pernell Cezar Jr. and Rod Johnson established BLK & BOLD to give back to communities. By selling wholesale and direct-to-consumer, BLK & Bold can educate young people on success skills. The corporation has pledged 5% of its profits to help young people find employment, become more employable, and avoid homelessness.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 73

Naja was founded by Catalina Girald and Golden Globe-winning actress Gina Rodriguez. The brand’s underwear comes in neutral colours that complement many complexion tones. The organization hires single moms and women who manage their own houses to help them become financially independent. 2% of Naja’s sales go toward community sewing programs.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 74

Kirrin Finch has joined Shopify. They wear gender-bending attire. They sell menswear-inspired clothes for women and non-binary people. Kelly and Laura Moffat founded the company with a partner to reduce pollution. They cooperate with fair-wage manufacturers.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 75

Rothy’s uses 3D knitting technology to manufacture eco-friendly shoes and accessories. This is a top Shopify store since it minimises waste. Rothy’s has created shoes and bags from 60 million water bottles. Its shoeboxes don’t need further packaging. They’re manufactured from 85% recyclable materials and biodegrade.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 76

Tomi Gbeleyi grew his Shopify store by attracting social media followers who shared his desire for racial equality in cosmetics. Tomi produced products for dark-skinned people to showcase local skills. Tomi wants to influence how people talk about the cosmetics industry, promote diversity, and get the community to produce more colorful goods.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 77

While they were in Hawaii, Dave Luba and Kalen Emsley got the idea to start Tentree. They wanted to use business to help the environment. Tentree plans to plant ten trees for every product it sells. By 2030, it wants to have planted more than a billion trees. So, it joins other successful Shopify stores that put a lot of importance on doing the right thing.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 78

All Beauty Bakerie products are named after sweet desserts. Cashmere Nicole, the company’s founder, overcame single parenting and breast cancer to succeed. Her beauty routine is sweet. Beauty Bakerie developed Sugar Homes in 2016 to help orphanages.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 79

Artisaire perfected its focus by focusing on one subject. specifically, wax sealing. Artisaire revived a centuries-old method for creating wax stamps and seals. All of Shopify’s greatest products are made by Artisaire, a Canadian firm that supervises production. The Thomsen family owns Artisaire and sends handwritten thank-you cards.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 80

Terre Bleu owners Ian and Isabelle Baird decided to escape the city to develop a lavender farm. Terre Bleu’s ambiance lets travellers feel like they’re in Provence without leaving Canada. The Bairds added lavender cosmetics, meals, and home products to their Shopify store.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 81

Harry Hambley, a kid who wants to be a cartoonist, posted photographs of Bean on Instagram as @Ketnipz. Harry’s popularity allowed him to do art festivals, Instagram, and his own work. Ketnipz’s optimistic attitude, jokes, and sense of humor made him popular. Bean’s charming designs are on garments and other items.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 82

The company’s founder and CEO, Vineeta Singh, had the idea of making makeup products (like foundations that can handle humidity and bright lipsticks) for Indian women that were made with their skin tone and climate in mind. This cosmetics company in Mumbai, India, used Shopify to grow from an idea to a retail and direct-to-consumer powerhouse in India.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 83

Mike Eyre, Ryan O’Donovan, and Colby Barr opened a Santa Cruz café in 2007. Since then, the company has added retail storefronts in the U.S. and Japan, a wholesale section, and an online store. Verve’s Farmlevel initiative promotes eco-friendly farming. This program protects endangered coffee strains, monitors plant nurseries, and pays living wages.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 84

KOTN was formed by Benjamin Sehl, Rami Helali, and Mackenzie Yeates to produce economical, high-quality clothing. KOTN’s Egyptian cotton, which comes from the Nile Delta, is used to produce KOTN’s garments. KOTN buys from farmers at guaranteed prices. This benefits the local economy and farming households, whose businesses fell after larger corporations left. They create schools to help people read and write.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 85

Silk and willow make natural wedding décor. Shelley Pomery, the company’s founder, was a graphic designer until she discovered natural dyes. Silk & Willow sells plant-dyed silk ribbons, table linens, and hand-made stationery.

