Benefits of Laravel Web App Development

Sumeet Shroff
Sumeet Shroff
December 19, 2022

When making a web app for business customers, it is important to choose the right framework. Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that many programmers use to make web apps that are reliable and flexible. It makes it easier to write programs with a high level of expression, makes it easier to move databases, and lets more than one person use the same database at the same time. Compared to other frameworks, the code produced by Laravel's simple authentication system, queuing system, and routing process is better.

The Popularity of Laravel Over Other PHP Frameworks

With over 60,000 stars, Laravel is the most-liked framework on GitHub. As of 2021, over 64,000 developers were using Laravel, making it the most popular and in-demand PHP framework. This strong framework comes with codes, a strong toolkit, and security features. This is why programmers who make software for the web like Laravel do so much.

Why Use Laravel Framework for Web Development?

There are a number of security features in Laravel that can be used to make it less likely that any flaws in the framework itself will be taken advantage of. Laravel stands out from other PHP frameworks because it works with both valid token forms and AJAX calls. It still has the Cachet as the best PHP framework because it has powerful Laravel features, a clean design, and is easy to use. Because of Laravel's caching system, which stores a lot of cached items, it is possible to make applications quickly. Laravel can also make web applications with perfect syntax and best coding practices for businesses all over the world. It speeds up the development process and improves the functionality of the code. Laravel is the best framework for managing a single database or making HTML that is at the cutting edge. The full-stack model that Laravel supports is very useful for programmers. Laravel is the most popular PHP framework because it is a robust tool with code that is simple to understand. Laravel was made to fix problems with other PHP frameworks, and it has been thoroughly tested. Remember that the PHP Laravel framework has built-in testing to make sure your website doesn't have any bugs.

Benefits of Laravel Web App Development

1 . **Laravel Development Means Faster Time-To-Market

The Laravel PHP framework was made to be made up of separate pieces, which makes it easier to do common tasks. This means that Laravel's large library of pre-built functions and structures supports the latest best practices for PHP. This facilitates the rapid development of flexible websites. Since Laravel is an open-source framework, people have been improving and adding to these tools steadily since the framework was created in 2011. Because of this, it is easy to make web apps with Laravel. You won't have to spend days or weeks writing code from scratch when you use the Laravel framework. Because of this, not only does it save money, but it also speeds up the delivery of applications.

2 . **Better Authentication and Authorization Options

Taylor Otwell is said to have made Laravel "a more advanced alternative" to Codelgniter because it didn't have things like "built-in support for user authentication and authorization." With the Laravel framework, it only takes a few minutes to set up a full authentication system that includes Login, Registration, and Password Reset. All of this is done by Laravel with just one command, which is pretty amazing. It also makes it easier to manage access permissions and the logic behind authorization.

3 . **Stay Away from Technical Vulnerabilities with Laravel Framework

The term "security flaws" goes along with the "web development lifecycle". The most dangerous threats to web application security, according to the OWASP Foundation, are SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, cross-site scripting, etc. During the software development lifecycle, the amount of time and money needed to fix these bugs grows at an exponential rate (SDLC). The next graph shows how putting in security holes makes costs go up. As the graph shows, fixing security flaws after production is done costs 30 times as much as during the design, requirement identification, and architecture phases. Laravel is your only choice if you want to protect your web app from the most dangerous security threats, such as SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, and cross-site scripting.
When is the right time to use Laravel Framework? It makes sure that no bad code or other security risks can get into the website. Simply put, this means that you can be sure that your PHP web app is safe if you trust Laravel.

4 . **MVC Architecture of Laravel Framework

Laravel is the best PHP framework for developing websites because its architecture is based on MVC. Thanks to the work of your developers, your web app can use as many of MVC's already built-in features and functions as possible. MVC architecture also does better than other PHP frameworks when it comes to documentation, performance, and the number of features it comes with out of the box.

5 . **Automated and Unit Testing Feature

One of the best things about the Laravel Framework is how well it supports testing. If you don't test a web app thoroughly, you can't be sure it's bug-free and meets all of your needs. The Laravel framework makes it easier to do automated testing, which cuts down on the time it takes to test an app and makes sure it works as expected. It lets you test your app in a realistic way by simulating common user actions (such as submitting forms, analyzing outputs, and making requests). Unit testing in the PHP Laravel framework lets you make sure that each part of your app works before putting it all together. Optimizing the code leads to web apps that work well and load quickly.

6 . **Automated Task Execution and Scheduling

Any web application needs to have a way to schedule tasks automatically. One way to speed up web applications is to clean up the database. There are also other ways, like sending emails to subscribers or push notifications to app users. In the past, developers would make a Cron entry for each web task that needed to be scheduled. Laravel's built-in command scheduler, on the other hand, handles this issue. You only need one Cron entry on the server to run the scheduled task, and you can do this quickly and creatively within the Laravel framework itself. This part of the Laravel framework not only speeds up and improves your web app, but also lets you spend less on hosting.

7 . **Traffic Handling

As the number of people who use apps grows, it gets harder to handle the traffic that comes with them. The way things are now is that a web app has to handle more requests every second because there are more people using it. The cost of hosting the web application will be too high, or the website server will crash, causing all of the content to be lost. The PHP Laravel Framework enables the message queue to function. The system helps keep track of web traffic and the health of servers. One of the many things you can do with Laravel keeps your web server in good shape. There are many different backends for queues, but the Laravel queue service gives them all the same API. When you use queues to put off doing something that takes a long time, like sending an email, web requests to your application can be handled much more quickly.


Laravel's best qualities are its ability to grow, the speed with which pages load, its Modular View controller architecture, and its security. Laravel is a framework for building websites that makes them faster and easier for people to use. Prateeksha Web Design offers services for making custom web apps using the Laravel framework. No matter what kind of business you run, we have services that can help you automate your tasks.

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Benefits of Laravel Web App Development

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