30 Restaurant Website for Design Inspiration

By Sumeet Shroff
Last Updated On : November 4, 2023
30 Restaurant Website for Design Inspiration

1. Chipotle | Order Now

Chipotle | Order Now

Fast-casual dining chain offering Mexican-inspired dishes. Prioritizes fresh, sustainably-sourced ingredients for customizable meals.Distinctive for its modern ambiance and commitment to transparency in food sourcing.


2. Starbucks Coffee Company

Starbucks Coffee Company

Global coffeehouse chain renowned for its signature beverages.Offers a cozy ambiance for socializing, work, or relaxation. Pioneers in loyalty programs and sustainable business practices.


3. Home | Nando's

Home - Nando's

Afro-Portuguese chain known for its flame-grilled peri-peri chicken.Offers a vibrant, casual dining ambiance with bold African art decor. Emphasizes sustainability, community involvement, and spicy flavor profiles.


4. Taco Bell® | Live Más

Taco Bell® | Live Más

American-based fast-food chain specializing in Mexican-inspired cuisine.Known for its innovative menu items, like the Crunchwrap Supreme and Doritos Locos Tacos.Offers a casual dining experience with emphasis on affordability and quick service.

Taco Bell®

5. McDonald's | Burgers, Fries & More | Quality Ingredients

McDonald's | Burgers, Fries & More

World-renowned fast-food giant known for the Big Mac and Happy Meal.Offers a quick-service experience with an emphasis on consistency and affordability. Innovates with diverse global menus while maintaining iconic classics.


6. Contemporary Japanese Cuisine | Zuma Restaurants

Zuma Restaurants

Upscale Japanese izakaya-style restaurant with a contemporary twist.Renowned for its chic ambiance and a fusion of traditional and modern dishes. Offers a diverse menu, from sushi to robata grilled items.

Zuma Restaurants

7. Nobu Global | Nobu Restaurants

Nobu Restaurants

Prestigious Japanese restaurant co-founded by celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa and Robert De Niro. Fuses traditional Japanese dishes with Peruvian flavors. Recognized for its stylish decor, signature dishes like Black Cod Miso, and upscale clientele.

Nobu Restaurants

8. Domino's ZERO Contact Delivery | Great Taste, Delivered Safe

Domino's ZERO Contact Delivery | Great Taste, Delivered Safe

Leading pizza delivery chain known for its efficient service and varied toppings. Innovates with digital ordering tools, including an app and tracking system.Expands beyond pizza with offerings like pasta, chicken, and sandwiches.


9. Momofuku | Restaurants, Products, Nationwide Shipping

Momofuku | Restaurants

Founded by chef David Chang, it offers innovative Asian-American cuisine. Known for its modern interpretation of classics, like its famous pork buns.Maintains a chic, minimalistic design across its diverse restaurant branches.


10. The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory

American dining chain celebrated for its extensive menu and signature cheesecakes. Combines a casual yet upscale dining experience with eclectic decor.Consistently expands its diverse menu offerings, from savory dishes to over 30 cheesecake flavors.

The Cheesecake Factory

11. Home Page | Shake Shack

Shake Shack

Modern "roadside" burger stand originating from New York City. Renowned for its high-quality burgers, crinkle-cut fries, and frozen custards.Prioritizes sustainability, using natural ingredients and eco-friendly practices.

Shake Shack

12. Eataly | authentic Italian products, restaurants | cooking classes

Eataly | Restaurants

Italian marketplace featuring an array of high-quality food and beverages. Offers restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and retail items in a bustling, vibrant atmosphere.Celebrates the richness of Italian culture through culinary workshops and artisanal products.

Eataly | Restaurants

13. Dishoom | From Bombay with love

Dishoom | From Bombay with love

Bombay-inspired restaurant paying homage to the Irani cafés of Mumbai. Mixes traditional and modern dishes, with favorites like the Bacon Naan Roll. Captures colonial charm with its nostalgic interiors and detailed storytelling.


14. Welcome to Five Guys

Welcome to Five Guys

American fast-casual chain famed for its customizable burgers and fries.Emphasizes fresh, quality ingredients without freezers in any location. Recognizable by its red and white checkered decor and sacks of potatoes in-house.

Five Guys

15. Home | Blue Hill Farm

Home | Blue Hill Farm

Farm-to-table restaurant experience led by chef Dan Barber. Pioneers in the local food movement, emphasizing seasonal and sustainable agriculture. Offers an ever-evolving menu based on the farm’s daily harvest and regional ingredients.

