How to Backup Wordpress

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    If you want to create a new website, you should backup it up regularly, and it is extremely important. If the updates or sites are injected with the malicious code or virus or an, unfortunately, deletion of files, the data corruption will occur.

    It doesn’t matter, how secure your website is, it has a chance for some accidents. It is a security measure that has to be implemented. Now we are going to know, how to set up a system to Backup Wordpress.

    They have two options to back up Wordpress. We will show you both options. Let’s get into our zone, right now!

    What type of files should you Backup WordPress?
    First, we have to know about, what are the things need to be backed up and how will you do it, before getting into the Backup process. They have two section, which includes, User data and WordPress core files.

    User Data files: This file includes plugin, theme directory, upload directory, and some other files, which is located in the wp-content folder. When the user makes changes in the site, these files are updated by WordPress.

    Upload directory is a file directory, which contains all uploaded images and documents
    Only, those files are needed to be backed up.

    WordPress core files: It means original files which download from WordPress. Once you Extract the files, it doesn’t change, if there is not update the WordPress. We should not edit any of the WordPress core files, both designers and developers are aware of that fact.

    According to the rule, there is no plugin or theme will modify the WordPress core files. Al the plugin and themes files are upload to the specific folder within the wp-content. Consequently, it is not much relevant to back up those files as they can download the files at any time.

    How will you do it?
    You can back up the data daily and also have it from the 90 days or 3 months. It is a good idea to back up the data regularly, at which copies of your sites are created. Like this, if you want to restore the files or data, you can use a recent backup and reduce your work loss.
    For every site, the backup schedule will be different. A blog publishes a new content thrice a week and daily get dozens of comments, that needs a plan with very short time.
    For instance, an e-commerce site which has transactions to track and other necessary data should not get lost.
    Under other conditions, a mostly static website is to be updated only once a quarter that can get away with weekly update automatically once or choose manual backups.

    Update the plugins or change theme on your site. These are the significant possibilities for some problems like incompatibility, may happen. Before an update, it is one of the most important and frequent possibilities. You are much better furnished to run with them.

    What do we do for in a WordPress Backup Solution?
    In the WordPress, not all the backup solution are the same. Some may come with different features and also concentrated in different areas. While making a decision, pay attention to this features, which includes:

    Backup Frequency
    How could you back up your site? Whether that frequency for your purpose is sufficient or not? Some solutions promote real-time basics and for websites, Doesn’t make sense to rectify for less.

    Restore ability
    How can easily to restore a site? Does it take place automatically? Do you have any necessary to do things by hand? There is the different perspective, and some approaches are more comfortable than others.

    Storage Location
    Where do the backups save? Can you use remote storage such as Google Drive or Dropbox? Backups are kept on the same server, as the sites beat the purpose of the server is the reason, why your site is fall.

    Full or Partial backups
    Different backup solutions offer different backup options. Some save only the database, not the entire site. But you can find that backup entirely.

    Ability to automate
    Able to backup your WordPress automatically, is one of the crucial factors. Automation holds one more item off our to-do list. You can easy to know that your site backup is taken care and it is not necessary to remember to do it.

    Other features
    Like site Migration, Does the solution provides additional features? It is not crucial for backup your site, and it depends on your workflow
    Each feature’s weight based on your site and needs. It is important to hold those things in mind as you to choose the solution to backup WordPress from the below possibilities.

    • Possibility 1:

    Hosting Provider Backup Your site
    The hosting provider is one of the first addresses in the WordPress backup solution. There are so many people offer regular backups as part of the service.
    Once upon a time, when a business partner, unfortunately, wiped out the entire website, thankfully, a call to our company brought it all back. This backup solution saved my backups.
    Mostly, WordPress Hosting Providers provides excellent backup services, which includes automated daily backups and also have a possibility to download those backups.
    When your host does n’t have anything at all, it is possible to make the switch.

    Here, you can also find lots of materials and topics on this hosting website like best tips.

    WordPress Hosting
    ` Based on your website, the backup solution deal with your provider to backup WordPress might be enough.
    It is a great idea to make it your first port call.
    Although, if you want extra insurance or it is not sufficient to you or if you need something more, one of the services or plugins, should fit the tickets.

    Possibility 2

    Use a WordPress Backup Plugin
    Luckily, the number of backup solutions are provided by the WordPress sphere. The ones, which are some of the best on the market on that list. Absorb, who they are, and the way of handling backup and restoring websites, as well as their pros and cons.

    A very popular backup plugin is the top contender with some solid ratings. The main reason for this is because it provides a lot of features for free that you have to pay for at some other places. That features are;

    • Easy to restore the backups from a saved version
    • Backups are either full or partial site
    • Backups automatically with configurable intervals
    • Remote backups to Google Drive, Dropbox and some other
    • Easy to backup with UpdraftPlus. You press the big blue button in the settings and follow the given instructions.

    The plugin enables you to send your backup site to any place, you hold them on your server.
    Additionally, it holds an existing backup list that if you want it, you can either restore it or download it.

    It is crucial to note that this plugin, classified into various parts, which includes plugins, themes, downloads, databases, etc., so you deal with them individually. It also promotes backup schedules at some time intervals.
    Even though, you need the premium version for more scheduling details. Including migration tools and comes with a price tag of $70 and upwards per year which is based on your license.

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