Best Mobile Apps Restaurants - Design Inspiration

By Sumeet Shroff
Last Updated On : March 3, 2023
Best Mobile Apps Restaurants - Design Inspiration

1. Bistro One 18 at Legend Oaks

The mobile food ordering app for Bistro 118 at Legend Oaks ( IN&gl=US) is a smart and cutting-edge way for customers to order their favourite dishes from the restaurant's menu in an easy, convenient, and safe way. As a whole, the design uses a user interface (UI) that is easy to understand and works well. This makes it fun to explore the different parts of the programme. On the homepage, there is a stylish logo for the restaurant with bright colours and a slider with photos of some of the food that looks good. After looking at the price and ingredients of a product, customers can either put it in their shopping cart or go straight to checkout to pay for it with a safe method like PayPal or Apple Pay. When you compare this software to other mobile food ordering apps on the market today, the added value for users is the ability to see discounts and special offers at the time of purchase.

2. Gato Gordo Delivery

The Gato Gordo app's page in the Google Play Store is designed to help customers accomplish their goals while also providing them with a fun experience. There is a massive banner on the homepage featuring the restaurant's branding. Users are given instant insight on the establishment's specialty. The app's functionality is demonstrated via a series of screenshots and explanatory text, and its features and user experience are made clear by testimonials from actual users. The site is user-friendly and provides information about Gato Gordo's creative solutions, such as their mobile food ordering apps and digital menu board systems, as well as a list of the finest restaurants' apps for 2020.

3. The Grill

The Grill is a restaurant app with a clean and simple design. There is a logo that is easy to remember and a colour scheme that stands out. There is an interactive menu on the website where you can look at pictures of the food and click to find out more about each choice. Also, at the top of each page is a simple menu bar that lets you quickly get to the different sections of the site. Meal-ordering apps for mobile devices are easy to use and quick, so customers can place orders while they are on the go. Users can look at menus in detail, make substitutions or other changes, put together their order, and finish the transaction all without leaving the app. With the help of the digital menu board solutions' eye-catching images, customers can quickly look over the menu options without having to read through a long list of text.

4. Mama’s Pizza

The team that made the Mama's Pizza online ordering site (which you can find at US&gl=US) wanted to make it easy for mobile users to use. The bold orange branding on a white background makes the app's user interface and experience clean and appealing. It has a simple menu bar at the top that lets people choose pizza, sides, and drinks quickly and easily. Customers can easily recognise the business by its logo, which is a picture of two pizza slices stacked on top of each other on a green background and is located at the top left of the page. There is also a digital menu board that shows all of the choices in an attractive way so that customers can find what they want without any trouble. This app also has cutting-edge mobile app features, such as a loyalty programme for customers who buy from Mama's Pizza again and again and food delivery, so customers don't have to leave the comfort of their homes or workplaces to get their orders.

5. Déjà Vu Restaurant

At US&gl=US, you can see how the site looks. is a stylish and up-to-date app that both restaurant owners and diners can use to order food on their phones. The layout of the site is simple, with just the app's logo, a short description, and several screenshots of the app in action. This gives visitors an idea of how the app works and what it will look like on their phone. With the help of Restaurant Branding Ideas, Restaurant Logo Design, Food Delivery App Development, Top Restaurant Apps 2020, and Innovative Mobile App Solutions, an appealing and easy-to-use user interface was made so that customers could place orders online or on their mobile devices. Also, the Digital Menu Board Solutions lets users quickly and accurately navigate through menus when ordering from multiple restaurants at once or comparing menu items at multiple locations at the same time. This makes sure that diners have a good time using this restaurant app design every time they use it!

6. FineDine Tablet Menu for Resta

The website for the FineDine Mobile App was built with the user in mind. The logo for the restaurant and a picture of a food platter are the main visual elements on the homepage, which has a clean and appealing design. With the site's easy-to-use menu bar, you can quickly get to the "About Us," "FAQs," "Restaurants," and other pages. The user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of the smartphone app are both well-made, so people can quickly and easily place orders from their favourite restaurants. The items on the restaurant's menu, as well as their descriptions, prices, and pictures, are easy to look through. The FineDine app lets users add extra toppings or other options to their orders with a built-in customization tool.

7. Food Delivery UK

Some parts of how the site looks are important. The website IN&gl=US is meant to make it easier to place an online order for meal delivery. The app for the restaurant is clean and simple, with big graphics and features that make it easy to place an order. Mobile meal-ordering apps have simple navigation bars at the top that make it easy for users to get to menus, deals, delivery times, and other important information. Photos and icons show off the different dishes and help diners get to know the food at each restaurant through the way their menus are designed. Users can learn more about the items and dishes that catch their eye by swiping left and right on the app's menu screens.

8. Just Eat - Food Delivery

The Just Eat mobile app page in the Google Play Store is a clean and easy place for users to place orders from their favourite restaurants. The design of the page is made up of a number of elements, all of which make it easier to use and look better. At the top, you can see the restaurant's logo and other branding elements like icons and colours that match the rest of the app. This makes it more likely that customers will recognise Just Eat when they see the app icon on their phones. Customers can look at some screenshots from different smartphones below to get a better idea of how the app works. A short movie on the app's homepage shows how easy it is to place a delivery order through the Just Eat app. This shows potential customers how easy it is to place an online or mobile food order through Just Eat's website or app.

