eCommerce Website Design and Development FAQs

 1. My e-commerce web development company needs a website I want to design. What would the cost be?

The cost of having an ecommerce developer build a new website for your business will be determined by the functionality and style you require. The website can be built in several ways, including basic, standard, and personalized. After determining what your business needs, you may calculate the cost.


2. How much of my new website can I personalize?

You can create a unique website to meet your needs. All features, functions, and designs can be produced based on your suggestions.


3. If I need to make changes to the functionality or look of my website after it is launched, Is it possible to achieve

Yes, changes to the features or appearance of a website can still be made after it has been constructed. Although overall prices will rise owing to the change in design or functionality,


4. Can you show me any of your website designs?

Yes. Please look through this portfolio of all the websites we’ve built.


5. How much time will it take to build the website?

An average website takes approximately 2–3 weeks to construct. After the e-commerce website project has been discussed, the amount of time required for bespoke websites must be calculated.


6. What happens if a problem arises with the website after it has been created and published online?

After the website has been built and published, our expert website development and e-commerce staff will resolve any problems that may arise. After constructing your website, we provide one month of complimentary assistance.


7. Do you provide support once the site has been created?

Yes, we provide continuing website support and maintenance. We are always happy to help you with requests for new features, maintenance, and frequent updates. You can select one of the packages for monthly site maintenance.


8. Will you consider my design suggestions, or will you stick to a predetermined template?

After we’ve discussed what you need, we’ll show you some design options for your website. Your design choices will all be considered, and our website design team will offer you the best ecommerce developer options.


9. What services are covered by the free help you provide?

We offer free help with any questions that come up during the design or web development process for ecommerce.


10. How can I increase my website’s visibility on Google?

We have a monthly package of SEO services that will improve your website’s organic rankings. When you use our experienced SEO services, your organic ranking, website traffic, and sales usually go up.


11. On what eCommerce platform would I build my e-commerce web developer?

We have Shopify and WooCommerce experts on staff who can help you with ecommerce website development.


12. Do you want to learn more about the WordPress CMS and how to use it to manage your website?

WordPress is the most popular content management system. It has simple blogging tools, great plugins, and a page builder that makes it easy to log in and make changes to a site.

With plugins, you can expand and improve your website to meet your business’s requirements.


13. How can I tell if my website is safe?

We will ensure that all relevant security procedures are implemented during the website construction. Please choose one of our regular maintenance plans to get security updates and protect your site from flaws.


14. How effective are the SEO services on my website?

SEO services can significantly improve your website’s organic Google search ranks. E-commerce development services will help you extend your audience and support commercial success by increasing website traffic.


15. What are the terms of your payments?

Payments are separated into phases based on the project scope. You will be required to disburse some funds as we reach the agreed milestones. Depending on the package chosen, SEO and website maintenance services will be provided once a month or once a year.


16. Which areas do you cover?

We help clients who are based in the United States and whose clients are also based in India. Although we would love to help businesses in other countries, we have found that time zone and marketing differences limit our success.


17. Could you please update my current website or finish my unfinished website?

We rarely can. We employ tools and processes specifically adapted to the websites we create. But if there are parts of an old website you want to keep, we can usually copy them into a new one.


18. Do you create your designs using pre-made templates?

We create one-of-a-kind websites tailored to the demands of each client. 

We don’t use ready-made themes or a FAQ template for ecommerce.


19. Is it necessary for me to use a different web host?

Our plans include fully managed high-performance web hosting. We will assist you in transitioning from your current web hosting provider to ours.


20. Can I change the layout of my website at any time?

While you are mostly responsible for “site content,” our designers modify “site design.” This means that while you can modify the text and visuals on your pages, you cannot change how those pages are organized overall.

The method allows you to manage the characteristics that are most important to you while preventing you from making changes that will “break” your site.

You have a lot of control over the Control Panel. Please get in touch with us if you have specific questions about what you can change and what you can’t.


Do I have to choose a template for my website’s layout?

No, we will build your website from the ground up based on your recommendations and preferences.

You can also look through the design library for ideas for your unique design.


22. Can I join a mailing list using my website?

Definitely! Every one of our websites contains a mailing list signup form, so you may ask your visitors to join your email list. However, it is optional, so if you do not want one, we will not include it on your website.

We can add that information to your signup form if you also send out marketing materials.


23. How can I get my stuff onto my website?

Our clients typically utilize the Control Panel to enter their product data. We will configure your Control Panel precisely for your firm before you begin, making it easy for you to enter the information for all of your items on a single screen. 

We’ll make the entries that fit your needs, including price, weight, photos, descriptions, colour options, and size options.

We’ll show you how to enter your products and create categories. Also, you can enter product information for up to ten items at once using the “fast add” feature. Also, you can enter product information for up to ten items at once using the “fast add” feature.

We can set up a data import for an e-commerce store developer with more than 300 products if you email us your data in an Excel file. Please get in touch with us if you have any queries concerning pricing or data import.


24. How long will it take to complete my website?

The answer will vary depending on the job, but it is usually three to four weeks. If you need your site done sooner, let us know, and we’ll give you a rough idea of when it will be done.


25. How long will my current website be down while you develop my new one?

Because the e-commerce website development of your new website will take place offline, it will not affect your current website. We’ll redirect the domain from the old one to the new website as soon as you approve the new one.


26. How many pages am I allotted?

Unlimited! You may always use the Control Panel to add additional pages to your website.


27. I live in another state; would I still be able to use your services?

Yes, the majority of our clients come from other states. We are used to planning your website over the phone and via email. Even though it’s unnecessary, we love meeting with our local clients to design their websites in person.

Even though it’s unnecessary, we love meeting with our local clients to design their websites in person.


28. Can I make modifications to my website?

No trouble at all! Because the content management system is so easy to use, you will always have full control over your site. You can add products, create an e-commerce website project description, and publish special promotions at any time of day or night from the convenience of your home or office computer. 


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