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Concerned about how much it will cost to make an easy-to-use website? Don’t worry about anything! Our monthly plans for websites you pay for are a great mix of flexibility and low cost

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What is our monthly pay website design service for startups and businesses?

Businesses that pay for their websites monthly use a new pricing and service model in the web design industry. This business model is also referred to as “web design as a service,” “monthly web design,” or “pay-per-month web design.” or “pay monthly websites”

By providing web design as a service, we can concentrate on developing strong and long-lasting relationships with our customers and meeting their changing needs. Any of our plans can be supplemented with our pay-per-month Ecommerce and SEO services.

In today’s business world, customer service is becoming more critical. Also, a small business must present a credible and exciting front to get customers. By hiring a web design agency, you can be sure to get a website that fits the needs of your business.

Pay Monthly Web Design Packages

Standard Pay Monthly Website Packages

For small businesses on a budget and having 10-15 Pages standard website with Web Hosting, On-page SEO and Support. No Domain name

$29 per month

Professional Pay Monthly Website Package

Professional Website with SEO and Link Building. It has 30 Pages and you get with Web Hosting, Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media Pages, Link Building, 4 blogs per month.

$129 per month

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Business Pay Monthly Website Package

Business competitive site that need to be aggressive. Complete SEO and Digital Marketing, around 150 Pages custom website with Web Hosting, SEO, SEO with Link Building, 20 Blogs per month, Social Media Pages and Social Media Content

$329 per month

Our Pay Monthly Website Design Packages

Basic Pay Monthly Website Packages

$29 per month

  • 10 Pages – Custom Design
  • 3 GB Web space with 5 emails id
  • WordPress CMS using Gutenberg
  • No Contracts & No Setup Fees!
  • Free Domain Name (.com)
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Minor Updates and Changes included
  • Free SSL + CDN included
  • On-Page SEO Included
Professional Pay Monthly Website Package

$49 per month

  • 15 Pages – Ecommerce Design
  • 100 Products with Woocommerce
  • 5 GB Web space with 10 emails id
  • WordPress CMS using Gutenberg
  • Woocommerce
  • No Contracts & No Setup Fees!
  • Free Domain Name (.com)
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Minor Updates and Changes included
  • Free SSL + CDN included
  • On-Page SEO Included
Business Pay Monthly Website Package

$79 per month

  • 15 Pages – Ecommerce Design
  • 300 Products with Woocommerce
  • 15 GB Web space with 20 emails id
  • WordPress CMS using Gutenberg
  • Woocommerce
  • No Contracts & No Setup Fees!
  • Free Domain Name (.com)
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Minor Updates and Changes included
  • Free SSL + CDN included
  • On-Page SEO Included

Why Are Pay Monthly Website Packages Great For Small Businesses and Startups?

Today, many small business owners would rather pay for a website monthly than a website design package. You might want to think about monthly website design for many reasons.
Why should you choose the Pay Per Month Website Package from Prateeksha Web Design? Tens of thousands have already made this choice of business owners.

Fully Managed For You

Our WordPress maintenance plans protect all the sites we build as part of our regular subscriptions. As long as you keep sending us money every month, we’ll keep an eye on things and make any necessary changes to your site’s security and maintenance.
Some bonuses are only available to people who have paid for the more expensive Business Pro package, so you won’t be able to use them. Editing the content and putting it in the correct format are two examples.
As with the other plans, the cost per page increases as you add more pages. If you want the most out of complete management, the Startup Business Plan, the Business Pro package, or the Full Managed Website plan are all great choices.

Low Startup Cost

Small business owners can set up monthly payment plans for websites to make it easier on their budgets to build an online presence. Compared to other online plans, our monthly site design subscription packages are cheaper and give our customers more value.
If you work with us, you’ll be able to hire professional WordPress developers without spending much money. Maintaining a website may be expensive, but we’ve found a way to share the work so that even a new business can afford it.

Monthly Technical Support

You might not know how tricky they can be if you’ve never run a website. Some websites will be up and running fine one second and then go down or stop working the next. Our monthly online subscription gets rid of the trouble. We’ve got you covered if you subscribe to our monthly website maintenance packages.
With a pay-per-month website from us, you can be sure that potential clients will be able to find you online. We can help with almost any part of managing a WordPress installation, such as setting up the server, making WordPress run faster, designing a database, moving your site, removing malware, building a multisite, restoring a site with been hacked, or something else.

Community and Resources

Without a community of people with similar interests, it can be hard to run a website. A large group of WordPress experts works at Prateeksha Web Design together to make over 700 helpful guides. We’re one of the best online WordPress maintenance companies, so you can count on our network of more than a thousand WordPress experts to help your business grow its online presence.
You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for monthly websites for Mumbai (for businesses) or customized monthly web design plans for the US. In addition to fixing any problems you might be having with your site, we also give you full, free training and tips on how to maintain and run your site.
Please think about joining our friendly and helpful group of WordPress developers and people who own websites.

