Best Mobile Apps Selling Clothes - Design Inspiration

By Sumeet Shroff
Last Updated On : December 20, 2023
Best Mobile Apps Selling Clothes - Design Inspiration

1. Vestiaire Collective

The design of the App Vestiaire Collective is modern, stylish, and easy to use for fashionistas looking for the latest trends and designs from designer companies, streetwear lookbooks, and other sources. A banner on the site shows interesting outfit ideas and the best mobile apps for shopping for clothes, making it easy for customers to find what they need. Below are some stylish clothing options for shoppers to look at. They can click on the thumbnails to go to more detailed product sites where they can learn more about an item before adding it to their cart. Customers can easily stay on trend with the help of the "Outfit Inspiration" section, which tells them what they should have in their closets and gives them ideas for outfits.

Vestiaire Collective - Best Mobile Apps Selling Clothes


ASOS's app for the mobile app store is modern, full of colour, and easy to use. Its goal is to make looking for and buying clothes on a mobile device fun and easy. The banner picture on the homepage is a stylish outfit with a motivational phrase about clothes and style. After that, you'll find sections with featured outfit ideas, fashion trends, clothing boutiques, designer labels, streetwear lookbook ideas, outfit inspiration guides, and wardrobe basics. Also, the different product categories are shown in a clear way so that customers can find the clothes they need quickly.

ASOS - Best Mobile Apps Selling Clothes

3. Zalando – online fashion store

The mobile clothing shopping site Zalando was inspired by style trends and designer labels. It is like a stylish lookbook that users can look through for outfit ideas and a guide to wardrobe basics. The home page is beautifully made, with just a few simple options that show the best clothing shopping apps. Online lookbooks can help people save time and effort when shopping for their favourite clothes by giving them ideas for stylish outfits and the latest trends in men's and women's streetwear.

Zalando online Fashion Store - Best Mobile Apps Selling Clothes

4. Tradesy: Buy Designer Fashion

The mobile clothes shopping app Tradesy offers users design inspiration, the best mobile apps, stylish outfit ideas, fashion trends, clothing boutiques from designer brands, a streetwear lookbook for outfit ideas, and a wardrobe essentials guide for online shopping for clothes. The site is easy to use because it has big, bold letters and clearly labelled sections that make it easy for people to find the information they are looking for. The eye-catching hero image on the homepage goes well with the many categories of clothes, shoes, bags, and other products that can be looked through quickly to find what you need.

Tradesy - Best Mobile Apps Selling Clothes

5. Depop - Buy & Sell Clothes App

Depop - Buy & Sell Clothes App It is one of the best mobile applications for apparel shopping since it incorporates current and modern design elements to produce a sleek and sophisticated appeal. With the aid of this app, you may create an entire wardrobe, since it offers a variety of apparel shopping applications exhibiting the newest fashion trends, boutiques, and designer labels. A streetwear lookbook with outfit inspiration ideas is also included to help shoppers stay on trend while still expressing their individuality via their attire.

Depop - Best Mobile Apps Selling Clothes

6. PrettyLittleThing

The goal of the design of this app is to get people excited about trying out new fashion-related apps on their phones. The site shows a few examples of fashionable outfits and current fashion trends to give visitors an idea of what the app will be like. The user can then look through a list of wardrobe essentials, fashion boutiques, designer labels, streetwear lookbooks, and tips for putting an outfit together. With these filters, customers can quickly find the best look for any occasion. This is supported by the fact that clothes from reputable stores and designers can be bought online. For users to feel comfortable and at ease while looking through the App's clothing options, it was made with clear images and easy-to-use controls.

PrettyLittleThing - Best Mobile Apps Selling Clothes

7. Poshmark - Buy & Sell Fashion

The design of the App was inspired by the best mobile apps for online shopping for clothes, accessories, and fashion trends from around the world. You can find it at Poshmark - Buy & Sell Fashion. The App uses a modern, clean, and simple white background to make a friendly atmosphere that makes people want to check out the site's many products. On the homepage, there is a colourful streetwear lookbook with different outfits and designer labels to give the viewer an idea of what the site has to offer.