9. Postmates - Food Delivery

The Postmates restaurant app on the Play Store is a polished and easy-to-use way to look at menus, place orders, and get food delivered to your door. This smartphone software is one of a kind because it gives its users a wide range of tools and ways to customise it. Users can get to other parts of the site from the homepage by clicking "Explore" or "Order" on the navigation bar. Each page's layout was made with an easy-to-use interface in mind, so it's easy to find what you're looking for quickly. The menu for the restaurant looks good and is easy to use because it has a simple layout and striking pictures. Customers can choose a category or type of food in the search box at the top of each page to narrow their results. Aside from the price and the number of calories in each item, they can also read detailed descriptions of each one.

10. Urbanspoon Restaurant

This is how the website looks: IN&gl=US is a platform for finding and ordering food from restaurants that works entirely in the user's mobile browser. Users of all ages will like how friendly and easy to use the UI/UX design is, as well as how modern and simple it looks. The logo and colour scheme of the app are meant to catch users' attention and make the UrbanSpoon brand even stronger. The app also gives users access to digital menu boards, which are a smart way to show what a restaurant has to offer in a way that is both visually appealing and easy to use, so orders can be made quickly and easily. Because no one likes to wait around for food, this restaurant app also has services like food delivery so that customers can have their meals sent right to their door. UrbanSpoon is not only one of the best restaurant apps, but it also has cutting-edge digital menu board solutions that will make eating out even easier in the year 2020.

11. Dineout: Restaurant

The page for the DineOut app in the Google Play Store is clean and easy to use. It has a lively colour scheme, with black and white letters on a bright yellow background. Visuals show what the software can do, and text explains how it can make ordering food easier. A catchy logo serves as a visual introduction to the app, and the page goes on to explain what makes it different from other apps that deliver food. Some of these are that the app uses mobile technology to make digital menu boards and that it focuses on helping restaurants find their own style. Below is a quick summary of how people can easily and quickly reserve seats at nearby restaurants. Some of DineOut's features, like the design of restaurant menus and the design of the user interface/user experience for placing orders and tracking delivery from favourite restaurants, are shown in more detail below.

12. Panera Bread

Sites like IN&gl=US are great examples of creative ways to make mobile apps for restaurants and services that deliver food. The design has a simple but visually appealing restaurant logo that fits with a modern branding style. It also has an easy-to-use interface for people who want to place orders on their phones through the app. The photos and descriptions on the restaurant menu are clear and to the point, which makes it easy to choose something to order without any confusion or trouble understanding what is being shown. Overall, it's a great case study of how to make a cutting-edge UI/UX design for mobile app solutions by looking at the latest trends in Restaurant Branding Ideas and Best Restaurant Apps 2020.

13. Chipotle - Fresh Food Fast

Go to IN&gl=US to place an order from Chipotle. The app looks clean and easy to use. The app for the restaurant has a modern look and is easy to use, so you can place orders on the go from your phone. The unique dishes, drinks, sides, and desserts at Chipotle are all shown on the restaurant menu with clear pictures and descriptions to make it easy for customers to order what they want. The Mobile App UI/UX Design uses eye-catching visual elements like big, bold fonts and high-quality photos to make the app look good and make it easy to move around in the menu. In today's competitive market, Chipotle's mobile apps for ordering food need to stand out. The Restaurant Branding Ideas help give them that identity with features like personalised logos and branding elements.

14. CC's Pizza To Go

The people who made the Chownow CCS Pizza To Go app for mobile devices made sure that it was easy to use and worked well. The logo of the app for a restaurant is a big, red pizza. The UI/UX design of the mobile app is in line with the restaurant's brand, right down to the fonts, colours, and icons. The Restaurant Menu Design has several pages and is easy to look through, so customers can see pictures of the food and how much it costs. Because of innovative mobile app solutions, customers can change their orders quickly and easily before putting them in their shopping carts. This makes the whole ordering process easier. Customers also have access to digital menu boards that tell them what's in the food before they buy it. Overall, Chownow CCS Pizza To Go is one of the best restaurant apps 2020 that are already available. This is because it has a sleek, easy-to-use interface and cutting-edge technological features.

15. ChowNow: Local Food Ordering

ChowNow is an app that was made to help people order food from restaurants nearby. Their apps for ordering food from restaurants on mobile devices are easy to use, which encourages customers to place orders on the go. The menu is set up so that it's easy for customers to find the food they want by using different filters, categories, and search tools. The use of bright colours and graphics in the UI/UX design of the mobile app makes it more fun and interesting to use. ChowNow also gives restaurants many ways to promote their brands, such as making logos, offering signature dishes, and giving app-only discounts. The team has also made a part of the app for food delivery that combines orders from different restaurants so that people don't have to leave their homes or wait in line just to get a few meals. ChowNow gives restaurants attractive digital menu board options that are great for advertising new dishes and discounts to customers who are looking for more cutting-edge mobile app options. When you look at all of ChowNow's features, it's easy to see why it's one of the best restaurant apps for people in 2020 who want to buy local food online quickly and easily.


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