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Ecommerce Web Design For Real Estate

The real estate market, like every other commodity, has made a quick transition to the internet. Almost every property buyer or seller these days begins their search on the internet.
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Real Estate Ecommerce Web Design & Development

Everyone is aware of the rise of cities, real estate, the increase in construction, and the number of home loan service providers. As a result, a large number of Construction Companies are using the internet to sell their products. A well-designed and well-developed website with an appealing user interface and simple functionality makes a big impression on customers and helps to boost sales.

The real estate market, like every other commodity, has made a quick transition to the internet. Almost every property buyer or seller these days begins their search on the internet. And, if you’re difficult to locate online, you can bet that your clients will go to your competitors.

We have been exceeding our clients’ expectations with an expert team of real estate website developers, designers, content creators, SEO specialists, and digital marketers with years of experience in the real estate industry, making us the most trusted real estate website design and development company in India.

Once your real estate website is up and running, our organisation can provide digital marketing services as well as assistance with website upkeep.

Prateeksha Web Design offers the best Real Estate Website Design & Development services…

Real Estate Websites That Are Visually Appealing!

Our real estate developers are well-versed in the foundations of website creation and can cater to your specific needs. Our dependable real estate developers will give the greatest solutions to assist your business thrive in the competitive market, with competence in sophisticated WordPress CMS and other programming languages.

Why Should You Choose Us?

End-to-end services are services that are provided from beginning to end.

We're more than just a real estate website design firm. Rather, we assist you with other areas of your online presence, such as web hosting, digital marketing, lead generation, branding, social media marketing, and seo for real estate websites, among other things.

Outstanding Customer Service

We ensure that all aspects of your online presence run smoothly and without any hitches with a team of customer support representatives who work around the clock. We assign a dedicated project manager to each customer, ensuring that you have a single point of contact during the project and beyond.

Personalized Services

Every company, we feel, is distinct. As a result, we do not provide packages. We don't try to upsell you on services you don't require. Instead, our real estate web design and development solution provider team collaborates with you to understand your needs and develops unique solutions that are suited to your needs.

Prices that are within reach

We can assist your company in creating a stunning social media presence on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and LinkedIn.

Why is it necessary for real estate agents to have a website?

Over the next two decades, real estate is predicted to grow at a 30% annual rate. This is enormous, and property dealers are India’s fastest-growing industry.

By 2020, the real estate dealing sector is estimated to earn up to US$180 million. This increases competition as more and more money is invested in this field.

If you truly want to be the best, you must expand your reach among the people, and nothing is a better tool for this than the internet.

Having a better-designed website will help you attract more customers. Everyone has an online presence, but if you don’t have clients, they won’t trust you.

Our Web Development Services For Real Estate

Website Designs by Creative Professionals

A good website design for your real estate agency will impress your clients and draw them in. Our real estate site design is simple, clean, clutter-free, yet stylish and functional, giving your target audience the greatest user experience possible.

Websites that are mobile-friendly

Our skilled team of real estate website developers ensures that your clients have a uniform and smooth experience across all channels, whether they are using computers, laptops, mobile phones, or tablets.

Real Estate Prospects

Just having a real estate website isn't enough. To increase your profits, you must capture and convert leads. Our cutting-edge lead generation technologies assist you in capturing qualified real estate leads that help you increase your sales turnover.


WordPress delivers tremendous capability and versatility as the world's leading CMS (Content Management System), powering over 60 million websites. We construct real estate websites that make the most of WordPress as a leading WordPress development company.


All of our websites are SEO-friendly and include a variety of tools to help you stay visible and distinguish yourself from your immediate competitors. We understand that SEO is continuously changing, thus we make sure that our SEO Expert is always on top of their game.

Real Estate Promotion

We don't stop at real estate website design. Instead, we develop a custom digital marketing strategy to increase your online presence, improve page rankings, increase website traffic, and attract your target audience across all major social media platforms, among other things.

What role does Ecommerce website design play in the growth of your Real Estate company?

Due to the significant expansion in the use of the Internet, website design works as a fuel to expand a business. Every day, millions of people conduct searches. When it comes to digital marketing, India ranks third. In order to expand, all business sectors now need to have a major internet presence. Visitors gained faith in your company or agency because of a well-ranked website on search engines. The user has access to the website 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making you available to your clients and visitors at all times. A well-designed website for property sellers also aids in achieving the finest results in a competitive atmosphere. This aids in the acquisition of additional clients.


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