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Prateeksha Web Design was created to provide TA teams of all sizes with a recruitment site that helps them attract job searchers and make strong first impressions – with relevant, tailored material and a deliciously simple job search and application procedure.

Rather of focusing on only website design and development, Prateeksha Web Design India offers other services, such as Brand Development, Website Maintenance, Web Design in Mumbai and Website consulting.

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Attract the attention of job hunters

You want the proper roles to show up when prospects search for opportunities at your organisation. Jobvite makes sure that your job vacancies show up in Google Jobs and that you have complete control over how they appear. Keyword-rich sitemaps and auto-generated sitemaps

You have complete control over how your employer's brand is presented.

Your TA team has complete control over the content on your career site thanks to an intuitive content management system that includes simple tools for creating great-looking pages. You can use a built-in blog to tell your employer brand storey, or you can just pull in relevant items from another site's RSS feed.

Include the following information on your website:

A focus

If you're going to make a website, you should know why,” Brooks advises. “What is the site's purpose?” Who is going to read it? What abilities and details do you wish to emphasise?”She recommends focusing your website on that field if your main goal is to find a job in that field.


“Include links to any professional associations you belong to, as well as any media that discusses or cites you, as well as connections to professional journals or other important readings in your field,” Brooks recommends.This will demonstrate to the possible employer that you are dedicated to and informed about your field. Salpeter also recommends including links to any podcasts or audio recordings you've made, as well as any professional social media accounts.

A well-crafted title

If someone asks what you do at a networking event, you usually have a one- to two-sentence response prepared. This can be your job title or a more general description of the position you perform or want to play, and it helps visitors remember you as the person who does X while also providing additional information for search engines.


“Some of my favourite resume ideas, which also apply to websites, are to highlight quantitative results from past jobs,” Prateeksha explains.“Simply claiming that you worked in sales and brought in 30 new clients last month is considerably less successful than simply announcing that you worked in sales. Even better if you can put a ballpark dollar figure on the findings.

A brief biographical sketch

Hiring supervisors may find a "About Me" page useful, but keep it professional and succinct. You can include any additional information that isn't on your resume or cover letter, like hobbies, interests, or awards and accomplishments, in this section.

A blog

It's always a good idea to include a professional blog on your website, especially if you're a good writer. "A blog is a critical component of a social resume and professional website," explains Salpeter.


Your resume

According to Brooks, your résumé should always be included. "Keep in mind that a potential employer may only be provided your website URL," Prateeksha advises. “Make sure they have access to your résumé on the firm's website so they can get a full picture of your credentials.”

Summary/objective for professionals. “A brief, informative profile helps visitors understand what you do and how you can assist them,” adds Prateeksha. It will also inspire visitors to continue reading.

Demonstrations of your work. Prateeksha suggests displaying examples of your work on your personal website as a portfolio. “You should send the samples in a variety of formats to avoid download concerns if you do this.”

Important multimedia, such as videos

“Having a website is an excellent way to provide additional information about yourself to a potential employer,” Brooks claims.“Brief lectures or other creative explanations of your work and field, as well as tiny movies presenting facts or concepts revolving around your work and field, may be included. “ “A counsellor, for example, can give you a short DVD on how to combat procrastination or develop goals,” she explains. Putting a terrific PowerPoint presentation on your website is a great way to show it off.
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