Monthly Packages and Pricing
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Monthly Packages

Web Design Monthly Packages

Monthly website design packages means that the cost of a fully working and professionally designed website is charged on a monthly basis by our company. To get started, there are no fees or high up-front costs. From $45 per month, you may have a comprehensive website with on-page or on-site SEO, a Wordpress content management system, and complete website management.

Website hosting, maintenance, updates, backups, and uptime monitoring are included in our monthly web design packages for WordPress websites with 50 or fewer pages. To ensure that you have a website and that it is also maintained, grows with your business and is operational even when you don’t have time to check on it, we created these services!

Please let me know if we can be of assistance. Professional assistance may be required to create a popup or run a special offer on your website. We’re here to assist you! Therefore, when your company’s online presence expands, we would like to serve as an extension of that presence.

Also No Setup Fees or No web design monthly packages contract.

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Monthly Website Maintenance Packages

Website maintenance services from Prateeksha Web Design are tailored to fulfill the particular requirements of your website today and in the future.
Think about signing up for a monthly retainer service agreement instead of continuing with the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) methods. Retainer plans provide you access to a professional web designer who will assist you with developing your website.

Visitors will not flock to your site if it has the impression of a deserted house since it has not been updated and maintained.

Try Prateeksha Web Design, as our quality and technological dedication are better than our rivals, and our services are more affordable than theirs. It is possible to extend the life of your website and get the best value for your money with our assistance. Our highly qualified professionals will address your maintenance problems as soon and efficiently as possible for a small monthly website maintenance fee.

The frequency with which your website’s content is updated, the level of security it provides, and the quality of the user experience are all critical factors determining its total visibility. To achieve the most significant outcomes, you must work with a service provider with the newest technology, a tried-and-true strategy, and exceptional customer service.

Monthly Website Maintenance Checklist

Our package includes site updation, maintenance, updates, backups and also On-Page optimization

How much to charge for monthly website maintenance

For monthly website maintenance costs, our packages start from $45 per month onwards. Check our website maintenance packages pricing

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Graphic Design Monthly Subscription

A successful business is built on the usage of professional graphic designs, which is why they are so crucial in starting and running a profitable enterprise. If you offer a visual representation of your products and services on your website, potential buyers will be more interested in visiting it.

Graphic design packages for small businesses are accessible on a subscription basis on a monthly basis. Our staff can work with you to build the most appropriate layout and colour palette to bring your vision to life. In collaboration with you, we want to assist you in moving closer to your purpose, target market, and target audience.

Our in-house graphic designers can design for your marketing and promotional content, as well as event-related content, across a variety of industries and professions. As a result, you will save time, money, and effort.

We will take care of all of your graphic design requirements on a monthly basis. Send us an email with the specifics of your design, and we’ll get back to you with an estimated delivery date. Designing anything from logos and business cards to icons for your website, flyers, and in-store graphics will be a breeze with this program.

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Graphic Design Package Pricing

The cost for the Graphic Package starts from $200 per month.

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Monthly Seo Packages

As more and more people turn to the internet searching for products and services, search engine optimization (SEO) is becoming an increasingly wise investment. Your specialty will only have a competitive advantage if you use an excellent search engine optimization strategy. Creating new methods to improve a website’s search engine rankings has been a part of our business for many years.

Individuals use search engines to discover information regularly to help them with their tasks. If you have something interesting to say, there is a strong likelihood that your target audience will be interested in hearing it. It is unlikely that your target audience will find you unless you have a solid SEO plan in place.

Depending on your degree of experience, available resources, website kind, and online objectives, you may or may not require a monthly SEO retainer fee. When it comes to assisting your company in its growth, Prateeksha Web Design takes a proactive approach to the task.

We provide monthly SEO packages to keep up with the most recent changes in search engine algorithms and upgrades.

We only provide a single essential bundle, which comprises the following components. The following services are frequently included in search engine optimization packages:

  • Developing New and Unique Content (Blog posts)
  • Link building by guest blogging in local business profiles is a good strategy.
  • Landing pages and specialty websites can benefit from on-site or on-page HTML SEO optimization.

How much does monthly seo cost

All programs need a monthly payment commitment of at least three months for all participants. To get benefits from search engine optimization, you must wait at least three months. Monthly Seo Cost around $125 onwards

We invite you to select one of our monthly SEO retainer packages, and our specialists will collaborate with you to develop a plan that will help your company prosper online. The greater the number of visitors, leads, and profits we produce, the better off we are! It is also likely that your company will continue to expand.

The greater the number of visitors we deliver to your site, the greater your return on investment and conversion rate will be.

Every company with a website should have a monthly SEO retainer plan since a well-maintained website will perform better in the long run.

You will need to outsource your SEO project if you do not have the necessary time or technical ability to keep it up to date. Monthly SEO retainer services may assist you in maintaining your web presence while also improving your competitive position in the marketplace.


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Monthly Social Media Packages for Your Business

According to current data, around one-fourth of the world’s population now regularly uses social media daily or weekly. Prateeksha Web Design, a well-known social media service provider, specializes in all things social and PPC, lead generation, and return on investment (ROI).

Our team at Prateeksha Web Design understands that the success of your social media efforts is dependent on a thorough grasp of your client’s requirements.

We are one of the few firms that specialize in social media branding and lead generation, and we are one of the few companies that do it well.

In addition to Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, Prateeksha Web Design offers social media retainer services for all leading social networking sites, including Google+, LinkedIn, and many more. P.

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Monthly Digital Marketing

The ability to establish and keep consumer loyalty in today’s competitive economy is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve. By utilizing digital marketing services, you can increase the exposure of your business while also obtaining a significant return on your investment.

Prateeksha Web Design’s digital marketing strategy is based on achieving outcomes that can be evaluated and quantified. Using our digital marketing solutions, it is possible to increase revenues and traffic to your website.


UX UI and Programming development technology.

Updating the website of a blog

To express yourself, develop an online presence, and give relevant information to your readers and followers, blogs are a great medium to do so. The perfect answer for those who want to establish a blog but don’t want to deal with the hassles of hosting the site and creating and deploying it themselves is that a blog website retainer is the best solution for them.

If you want to create a completely responsive blogging site that will help you attract more visitors, you can rely on Prateeksha Web Design to assist you.

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