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Users can easily publish web content using Joomla, which is a powerful CMS (Content Management System) that allows them to manage their websites.


Joomla Design, Development and Support

Users can easily publish web content using Joomla, which is a powerful CMS (Content Management System) that allows them to manage their websites.

With more than 10 years of experience as a Joomla-specific agency, our experts are well-versed in the best practises for designing and developing websites in the Joomla platform.Websites for NHS providers and local councils, among many other clients, have been built using the open-source Joomla content management system.

hese clients have benefited from Joomla's ease of use, robust security, and powerful functionality, which includes multi-language support and SEO-friendly features.

Following the completion of our design and development work, we will make it a priority to train you on how to manage the content on your website on your own.

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Custom web development services for Joomla

After 10 years of experience working with customers from all over the world, our team has gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise in developing custom Joomla solutions such as Joomla extensions that are cutting-edge, or new brand designs for custom Joomla websites. Besides professionally designed Joomla templates and Joomla extensions that are ready for immediate use, we also provide custom Joomla services ranging from simple modifications to complex Joomla CMS solutions.

Joomla Website Development Services

In order to provide end-to-end custom Joomla website development services, Prateeksha Web Design employs feature-rich templates, a user-friendly interface, a robust framework, an abundance of extensions, and the most recent version of this content management system platform. Partner with the best Joomla web development company for the success of your company's digital marketing efforts!

Joomla is the most widely used PHP/MySQL-based Content Management System in the world, with over 100 million installations. In terms of programming with Object Oriented Programming techniques, it is a remarkable platform. As Joomla experts at Prateeksha Web Design, we believe that the only way for your company to get the most out of its platform is to customise it to meet the specific needs of your business.Our Joomla developers have exceptional abilities to create a custom Joomla website or web application that not only complements your brand image but also attracts the attention of your target customers. Contact us today to learn more.

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Our Joomla services

Designing and Developing Templates Are you looking for Joomla templates that are tailored to your company's needs while also allowing you to effectively represent your brand? We assist you in obtaining intuitive template designs that are user-friendly through our demonstrated expertise and technical acumen.

Open source

Joomla's abundance of core functions rivals that of proprietary alternative content management systems, including extensive development scalability, which allows it to be extremely flexible while remaining user and developer friendly. Joomla is free and open source.


Joomla, which was launched in 2005, has been on the CMS market for more than fifteen years, gaining popularity as a result of its reputation as a stable and long-lasting platform, making it a worthwhile investment as the foundation for your organization's web presence.

Secure and robust

Joomla was created with security as a primary design principle, and its secure and stable foundation makes it an excellent choice for any organisation seeking to protect their online presence.

Highly customisable

Open source content management systems (CMS) provide a plethora of options; Joomla's large extension and custom component markets make the platform highly customisable, allowing you to grow your website and business as your needs change over time.

Built with SEO in mind

One of the most important aspects of the platform is that it is SEO ready, with built-in SEO parameters and functions that are designed to outperform your competitors.

Joomla Web Development

When it comes to creating websites that are both dependable and scalable, Joomla web development from Pixlogix is the only solution! Our Joomla customization service can assist you in creating powerful websites that are flexible enough to grow with your business.


Joomla Custom Development

It makes no difference what kind of business you own or operate.. Our expert team can assist you in developing Joomla customization solutions that meet all of your business requirements and objectives. All you have to do is share your requirements with us, and we'll take care of the rest of the details.

Custom Module Development

You don't have to look any further than our Joomla development service for India if you want a module for social networking, news display, or site management. We are experts at providing your company with a competitive advantage through the use of fully customised modules that are both user-friendly and impactful!
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Website Design

Joomla Theme Customization

Do you want to give your Joomla website a distinctive identity? Do you want something that is specifically tailored to your company? In addition to providing customised themes that reflect your company's image, our Joomla customization services can assist you in developing a strong brand identity.

Joomla Maintenance Service

In addition to providing Custom Joomla Web development services in India, we also provide In addition to developing visually appealing Joomla websites, we are also experts at providing our clients with unrivalled Joomla website maintenance services. Simply communicate your concerns, and we will develop a preventative maintenance plan.
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Reasons to help you make a decision

Through years of experience working with clients from all over the world, we have accumulated enough knowledge to provide innovative Joomla solutions for your company's needs. Our team will work tirelessly to provide you with the best possible service, whether you require an entirely custom Joomla website template or a plugin to incorporate new features.

Highly Scalable Sites

No matter how large or complex your Joomla website is, we are experts at creating scalable websites for your company's requirements. Our skilled developers are also capable of dealing with the increased traffic without affecting the performance of your website or breaking any features!
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Client-Centric Approach

We would be delighted to assist you! When it comes to Joomla Web Development in India, we concentrate on understanding your requirements and core business functions before determining the best development strategy for your project. With our client-centric approach, we assist you in obtaining customised solutions that are tailored to your company's needs.

Transparent pricing & workflow

We have a variety of engagement models to choose from to help you get customised Joomla solutions in a cost-effective manner, no matter what your budget may be. Furthermore, we have established processes and development workflows that ensure that solutions are delivered within specified time frames.
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UX-Focused Development

Your online presence can be made or broken by the user experience. As a result, user experience (UX) is at the heart of every Joomla project we undertake. Our UX experts and developers collaborate closely during the development of a Joomla website, and usability testing is performed at each stage.

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