Top 30 Web Design Blogs and Magazines for 2023 - A Curated Guide

By Sumeet Shroff
Last Updated On : November 14, 2023
Top 30 Web Design Blogs and Magazines for 2023 - A Curated Guide

Top 30 Web Design Blogs

Staying educated and motivated is critical in the continuously changing world of web design. The internet is a rich tapestry of resources for designers, developers, and creatives looking for the latest trends, techniques, and ideas. To help you narrow down your options, we've compiled a list of the best 30 web design blogs and publications for 2023.

These platforms range from specialised sites that focus on features such as logo design and typography to entire centres that include lessons, industry news, and novel design concepts. These tools are crucial for keeping your skills fresh and your designs cutting-edge, whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring designer.

We've also included RSS and Twitter links for staying upto date on their news.

1. Creative Bloq -

Daily inspiration for creative people offering expert tips and tutorials​​.

2. Smashing Magazine -

Provides practical articles for web designers and developers​​.

3. Sitepoint -

A resource for web professionals, including developers and designers​​.

4. Graphic Design Junction -

Offers design inspiration and resources, particularly for web designers and developers​​.

5. Speckyboy -

Publishes tutorials, time-saving techniques, and UI design inspirations​​.

6. Mozilla Hacks -

A blog for web developers and designers by Mozilla's Developer Relations team​​.

7. Webdesigner Depot -

Offers insights on design and user experience​​.

8. Noupe -

Delivers news on all design subjects, including web design and typography​​.

9. Digital Inspiration -

Helps businesses automate processes with Google services​​.

10. Tuts+ Web Design -

Provides free tutorials and courses on web design and development​​.

11. Bootstrap Blog -

News and announcements for all things Bootstrap, including new releases and jobs​​.

12. A List Apart -

Focuses on web content design and development, with emphasis on web standards and best practices​​.

13. UX Magazine -

Explores all facets of experience design and offers engaging content​​.

14. Design Bombs -

Shares web design ideas, tutorials, and other helpful resources​​.

15. Retro Supply Co. -

Ideal for designers wanting resources with nostalgic touches​​.

16. UX Booth -

Trusted by professionals, covers analytics, interaction design, and more​​.

17. Web Design Ledger -

Offers information on aspects of web design like eCommerce and WordPress​​.

18. Code Geekz -

Features useful articles and tutorials on web design and development​​.

19. Spoon Graphics -

Home to design tutorials, free resources, and inspiration​​.

20. Web Design Dev -

Offers design inspiration, website design tutorials, and more​​.

21. 1stWebDesigner -

A platform created by web design professionals, offering insights to improve the web​​.

22. Logo Design Love -

Focuses on logo designing and visual identities, featuring amazing ideas and content​​.

23. The Dieline -

A creative platform for the packaging design industry, with community contributions​​.

24. Grain Edit -

Focuses on design work from 1950-1970, with resources for contemporary designers​​.

25. The Design Blog -

Presents works of designers and design studios worldwide, focusing on newcomers to the field​​.

26. Trend List -


Offers a different perspective on contemporary graphic design, focusing on appearance over content​​.

27. Brand, Packaging & Opinion -

Features in-depth reviews and opinions on logos, branding, and packaging​​.

28. Brand New -

Focuses on corporate and brand identity work, offering insights into design and redesigns of well-known brands​​.

29. Identity Designed -

Showcases hundreds of visual identities from various design studios​​.

30. The Book Design Blog -

Promotes everything related to book design, including articles, reviews, and interviews​​.


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