Security Monitoring

Website security is critical if you want to have a professional website. Hackers try to break into millions of commercial websites every day, and thousands of them are hacked. When we create our monthly plans, we prioritise the safety of our customers. We watch your site all the time to ensure nothing wrong happens to it.
At Prateeksha Web Design, website safety is one of the most important things. Our WordPress security plans will take care of you. We not only build and design secure websites for businesses but also work around the clock to ensure they are entirely safe.

Faster Design & Development

WordPress is the platform we use for all our web development based on subscriptions. We promise that your new website will be up and running in 7 business days, and our developers have been working with WordPress for over 15 years. So, do you think that’s cool?
Yes, of course! We’ve already set up the framework so that it can be changed to fit the needs of different kinds of small businesses. Just send us a list of the features you’d like to see on your website, and we’ll create a platform that fits your company’s needs.
If a business owner wants to get a new website up and running quickly without sacrificing quality, they may want to look into monthly web design services. If you want to make more changes, choose a different plan or talk to a representative. You can get help by typing into the chat box below.

Instant & Emergency Support

Prateeksha Web Design was started five (5) years ago to help website owners with blog maintenance and urgent WordPress help. However, as time passed, an increasing number of customers asked us to manage their entire website.
Since then, we’ve grown into a company with thousands of employees (Prateeksha Web Designer) available 24/7 to help website owners with any problems they might be having. Since we started, we have made over 80,000 websites better. Don’t be concerned about enrolling in one of our monthly website design plans.
You will soon be able to talk to a staff of technical support people who will answer your online tickets and emails. If your website is having trouble at 3 a.m., we’ll stay up until it’s fixed. Experts recommend very strongly that you sign up for a monthly website bundle.

Convenience & Backups

When you sign up for a monthly payment plan for web design, you choose ease of use over the headaches of keeping a website up to date. As part of a monthly web design subscription service, we’ll take care of your website’s maintenance so you can focus on serving your customers. You don’t have to worry about whether or not a hacker will get in and put malware or a virus on your site. We take steps to ensure this doesn’t happen, but if it does, we guarantee it will be fixed in less than 5 minutes.
The main goal of pay-per-month website services is to make it easier for your business to run smoothly. Your business will get a considerable customer boost with our highly optimized websites and well-planned advertising. In case you didn’t know, we back up your site in real time if you get a monthly website maintenance packages service from us.

Why choose a pay monthly web design package?

Websites that charge a monthly fee offer their customers a wide range of web design options. Our clients can rest easy knowing that their websites are being taken care of and updated regularly, and they don’t have to pay anything extra on top of their monthly hosting fee.
You can rest easy knowing that your website is always running on the latest, most secure server technology and that you can ask for monthly updates without any hidden costs.

Web & Email Hosting Included

With our monthly site design services, we offer to host that is fast, reliable, and safe, as well as professional email.

Professional Designers

Our expert designers have impeccable taste and attention to detail. Our staff in India has worked with us for years and is always up to date on the latest design trends.

Unlimited Minor Updates

Needs new blog posts, photos, and updates to the blog. Let us handle the hard work. As part of our monthly packages for web design, our experts will make as many changes as you want.

Update Yourself Via Our CMS

You can use our CMS to change your website whenever you want (content management system). During the training, you will learn a lot about content management, including how to add new pages, graphics, and text.

Support Team

Need to make quick changes to your website, have questions about it, etc.? Our customer service staff in India is available 24/7 to take your calls, answer your emails, and chat with you live.

Marketing Packages

Do you want your regular costs to include marketing? Let us help you if that’s the case. With our monthly marketing add-ons, you can be sure that people who should see your website will see it.

What is the process? How does this work?

Getting Started

Getting Started

Just choose a plan and send in your first payment. If that happens, we’ll send you some extra information.

questionnaire pay website

Fill Out the Questionnaire

Fill out and return the questionnaire that will be emailed to you.

A web design agency that is dependable by default


We’ll get right to work on your site’s layout and construction, and once we’re finished, we’ll send you a link to the staging area.



Wooohoooo! Your site is ready to go live. If you need to make any changes, send them to us and we’ll be ready to go.


If you choose our most basic site plan, the only thing you’ll have to pay for is the setup. All other plans don’t have setup fees.

If you sign up for one of our monthly payment plans, you will have a website that you can look at within seven business days. If you hire us as content creators, we’ll finish your website and put all the content on it for you. But the monthly payment plans get better because of what you say.

You are not required to sign any contracts. To get started, simply purchase a yearly subscription. If you decide to stop using our service after the first year, we will give you access to a copy of the backup of your website and the information you need to transfer your domain name.

Yes, that’s the answer. We understand your company’s specific requirements because we have worked in this field for a long time. We enhance and customise your website to meet your specific requirements.
Get in touch with us immediately if you want to hire us or are interested in our monthly website maintenance plans.

All of our subscription websites are built on WordPress. We’ll run our online store with either Woocommerce or Easy Digital Downloads. If you need an add-on that can be bought, you will be charged the full price of the plugin.

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