taza chocolat
The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 86

Taza Chocolate was created by Alex and Kathleen Whitmore, who created Taza Chocolate. Taza’s components are stone-ground to taste robust and gritty, like Mexican chocolate. Taza Chocolate uses a third-party direct-trade certification to treat farmers fairly and ethically. The company’s annual reports outline its payments, farming partners, and effects.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 87

The Honey Pot is a women-run, science-backed natural feminine care company. Herbs power it. Bea Dixon established the business because she suffered from bacterial vaginosis and wanted to help others. Natural solutions for itching, irritation, and menstruation are available on The Honey Pot’s Shopify site. Products are developed for pregnant or new moms, people on the run, and anyone who wishes to calm, heal, or wake up.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 88

Topper Luciani started Goodfair to reduce waste. Goodfair is different from other vintage clothing stores because it doesn’t describe each item. Unknown volumes are popular among customers. This saves the company time and money, so they can cut costs. This low-carbon program is shifting used-clothing shoppers’ shopping patterns to combat “fast fashion.”

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 89

Eric Bandholz launched an online business that assists guys with beard care. In less than a year, the monthly revenue of the business exceeded $120,000. Beardbrand’s email list swiftly grew to include over 7,000 subscribers. You can choose the perfect perfume for your skin, beard, and hair by taking a brief quiz on their website.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 90

At this Shopify boutique, you can find a wide range of nail polishes, lip balms, and lipsticks, among other beauty products. One of the most interesting things about NCLA Beauty’s website is how it looks. All we can say about the person who made the website is, “Nailed it!”

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 91

Since 2009, this Shopify demo has only made animal-free vegan cosmetics. “Less is more” means fewer ingredients and more colour. No parabens or other preservatives are used. Gluten-free items are offered. Southern California-based internet store offers free shipping on orders over $40.

kyliecos metics
The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 92

Kylie Cosmetics, a very popular beauty company, has a great online store that is run by Shopify. Kylie Cosmetics has flash sales often, and they are some of the biggest sales you’ll find online. Another Shopify site where items frequently sell out within minutes.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 93

When WP Standard won Shopify’s Design Award in 2013, it got a lot of attention from its ideal customers, who are people in the tech community who care about design and quality. It is an excellent illustration of how good design can increase the performance of a Shopify store. This Shopify store sells genuine leather purses, wallets, belts, and computer sleeves.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 94

Biko says that they are a “modern brand of nostalgic jewellery.” The Toronto-based company Biko makes each item by hand, using materials like modern mixed metals and real stones. This Shopify store has a very simple layout, with only a few tabs to use to get around. What really sets it apart is the quality of the pictures used.

thecandi factory
The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 95

This Shopify store is distinctive due to its simplistic appearance and usability. The Candi Factory stands out because the clothes they make have personality. They accomplish this by using gentle colours and striking images. In general, the brand’s simple style goes well with the bold look of its products.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 96

In 2012, when Ben Francis was a senior in high school, he and some of his friends made an app called Gymshark. Since then, it has expanded rapidly to become the largest fitness company in the world. People from 131 different countries follow and shop at our Shopify site, which has millions of followers.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 97

Pour Moi is a Shopify company that sells a variety of sizes of bras, swimwear, and pyjamas. It makes sure that the products it sells give modern, style-conscious women the support and comfort they need. It’s simple and easy to meet new people and put things in a shopping basket.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 98

At this Shopify store, you can find graphite t-shirts, jumpsuits, swimwear, activewear, and more. This store sells many things, including clothes, accessories, and things for the home. It also sells office supplies, items for health and beauty, and computer parts. The website is a joy to look at because it is clear and colourful. Posts on Instagram show how real customers use the products.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 99

The layout of Unconditional’s website is what makes it stand out. It is not difficult to comprehend, but it is captivating. More than a decade ago, this Shopify store in London first opened its internet doors. It says, “an appealing mix of cold and coolness.” As you scroll down the homepage, the newest items from the brand are neatly listed.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 100

One British company that has done very well because of Shopify is one that makes high-end watches. Every year, somewhere between 8,000 and 10,000 are made. In 2017, when the company’s income went over $17 million, it hit an important financial mark.