Blue Hill Farm

16. Sweetgreen | Inspiring healthier communities

sweetgreen | Inspiring healthier communities

Health-focused fast-casual chain emphasizing fresh, organic ingredients. Offers customizable salads and bowls, sourcing directly from local farmers. Promotes sustainability with eco-friendly packaging and transparent food practices.


17. The Fat Duck | Bray, Berkshire

The Fat Duck

Iconic UK restaurant by chef Heston Blumenthal, awarded three Michelin stars. Known for its theatrical, multi-sensory dining experience and innovative dishes. Marries science with gastronomy, creating an avant-garde culinary journey.

The Fat Duck

18. Joe's Seafood | Prime Steak & Stone Crab | Chicago, DC, Las Vegas

Joe's Seafood | Chicago, DC, Las Vegas

Upscale eatery known for prime steaks, fresh seafood, and famous stone crab claws. Offers an elegant dining atmosphere with classic interiors and a premium feel. Prioritizes quality and freshness in its extensive menu offerings.

Joe's Seafood

19. Burger & Lobster Restaurant | Obsessed Since 2011

Burger & Lobster Restaurant

Concept dining that focuses solely on burgers, lobsters, and lobster rolls. Prides itself on sourcing high-quality ingredients for its limited but perfected menu. Offers a chic yet laid-back ambiance, perfect for casual indulgence.

Burger & Lobster Restaurant

20. Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants

Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants

A hospitality group that owns, manages, and licenses multiple diverse restaurant establishments.Renowned for innovative concepts, exceptional service, and impeccable food quality.Ranges from fast-casual spots to fine dining experiences across various cuisines.

Lettuce Restaurants

21. Seattle Caviar Co.

Seattle Caviar Co.

Premium food delivery service partnering with top-tier restaurants. Provides a seamless online ordering experience, emphasizing quality and presentation. Distinguished by its curated list of dining partners and upscale offerings.


22. Wagamama | asian inspired food japanese restaurant

Wagamama | Asian inspired food japanese restaurant

Asian-inspired chain offering a fresh take on noodle and rice dishes.Modern, minimalist decor complements its vibrant and flavorful menu. Popular for its communal seating arrangement and quick service.


23. Home | PizzaExpress

Home | PizzaExpress

UK-based pizza chain celebrated for its signature thin and crispy Romana bases. Combines contemporary design with a diverse menu of pizzas and Italian dishes. Regularly introduces limited-time menus and supports live music at select locations.


24. Gordon Ramsay Restaurants

Gordon Ramsay Restaurants

Global collection of diverse dining establishments led by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. Ranges from casual eateries to Michelin-starred restaurants. Consistently emphasizes quality, innovation, and a memorable dining experience.

Gordon Ramsay Restaurants

25. Olive Garden Italian Restaurant | Family Style Dining | Italian Food

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant | Family Style Dining

Popular American chain featuring Italian staples and a signature salad.Known for its warm, family-friendly ambiance and "Never Ending Pasta" promotions. Emphasizes generous portions and value, complemented by a warm breadstick tradition.

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

26. Balthazar Restaurant New York

Balthazar Restaurant New York

Iconic New York-based French bistro offering a classic Parisian experience.Renowned for its bustling atmosphere, brasserie-style dishes, and artisanal bakery. A favorite among locals and tourists alike for its timeless charm.

Balthazar Restaurant New York

27. Maison Premiere | Oyster Bar | Cocktail Bar | Seafood Restaurant

Maison Premiere | Seafood Restaurant

Brooklyn-based oyster house and cocktail den inspired by New Orleans and Paris.Offers a vintage feel with a focus on seafood, especially its extensive oyster selection. Enhances its ambiance with an award-winning absinthe list and jazz evenings.

Maison Premiere

28. Eleven Madison Park

Eleven Madison Park

Prestigious New York restaurant led by chef Daniel Humm, awarded three Michelin stars. Offers a multi-course tasting menu, focusing on the agricultural bounty of New York.Elegantly designed space, reflecting its status as one of the world's best restaurants.

Eleven Madison Park

29. The Bombay Canteen | Showcasing and celebrating the diversity of India

<a href=https://thebombaycanteen.com/" data-type="URL" data->The Bombay Canteen

A mix of regional Indian flavors in a contemporary style.Vibrant, fun design showcasing the cafe's ethos and lively ambiance.

The Bombay Canteen

30. Trèsind | Modern Indian Fine Dining | MICHELIN Guide Dubai 2022

<a href=https://tresind.com/" data-type="URL" data->Trèsind | Modern Indian Fine Dining

Modernist Indian cuisine in a sophisticated setting.Elegant design, immersive photography.



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