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Corporate Website Design

Each corporate website created by Prateeksha Web Design is unique and tailored to your business's demands and objectives.

Corporate Website Design and Development

We must begin by recognising that corporate websites are not intended to sell products, but rather to provide information about how the company complies with shareholders' rights to information and participation and enables shareholders to fulfil their duties and corporate and contractual obligations. Thus, we are looking at a website with certain unique features, since it will have its own unique system and, moreover, it will be developed as a consequence of a business agreement specifying that it would be a website with these characteristics.
Each corporate website created by Prateeksha Web Design is unique and tailored to your business's demands and objectives. Our aim is to develop a professional, customised website for your business that will set it out from the competition. Navigational simplicity and calls to action are always at the centre of our design process, and OuterBox is all about results-driven websites.
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Content Writing : Improved methods lead to improved content

The more high-quality content you have on your site, the more likely your critical messaging will be heard and believed. You must approach the user experience strategically in terms of organising, concentrating, and enabling it.. It has the potential to boost everything from your search engine ranking to client acquisition and retention. Once on your site, visitors should have little difficulty locating what they're searching for.

Website For Small Businesses & Startups

You receive hassle-free assistance and limitless all-around care for your website from our world-class team, which is available during office hours IST, 7 days a week, regardless of your location.

Unlimited Website Support

Complete website care, including limitless support, maintenance, content production, updates, and fixes, as well as domain, email, and hosting management. Our award-winning support staff is accessible 24/7/365 to ensure that your site is always speedy and error-free.

Design Work

One-off projects, fast fixes, new websites, consultations, web hosting, and unique artwork – we go above and beyond our standard responsibilities to ensure you receive all you need for your website and online company. Your requirements are unique, and we always go above and beyond to ensure that things operate the way you require.

Site Maintenance

Yes, we truly do everything for you from website updates, maintenance, and support to hosting, email, and domain management, as well as assisting you in developing your online company, boosting your SEO and website exposure, and increasing your online business revenue.It's as if you're hiring your own team of online professionals, but at a fraction of the price.

Why should you use us?

You should trust us and collaborate with us if you want a dependable partner that can provide cheap, hassle-free, and comprehensive website upkeep and maintenance.
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Hundreds of satisfied customers

Individuals and small companies make up the bulk of our clients. We do occasionally work with major businesses as well. And once our consumers join up, they seldom cancel due to their satisfaction with our service.

Professional Services

Our personalised service, prompt response to your inquiries, comprehensive website management, world-class SEO, and lucrative e-commerce and online business methods distinguish our offerings

More than 15 years in business

We've been doing this for a long time and can boldly claim to be world-class professionals providing world-class service. And yes, we do have clients that have been with us for that long

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