cookbook village
The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 101

Cookbook Village used to be an eBay store, but now it does very well on Shopify. The designers are smart marketers who know how to make the shop’s blog, email newsletters, and Google Ads work as well as possible.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 102

Master & Dynamic sells some of the greatest headphones in the industry. Like Beats by Dre’s headphones, the ones this Shopify store sells are part of a $1 billion market.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 103

This Shopify store is on our list because it has a stylish selection of tech accessories. They make covers for iPhones, and their factory is in Los Angeles. The bright colours and intricate designs of these cases make them stand out. Things come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 104

This successful Shopify store is all about rugs and more rugs. Floorplan not only has a large selection of rugs from which you can choose your favourite, but it also lets you make a rug that fits your needs and the way your home is set up.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 105

Au Lit Fine Linens sells bedding, pillows, duvets, and additional bath and comfort products. These Shopify instructions are excellent. The goal of Au Lit Fine Linens is to “change the way people sleep to improve their lives.”

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 106

Tens of thousands of women have used Luxy Hair’s clip-in hair extensions. They let you try out new hair colours without risk and give your hair instant length and volume. This website has a lot to offer. It has a blog, video makeovers, and information about the company.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 107

The founder of Leather Head Sports, Paul Cunningham, sold so many sports leather goods that he had to migrate from Etsy to Shopify. With the help of Shopify’s platform, he was able to make his brand known across the country. Since then, Paul hasn’t looked back.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 108

This brand is a great choice for people who have trouble keeping their glasses from sliding down their faces. Nerdwax is made from natural and organic beeswax with lanolin added. You can use it to keep your glasses safe. Even though they turned down two offers from investors on “Shark Tank,” business is booming.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 109

Just hearing the name “Mahabis” makes people feel calm and peaceful. The business is laid-back and easygoing, and so is its online store. You can find pictures of the slippers in use all over the website. There are both overt and covert ads for Mahabis.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 110

On its “Why Joco” page, JOCO Cups says that its products will “enhance your morning brew, save your taste buds, and help Mother Nature.” Be smart to avoid being sold extra things. Users also have a place to show off their own goods.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 111

The first brand of cheap but high-quality sneakers was started in Brooklyn, New York. When you shop at Greats online store, you can get free shipping on orders over $75 and a $25 off coupon for you and a friend when they make their first purchase. These are but two of the numerous advantages of shopping there.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 112

The fact that Seedlip and its drinks are unique is something the company is proud of. The real things for sale are shown on the homepage further down. This is a new way to advertise, and if it works, it could bring a lot more people to the site.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 113

ABC News and Gizmodo have talked about the company GameKlip, which makes gaming controllers for smartphones. The company makes products that look like those used with game consoles like the PlayStation 3. The company that made this best-seller knew how hard it would be for gamers to use touch screens to change the controls in older games.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 114

Studio Neat makes unique tools to help people with everyday problems. The company raises money for their product ideas on Kickstarter. These ideas range from an iPhone tripod to a syrup kit.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 115

The business sells a variety of products, including leather goods, coffee, artwork, and CDs. The company wants to provide customers “with open eyes and open ears,” and all of its products have the same ghost logo.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 116

The company’s focus on balance is clear in both the products it sells and the way its website is set up. There is the optimal quantity of text, images, and white space. The OF Mercer website doesn’t have any flashy animations or other things that are hard to look at.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 117

The store’s furniture, rugs, lighting, and other home and office items are all designed with a sleek look. It is one of the best Shopify stores in terms of how it looks.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 118

There are a lot of modern and industrial pieces to choose from here. The company’s Shopify store brings in 12% of its total income.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 119

On the homepage of Ceremony Coffee, there are beautiful photos of their products. The main draw is the things themselves. The photos are beautiful, but they don’t have any tricks or hidden meanings. Instead, they just have soft pastel colours. This is a great way to show off how high-quality the products you’re selling are.

press london
The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 120

This company makes cold-pressed juices that taste good and help people get the nutrients they need in a tasty way.

The 60 Highest-Growing Shopify Online Stores 121

HELM Boots makes leather boots by hand with pride and for a reason. The boot store sells casual shoes, boots, and work boots. Famous people like Ben Affleck and Kevin Bacon have bought boots from the store.

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