Website Maintenance Packages and Plans

Creating a powerful online presence for your business

When you have a dedicated website maintenance team, it’s easy to fix bugs, add new features, make backups, and keep your site safe. You’ll also benefit from our on-page SEO expertise, which helps enhance your site’s ranking. Quick resolution to problems is guaranteed, as is comprehensive reporting on those solutions.

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Website Maintenance Services India

When it comes to keeping your website, blog, or online business running at peak efficiency, Prateeksha Web Design website maintenance is a must-have service.

Your company’s website should be working for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customers generally form their first impression of your company after looking at your website. Having a positive first impression is crucial. An excellent one is possible, and we can assist you in creating it.

Maintaining a website on a regular basis makes sure that it always works well and that any problems are fixed as soon as they are found. This improves the user experience and drives up conversion rates.

Website Maintenance Packages

Basic Website Maintenance Packages

$99 per year

Website maintenance for small websites and not more than 25 hours per year

Professional Website Maintenance Packages

$399 one-time

Website maintenance for medium size websites and not more than 125 hours per year

Business Website Maintenance Packages

$499 one-time

Website maintenance for medium and large size websites and not more than 150 hours per year

Professional service. Cost-effective plans.

Why Invest In Our Website Maintenance Packages India

If you need help keeping your website up to date, Prateeksha Web Design says they will provide you with the most cutting-edge and practical design solutions. We can consistently deliver superior results by learning about our client’s businesses. Because we know what it takes to make a small business thrive online, we’re dedicated to giving you the best website maintenance service in India without breaking the bank.

Put money into a website maintenance plan to ensure your site is constantly accessible, working well, and secure. Your customers will be satisfied and return for more if you do this.

Low-Cost Strategies

With our reasonable website maintenance package pricing, we cater to the needs of small enterprises, organizations, non-profits, and groups.
Whether you just want periodic updates or need them every day, we have a plan that will work for you.

A Quality of Service That Is Second to None

Expert online content managers, developers, and designers will ensure your site looks and functions flawlessly. We never send work outside to countries with cheaper labour since our skilled staff can handle everything.

  • Building a strong bond with you is one of our primary objectives.
  • In addition, we provided On-Page SEO Services.
  • After completing our comprehensive SEO audit, we will implement any necessary adjustments to the site’s SEO. Enhance the website’s on-site search engine optimization.

Wide range of Web Maintenance Plans

Scheduled website maintenance helps to keep your site online at all times. Select from a range of website maintenance services, including anything from bug fixes and security audits to SEO. No matter how big or small, every business may benefit from Prateeksha Web Design’s website maintenance services, which are available on any device.

Your business will never have to worry about the maintenance of its website again with the help of our web maintenance plan.

Website Maintenance and Support

The Complete Toolkit for Managing Your Website Is At Your Fingertips. Any company worth it is salt will make website maintenance a key priority. This will ensure that the website is always functioning properly and up-to-date. 

Instead of spending time and money in-house training employees to make all the necessary updates to the company website, businesses may save both by purchasing website maintenance services.

Performance Checkup

As a result of using automated methods, we can keep meticulous records of all performance monitoring activities, including warnings and notifications, and maintain the website’s availability at all times.

Fixes and Enhancements

Every month, we do routine tests and make enhancements to your website to keep it secure and free of bugs. Our team will always address issues brought on by third-party plugins or the underlying system, no matter how pressing they may appear.

Content and Backup

we will update the content, and the files and the database will be backed up as part of monthly website maintenance packages India.

Functionality Check

Any issues, such as broken links, are promptly addressed once each online form is tested to ensure proper functionality. For your site’s SEO, you should make it a habit to check for and repair any broken links periodically.

Tech Support

The status of your tickets will be updated automatically, so you’ll always know what’s going on. We will email or phone you for clarification if we need it. But usually, we can discover fast answers to issues (within a day or two).

Protected against Hacking and Viruses

Our stringent and effective security protocols guarantee your safety from cybercriminals, malicious software, and viruses. Our team responds immediately if a virus or unauthorized access to our system. If the assault were a hoax.

Website Security

When you sign up for Prateeksha Web Design’s website maintenance plan, you’ll get frequent security scans and vulnerability reports.

On-site SEO Services

we will optimize all the information on your website’s pages for the most popular search engines. As part of our ongoing maintenance, we will do an SEO Audit to identify and address any issues hindering the site’s visibility in search engines.

Site Monitoring

Our skilled team will monitor your website around the clock every day of the week. As soon as they find problems, we will fix them. Great help is there whenever you need it.

Benefits of Website Maintenance packages

A website for a business needs web maintenance services regularly to ensure that it stays current and relevant. Maintaining active links, replacing corrupted images, and bringing up-to-date company news are just some tasks that a web maintenance service may handle.

Having a website maintenance plan in place can improve your business in many ways. 

Purchasing a Website Maintenance plan is crucial for many reasons, but here are just a few:

  • When it comes to your website, it will never be out of date.
  • When you use this, your website is safe from the threats posed by hackers and other cybercriminals.
  • When a server issue arises, your site will never go offline again.
  • Your site will never become unresponsive or sluggish to load for any user.
  • Ecommerce website maintenance packages

Our Website Maintenance Yearly Packages

Basic Website Maintenance Yearly Packages

$99 Yearly

  • Total 15 hours for one year
Professional Website Maintenance Yearly Packages

$399 Yearly

  • Total 70 hours for one year
Business Website Maintenance Yearly Packages

$499 Yearly

  • Total 90 hours for one year


If you choose one of our website maintenance plans, we will handle everything from content management and search engine optimization to backups and error checking of your website.

Maintaining a website’s many features (email forms, articles, photographs, payment options, new locations, etc.) requires monthly maintenance or retainer services.

When a website is often updated, it demonstrates the company’s adaptability and creativity, encouraging repeat visitors. When a website is regularly updated, visitors are more likely to return.

Maintaining a website regularly is essential. This is a never-ending yet necessary procedure for the site’s well-being. A personal weblog and ecommerce maintenance package are available.
We provide various services, including bug repair, monitoring for suspicious activity, WordPress issue resolution, image optimization for speed and efficiency, etc. We also corrected the website’s SEO problems.

Yes. You can purchase extra time in a given month at any time. We are adaptable and reasonably priced, although our rates will vary based on the job’s specifics.

Costs associated with maintaining a website are often proportional to the site’s size and complexity. A WordPress site, for instance, would have lower maintenance costs than an e-commerce platform.
Several factors will affect the cost of maintaining your website, including considerations such as your website’s size and complexity, how often you want updates made to the website, and how much work is involved.

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