Poshmark - Best Mobile Apps Selling Clothes

8. thredUP: Online Thrift Store

The look of the app at ThredUP: Online Thrift Store was influenced by the most popular shopping apps for mobile devices. The page is well-organized and looks nice, which makes it easy to find the information you need. There is a guide on how to shop for clothes online to make sure you get the most out of the experience. There is also a streetwear lookbook with outfit ideas that can help you easily put together your own unique wardrobe basics guide.

thredUP - Best Mobile Apps Selling Clothes

9. FARFETCH — Designer Shopping

Using current fashion trends as inspiration, the developers of the app FARFETCH — Designer Shopping made it easy for customers to shop for items while on the go. The App has a sleek, dark design that makes it appealing to people looking for up-to-date fashion resources like shopping apps, designer labels, street style lookbooks, and lists of key pieces every wardrobe should have. The top apps for your phone and some great outfit ideas are shown on the first page.

FARFETCH - Best Mobile Apps Selling Clothes

10. YesStyle - Fashion & Beauty

Here is where you can see how the website App looks: YesStyle - Fashion & Beauty is a sleek and easy-to-use interface that gives you quick access to the most popular shopping apps, outfit ideas, the latest runway looks, and high-end stores that sell labels from all over the world. On the home page, there is a streetwear lookbook to give people ideas about what to wear and a wardrobe essentials guide to help them get the right clothes. YesStyle also has an online store where customers can buy the latest styles in high fashion and streetwear. The use of bright colours like orange, yellow, blue, and green gives this site a positive vibe that makes people want to check out more fashion trends without getting overwhelmed by the number of options.

YesStyle - Best Mobile Apps Selling Clothes

11. ZAFUL - My Fashion Story

The design of ZAFUL - My Fashion Story has never looked so good for mobile clothes shopping, clothing shopping apps, and stylish outfit ideas. US&gl=US. On the site, you can see the latest clothing boutique trends from high-end brands. There is also a streetwear lookbook to give you ideas for outfits and a list of things you should have in your closet. The menu at the top of the website makes it easy to get to the different types of clothing, such as shirts, dresses, activewear, bottoms, lingerie and sleepwear, swimwear and bikinis, plus size clothing and accessories. When using the Zaful app, users who need help or have questions about their orders or transactions can quickly and easily contact customer service by using the live chat button in the bottom right corner of each page.

ZAFUL - Best Mobile Apps Selling Clothes

12. Old Navy

Sites like Old Navy, which are based on the latest fashion trends and give users an easy way to shop for clothes from high-end labels and specialised boutiques, as well as outfit ideas and a list of must-have items for any closet, are great examples. The home page of the app is like a lookbook for streetwear trends. It gives users ideas for outfits to help them find the right clothes and accessories for every occasion. Customers can look at product photos, size charts, colour options, and more in the app before making a purchase to make sure they are getting exactly what they need or want. Now, the Old Navy app makes it easy and quick to pay with a credit card or PayPal, making it easy to buy clothes on the go!

Old-Navy - Best Mobile Apps Selling Clothes

13. ROSEGAL-1/2 vintage+1/2 gothic

While installing and using the app at ROSEGAL, app users should expect a pleasant experience. The huge and eye-catching graphic on the homepage is intended to draw the user's attention and pique their interest in the app's fashionable apparel selections, but it also acts as a source of design inspiration by showing some of the best mobile apps and the most recent fashion trends. Users can browse through a variety of categories to get what they're looking for, including fashion boutiques, designer labels, a streetwear lookbook, and style advice. There are additional subheadings for those who want to buy women's clothing online or learn how to establish a capsule wardrobe.

