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    Once you build your website, don’t forget about it. It needs regular maintenance.

    Having started your website does require certain responsibilities on your side. You cannot say that by having your own website for your business your work is done. Absolutely not. You need to maintain them. Let’s see how it needs to be done and why.

    1. Update policies and terms: When there is mention of update of contents, it includes even policies and contracts regarding services. Even these facts related to legal issues must be updated at regular intervals as there is changes to the real world scenario is terms of economy.
    2. Refresh regularly with new contents: As you may be aware that contents are the main features to any business becoming successful, the contents of your website needs to be regularly updated with new catchy terms and providing response to blogs or comments in your business forums. Keep reviewing them and provide updated contents.
    3. Verify browser compatibility regularly: As there are many browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, in use, any changes in those browser would need to be updated in your website as well as your site need to be accessed through those browsers. Keep abreast of those changes so that those websites can be viewed through those browsers that work on multiple platform.
    4. Refresh on trends: Keep your customers updated on any new acquisitions or changes to your business as markets needs keeps on changing based on the trending economies.
    5. Improve on SEO techniques: Update your search engine optimization tools to make your site user friendly. Through regular SEO practices like improving title tags, adding meta descriptions, and optimizing the right keywords phrases. Hence, make it W3 compliance, well structure, pixel perfect, and semantic mark up to make your site search engine friendly.
    6. Ensure good speed: When customers log into your site to view, they expect the site to open up quickly as time is important factor. If it takes more time to load, then you are sure to lose customers. Hence, make sure speed is ensured using different tools to test the speed. A simple trick is to keep a minimum of 2 animated links per page to get good speed.
    7. Updates on products: As your business would be related to e-commerce activities, it is mandatory to update any announcement of new products or if any product is discontinued. Besides, the main aspect would be changes in price of products that would trigger rush in purchases. Hence, updating any aspect related to products of your business is critical for the success of your website.
    8. Provide seasonal offers: To give your business a push, providing customers with surprising offers and discounts will lure many to your site. Promoting such seasonal offers to keep your customers looking forward and visit your site again and again.
    9. Check on broken links: Broken links indicates links that are not working. Such disconnections need to be sorted out through regular reviews so that visitors to your sites don’t get frustrated. Sometimes, broken links indicates businesses that would have shutdown. Hence, through regular checks those links can be removed.
    10. Provide space for comments: To get improvements in your site and make progress, it is better to allow visitors to provide opinions and interact with your site in the form of forums, social network sites. Your site is prone to both positive and negative feedbacks. Such responses indirectly allow you to fix bugs benefiting your site.
    11. Promote your content: This can be achieved by having an active blog that should be updated on regular basis to keep visitors coming again. Such activity is relevant tool for online marketing. Hence, keep a regular update of blog related to your business.
    12. Monitor website analytics: Verifying on your website visitors, you get to know about the number of visitors versus the conversion rates. The use of such tools helps to analyse the reasons and means of making necessary changes to get more visitors your site. The action includes placing the action buttons that is clearly visible.
    13. Regular backup: Every site needs to be having a backup schedule regularly as there could be server crash at any moment, could get hacked or a major mistake on your site that could make you lose your data. To avoid such instances, taking a backup on regular intervals is necessary step to keep your site safe.
    14. Secure from virus: Your site needs to be checked regularly for malware and virus to prevent spread of infections. As you may be aware that hacking is not announced, set up regular monitoring to ensure that your site is safe and if infected you could fix them earlier.
    15. Update software: Most of the sites are managed through WordPress content management system. Hence, any changes to any software related to it needs to be analysed and related changes needs to be updated. Avoid making your site vulnerable by keeping your site abreast of the new versions of software updates.

    Owning a website is like getting your business to new dimension and you need to keep your site updated with new changes so that you pick up those top ranks while search. Thereby make it a point to keep regular monitor of all the aspects related to your site with the support of our technical team, at Prateeksha Web Design, a leading web development company in Mumbai, proficient in web designing and web maintenance.

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