ROSEGAL - Best Mobile Apps Selling Clothes

14. Bellewholesale-Fashion Store

BelleWholesale is a shopping app for clothes that you can use on your phone. Their website is designed based on the latest fashion trends and stylish outfit combinations. The homepage is bright and inviting, with featured shops and designer labels at the top. After that, a clickable lookbook of streetwear outfits is available for site users to use as a source of fashion inspiration. At the bottom of the page is a list of wardrobe basics that can help clients choose the right clothes for any event. All of this makes it easy to shop for clothes online without leaving your home.

Bellewholesale - Best Mobile Apps Selling Clothes

15. LUISAVIAROMA - Luxury Shopping

The design of the App, which can be found at LUISAVIAROMA , is influenced by the most cutting-edge mobile shopping apps for clothing, which offer fashionable outfit ideas and fashion trends from designer brands and clothing boutiques. The site is easy to use, and it has a streetwear lookbook with outfit ideas, a wardrobe basics guide to help users find the right products for their style, and a shopping for clothes section that makes it easy to buy fashionable items from all over the world. The site also has reviews from other app users and a lot of information about the products so that customers can make smart decisions about what to buy.

LUISAVIAROMA - Best Mobile Apps Selling Clothes

16. Kidizen: Buy Sell Kids Clothes

The website Kidizen has stylish outfit ideas, the latest fashion trends, and designer labels for all ages. US&gl=US is meant to get people to have the best possible experience buying clothes on their phones. The Kidizen app logo and a link to the Google Play store are prominently displayed on the homepage. Visitors are drawn in by a collage of photos of clothes, which is also a great source of design ideas for apps that help people buy clothes.

Kidizen - Best Mobile Apps Selling Clothes

17. Flyp: Sell Clothes with a Pro

The App Flyp offers stylish outfit ideas and fashion trends for clothing retailers, designer brands, and streetwear lookbooks. US&gl=US. The page's bright colours and simple layout make it easy for visitors to find information about Flyp, an online shopping app that provides a list of wardrobe essentials and ideas for what to wear. Visitors can easily download Flyp from the Google Play Store and start shopping for clothes online right away thanks to the large CTA buttons.

Flyp - Best Mobile Apps Selling Clothes

18. T-shirt design - OShirt

The App's Layout T-shirt design - OShirt is a mobile app that makes it easy to find outfit ideas and buy clothes. The home page has a clean, modern design with sections for Design Inspiration, Best Mobile Apps, Stylish Outfit Ideas, Fashion Trends, Clothing Boutiques, Designer Brands, Streetwear Lookbook, Outfit Inspiration Ideas, and Wardrobe Essentials Guide. This gives users a lot of options to explore all of their fashion interests from the comfort of their smartphones.

T-shirt-design - Best Mobile Apps Selling Clothes

19. Fashion Nova

The Tapcart app's design was influenced by the best mobile shopping apps for fashion and clothing. A chic colour scheme of white, black, and pink draws attention to different parts of the page. A model in a stylish dress stands out against a pink background in an eye-catching banner on the home page. This is a great illustration of the kind of feature that could be added to Tapcart's app for shopping for clothes.

Fashion-Nova - Best Mobile Apps Selling Clothes

20. LovelyWholesale-Shopping

The app LovelyWholesale-Shopping is made to be easy to use and stylish, so it's a great place to shop for new basics and the latest trends. The best mobile apps are highlighted on the site with vibrant tiles, and a search box makes it easy to find what you're looking for. On the left side of the page, we have categories such as Apparel Shopping Apps, Stylish Outfit Ideas, Fashion Trends, Clothing Boutiques, Designer Brands, Streetwear Lookbook, and Outfit Inspiration Ideas to help users find the perfect outfit or lookbook idea.

LovelyWholesale - Best Mobile Apps Selling Clothes
Best Mobile Apps Selling Clothes - Design Inspiration

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